Its M.Anwar, Online Nick “”. This is my Main Blog. I am Now CEO Of Fastech Consulting Services in Short FCS. I am SEO Analyst,WordPress Enthusiast, Web Entrepreneur, Workaholic and Loving Man. In This Blog I Express How I See The World and What I Learn from Every Day Journey and How My Mind rules..I breathe,eat and live online @ Marketing a * I received Masters of Interanational Business degree from University Of Wollongong,Sydney,Australia in 1999 and Pursued Advance Diploma in Information Technology,IIBIT,sydney Australia in 2000 and PGDBM with International Marketing as specialization from Kakatiya University,India *Hands on experience of Optmizing more than 200 websites in online Marketing industry and well equipped to handle any kind of search engine optimization &marketing work with guaranteed results * I use only Ethical/Organic SEO,SEM,SEP and SES practises to acheive Top rankings across,,,,,, and many more Search Engines..
Its M.Anwar, Online Nick “”. This is my Main Blog. I am Now CEO Of Fastech Consulting Services in Short FCS. I am SEO Analyst,WordPress Enthusiast, Web Entrepreneur, Workaholic and Loving Man. In This Blog I Express How I See The World and What I Learn from Every Day Journey and How My Mind rules..I breathe,eat and live online @ Marketing a * I received Masters of Interanational Business degree from University Of Wollongong,Sydney,Australia in 1999 and Pursued Advance Diploma in Information Technology,IIBIT,sydney Australia in 2000 and PGDBM with International Marketing as specialization from Kakatiya University,India *Hands on experience of Optmizing more than 200 websites in online Marketing industry and well equipped to handle any kind of search engine optimization &marketing work with guaranteed results * I use only Ethical/Organic SEO,SEM,SEP and SES practises to acheive Top rankings across,,,,,, and many more Search Engines..

7 Simple Key Principles of Relationship Marketing to Attract Lifetime Customers!

Most of business owners fail to effectively attract and retain lifetime customers. What they fail to realize is the key principles of relationship marketing, that converts potential customers into repeat clients.

To succeed in your business, your main goal should be to build a responsive email list of lifetime customers from your targeted market who trust you, feel grateful to you and value your recommendation.

A good relationship with loyal customers is worth a fortune. That’s the most valuable thing any business can have. The key here is to build your large list of lifetime customers who trust you. Achieve this and you’re set for life.

For that reason you need to learn the key principles of relationship marketing to be able to apply relationship marketing concepts to your web site.

What’s Relationship Marketing?

Relationship marketing is the method of gradually turning website visitors into subscribers and leads them from position to position along a planned program to convert them into life time customers.

Think of relationship building as the foundation to your business. It establishes you as a professional, trust worthy and a consistent source.

7 Key Principles of Relationship Marketing.

Building relationship online is more difficult when compared to offline relationship building. The techniques used are almost the same. But, turning a potential customer into lifetime customer offline is easier due to the nature of the process. In online marketing you can’t meet your clients in person like in offline marketing. But, you can deliver what you want if you think of your potential clients in each step you make when building your business. Relationship marketing is a process, not just a one-time commitment. It starts the moment you think about building a business and continue as long as you stay in.

1 – Know your potential customers.

Before you start building your business; you need to determine your targeted market and know your potential customers. Learn how to know your customers to develop effective tactics for delivering your message to them.

You can start getting to know your customers by taking some very simple steps.

– Determine in advance where your potential customers congregate. – What newsletter they read? – What forums they visit and post to? – What else might do while surfing the net?

The best places where you find your prospects are forums, discussion groups and discussion boards. Visit forums of your targeted market and figure out:

– What’s your potential customers’ problem? What they are looking for? – What kind of business they are involved in? – How they want their problem to be solved? – What words they use?

Only by knowing your customers’ wants and needs you can successfully grow your business and be totally customer-oriented. In order to tailor your marketing and advertising strategies to appeal to the tastes and interests of your market, you must first identify your customer.

Relationship is not only based on knowing who your visitors are, but on knowing your customers’ and prospects’ specific needs.

Note: To attract more subscribers and build a strong relationship marketing the easy way use your prospects words. If you feel their pain and use their words when posting to forums, sending message, etc… they’ll be related to you. You will be one of them; you are not a stranger then they will be likely to trust you and consider your recommendation.

2 – Show your expertise.

The majority of business people, never completely and clearly display their knowledge to potential customers. Show to your targeted market you are the leader in your industry and they will follow you.

People like to learn about your experience. They like to follow the expert’s steps to avoid mistakes and reach success the easy way with less investment in time and money.

3 – Start a dialog to establish trust.

Set up a continuing dialog to establish trust. Trust is a vital step to building long-time relationship. This dialog should starts as soon as your visitors submit information along with their email addresses. This explains their interest in your business. In return, you give them what promised when they subscribed and keep contacts at periodic intervals by sending quality information to your subscribers.

Your goal is to create long term relationships marketing with your subscribers. To do that you must invest time to gather available sources and high quality information and put it at your prospects’ disposal to help them succeed. Remember, maintaining customer enthusiasm and creating customer loyalty is your key to success.

4 – Follow up

Dialog leads to follow-up. Hook your subscribers with your follow up messages series. Set up a series of follow up messages to send quality information to every new subscriber. Professionalism is the key to successful relationship.

The main purpose of follow up is to remain visible to your subscribers so, when the need arise and your prospect wants to make a purchase, your product will be the first one the subscriber thinks of.

If you want to make good money your mission will not cease at selling your product. Going after one sale is worthless. Following up with your customer after the sale is made is a great tactic. This important step will help you strength your relationship, decrease the refund proclamations and keep your customer baying from you again and a gain.

Keep following up; don’t stop and be creative. Don’t send your customers only sales messages. From time to time send free useful product they don’t find elsewhere that can help them make money and/or save time. Send special offers with discount for loyal customers only. Keep them up to date and to the point with latest news, etc…

5 – Offer good customer service.

Some people will start an online business and only focus on what services or products they can sell to make good money. They are not worried about establishing good relationship with their customers and potential clients.

– Answer your prospects’ requests as soon as you receive them.

– Replay to every email within 24 hours with the needed response whether it is a question, concern or simply someone looking for more information.

– Treat your customers right. Even if you offer the best products or services, most customers will evaluate your business by how they were treated while doing business with you. For that reason, it’s important to take care of your customers and give them the best product or service they want.

By providing great customer service to the people you do business with, you will get customers coming back to you again and again to buy your products or services.

Note: If you want to stay in your customers’ minds serve them better. You can do this by collecting information from your customers’ feedback. Having a contacts page on your website with a comments or feedback form will keep you informed about your customers’ wants and problems. If you publish a newsletter, you can also accomplish this by asking for feedback from your subscribers.

This is a great way of making your audience know you care about what they have to say and how important they are to you. When you show interest in your customers you will build credibility and loyalty.

6 – Educate your subscribers.

Put at your customers disposal manuals, frequently asked question (FAQ) web page, articles, etc… to help them learn how to use your product or service perfectly. Educate your subscribers to help them build interest and loyalty for your business.

Lifetime clients want you to be their trusted advisor. The more you educate your customers by offering them a variety of options, the greater your chance to earn their lifetime business. Education strengthens relationship marketing with clients.

7 – Sell or recommend only quality products.

Sell quality products that have value, plus offer a guarantee and stand behind it. One of the quickest ways to destroy a business relationship is selling poor quality products and not standing behind what you promise.

If you want to promote other marketers’ affiliate programs from your website, take the time to investigate the companies you advocate. Promote only products from legitimate companies with solid Internet presence. Remember the companies you suggest will have an impact on your business reputation.

Relationship marketing is the corner stone of every business. If you follow these key principles of relationship marketing, you’ll be on your way to building a responsive opt in email list which will lead to more and better sales.

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Understanding The Turn Key Marketing System Concept And Avoiding Its Pitfalls

The term “TURN-KEY SYSTEM” is becoming more and more visible on the internet as a greater number of marketers attempt to jump on the profit bandwagon of this increasingly popular way to start a home business. This type of system is growing in popularity due to the claim that the potential business owner can “step” into the system and start making money immediately much in the same manner that a new home owner purchasing a “turn-key” house can expect to be able to move right in without changing, fixing, or adding anything.

If this is the way you want to go to start a business on the internet, it can be a viable source of income, but you had better make sure you understand what is meant by “turn-key”, and just what it actually takes to run a successful “turn-key” business. Some of them are more turn-key than others. None of them are so “turn-key” that you simply step into the system and it starts making money for you. All of them require some effort on your part in the area of advertising, and some of them require a lot more than that.

All “turn-key” systems have some level of automation. How much automation they have determines how “turn-key” they actually are. Being more “turn-key” does not equal being a better system, but then neither does being less “turn-key”. An optimal system will have just the right balance of a number of factors. You want the system to be minimal effort, but not so free of the human component that the depersonalization level reduces trust, thus requiring a much higher quotient of traffic to achieve your desired sales. You want the system to require minimal skill, but not to the point where no customization is possible at all on your part. You want to be able to set yourself apart in some manner from all those using the same system and the same type of support components.

All “Turn-key” Marketing Systems have the following components in common:

A Replicated Website. The company provides you with a website/s exactly like the one/s you viewed in the advertising of the system.

Upside: You do not have to create a website to start marketing.

Downside: Everyone else who is using the system has the same website so you are competing with other members of the system.

They all have a product or products they sell. As a marketer using their system you are now selling that product or products.

Upside: The product may be of real substance and quality, and may also be of a nature that it provides support for the marketing system.

Downside: The product may be of poor quality, such as common “e” material that can be found all over the internet for free. Low quality products, when found in these systems, are simply there to keep the system legal, and are really just a way to “legalize” a money scheme. The mark of a quality company offering one of these systems is one that has stand alone products. Meaning products that would be appealing and sellable even without the income opportunity.

They all provide an “income opportunity”. They all provide some type of compensation for the sales that you make through your website. The compensation plans vary in their structure and the level of income represented. They all correspond to the cost of the product/products. Some of them require you to pass up sales while others may not.

Upside: Large income compensation plans can provide an excellent income. Lower income compensation plans go hand in hand with a lower priced product, which may be easier to sell. Plans that require you to pass up sales allow you to receive passed up sales in turn as you develop a downline of marketers coming into the system behind you. Systems that do not require you to pass up sales mean immediate income to you as you make sales.

Downside: Large income compensation plans result from higher priced products, which may be more difficult to sell. Lower income compensation plans can take a long time to develop a lucrative residual income from the marketers coming into your line behind you. Systems that require you to pass up sales mean that you have to wait until you make one or more sales before you are “qualified” to receive compensation. The first sales can be the hardest to get, so this can be discouraging when trying to get started. Systems that do not require you to pass up sales may not have large enough commissions to compensate for the fact that you will not receive 100% commissions from any of your downline of marketers coming in behind you.

All of these systems use “auto responders”. Autoresponders are systems that allow you to send out e-mails to anyone who enters information into a webform on a website where you are advertising. Typically the autoresponder system will be set up so that e-mails are sent out periodically to the recipient prompting them in some form to reconsider purchasing your product and joining your system.

Upside: Some Turn-key systems provide an auto responder with the system. If this is the case you will not have to acquire your own system. You will also not have to attempt to write your own auto-responder e-mails.

Downside: Most systems do not provide an auto-responder. If they do not provide one, you must acquire one yourself and you must write the e-mails for them. If writing ad copy or compliments to ad copy is not a skill you have then you must get someone else to write them for you.

All of these systems use “Splash Pages”. Splash pages are websites separate from your primary replicated site that you use to draw people with catchy magnetic ad copy (written advertising material). These sites will have a webform on them that people fill out with their personal contact information. When they submit the information they will typically be directed to your main site. Sometimes in more complicated systems they are directed to other pages that eventually lead to your main site. The information they leave in the webform will then be used to contact them directly by phone and/or by e-mail with your responder depending on how automated your system is.

Upside: Splash pages can be a very affective way to capture leads (prospects that you will follow up with in an attempt to make a sale). They can also have a “warming” effect on your prospects by leading them in a magnetic way step by step toward wanting your product and income opportunity.

Downside: You may have to acquire other web pages if they do not include splash pages in the system, and you have to fill them with attractive ad copy. If you do not know how to create even simple web pages, or writing ad copy is not a skill you have, you will need to get someone else to do this for you.

All of these systems require that you engage in some kind of advertising. If you do not advertise, all the other aspects of the system will be useless. There are many ways to advertise both online and off line. Some of them require little skill, while others require a lot of seasoned skill. There is no escaping this aspect. There are almost no systems that advertise for you. The very few that offer this primarily use a kind of rotation advertising, where they procure a good advertising position in a particular medium and rotate the URLs of members websites through this position. It is very costly and the amount of advertising time afforded is small per dollar spent.

Learning the ins and outs and skills of advertising is the most challenging and costly aspect of running one of these businesses. This is where success or failure occurs for most.

Upside: If you are already knowledgeable and skilled in the advertising arena, one of these systems could be a quick way to a satisfying income for you. If you are a newcomer to internet advertising, some of these systems provide some training in this area, and a very precious few provide extensive training. Very rarely, extensive training, ongoing support, and extensive sharing among members is practiced. Also rarely, some systems may also provide “turn-key” advertising systems, where particular types of advertising are provided ready-made for adoption into an advertising campaign. If the system requires contact with the prospects to close sales this can provide an opportunity to develop trust and to exercise interactive skills in building your income.

Downside: If you require a big learning curve to become skillful at internet advertising, and your system does not provide extensive training and support, or you cannot afford to pay someone else to develop advertising and advertise for you, you may fail in your attempts to profit with one of these systems. Some systems claim to provide training, but what they provide is really not adequate and does not include ongoing support. If the system requires contact with prospects to close sales, and you do not have interactive skills or salesmanship skills, you may never profit with one of these systems.

Ultimately, only you can do the appropriate research and due diligence in determining if one of these systems is a viable business opportunity for you, but I would recommend in general that the system have the following qualities:

A website that is attractive and appealing to you. If you are not impressed with the website, if you are not sold, how likely is it that anyone else will be?

At some point in following through the website/s you should encounter either through the site itself or a human contact an introduction to a quality product. Sometimes the income opportunity is promoted first, sometimes the product. Neither approach is better or worse, but at some point you absolutely should be introduced to a product presentation and it should present a quality product that you could see purchasing with or without the income opportunity.

It should include a ready-made splash page or pages for your use with the option of creating your own if you so desire, so that your level of skill and ability is accommodated, present and future.

It should include an auto responder for your use with e-mails preloaded, with the option of using your own auto responder if you so desire, so that your level of skill and ability is accommodated, present and future.

It should provide extensive training in advertising. It should provide ongoing training in advertising and all other aspects of the business. Optimally there should be sharing among members as to what works in advertising and other aspects of the business.

It should have a human component, so that the system is not too depersonalized. This builds trust, in the prospective customer or future member. Ideally this human component should consist of seasoned skilled marketers who function as part of the system in closing the sales, with the option of closing your own sales if you so desire, so that your level of skill and ability is accommodated, present and future.

A good quality system should never require you to “cold call” anyone, or to go after a “warm market” (family and friends).

It should have some component integrated into the system that allows you to offset the cost of advertising. And, in advertising training it should include how to utilize free advertising .

Ideally, a quality system should have a very high quality product/s. The cost, commensurate with the worth of the product, should be high enough that a high commission can be earned per sale. There should be no requirement to pass up sales, with a commission structure high enough and skillfully designed, such that not accruing the total sale is irrelevant and residual income is substantial and minimizes your required effort over time. However, the product worth and cost of the product should not be so high that only the affluent can afford to enter the system, as that would greatly narrow your marketing arena.

In my opinion the worst “turn-key” systems out there are those with a low to very low quality product and a low cost to purchase . They have nothing with which to establish longevity. The only thing worse, in my opinion, is a system with a VERY high cost product, that requires you to pass up sales. Spending a huge amount of money (as in over $10,000) to purchase the product and enter the system, only to find yourself in a position where you now have to sell at that cost to one or two others before you make a penny of profit strikes me as just plain unethical. High cost is not bad if the product is worth the price and if you do NOT have to pass up sales.

In short it should be a system that creates the “perfect storm” of components with just the right amount of automation combined with just the right amount of human personalization joined with exceptional training and methods to offset operating cost, so that virtually anyone can come into the system and succeed.

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How to Make Money Online Marketing – Learning the Ropes

If you take the time to think about it, there are many ways that you can think of for how to make money online marketing. Some of these methods include selling your own products, creating an eBook to sell, and even affiliate marketing. No matter which method you choose for how to make money online marketing, you need to choose a method that works the best for you and fits in with your time, skillset, and interests. Here are some simple ways that you can use in order to make money online marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the easiest ways that you can make money online through marketing is known as affiliate marketing. If you love to promote other products through your website or on other websites and you would like to make money off of doing this, then it is time for you to get going with it. With affiliate marketing, you pick a product that you would like to promote. You are given a link to help promote this product and each time that someone clicks on the link and orders the product, you will make some money from it.

Create an Email List

There are people who have the job of trying to create email lists for their clients. These email lists are invaluable to many businesses because it is a set of people who they can send information about themselves too in order to generate sales. You can use these email lists to your advantage. Start to collect the names of people who would not mind receiving information from you and either let them know about your products or sell the list to other businesses.

Create a Blog or Website

Your own blog or website can make you some great income online. To start with, if you are doing affiliate marketing, you can use the blog in order to place links to your products for interested readers can click on. Even if you are not interested in doing affiliate marketing, you can make some money with your website. You can allow other advertisers to place their products on your website. You will make money each time that someone clicks on these advertisements and can even make some form of commission if one of your readers purchases the products.

Work for Ehow

If you are interested in making some money with marketing online you may be interested in writing articles for Ehow. This is a great way to make money because you just have to sign up for an account that is free and then you will get paid for the articles that you submit. Make sure to write articles that will engage the reader and get lots of views online and you will soon start to make some great money with this method. You can even place some links to your own products in your articles and get more interested readers to click on your links.

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SEO: Why Specialists Are Talking About Rich Answers

How “direct” can Google get with its search? For instance, today, if you search with the query, “When did India become Independent?” Google will offer you a direct answer – 15th August, 1947. You are not really required going through elaborate articles or blog posts for this answer. This is what we call is a “Rich Answer” and the reason why we are discussing it here because they are well poised to emerge as a very important part of SEO in the near future. An efficient Local SEO Company will definitely care to conduct proper research on the same.

What are rich answers?

Rich answers are very simply described as Google’s way of providing direct answers to users- irrespective of the type of query they’re using. And, they are definitely on their way to gaining more significance in the coming days. Here is more about them.

Now, rich answers are not really too favored by SEO marketers. We will tell you why. When Google attempts at providing direct answers to readers, they are less likely to click through articles where these answers are provided. For instance, what happens when you search with “when does us open start 2016?” Google directly answers you Aug 29 – Sep 11, 2016. As a result, if you’re in a hurry you will not even visit the number 2 or 3 ranked site offering the entire schedule. So, traditional SEO is definitely losing some mileage there.

Now these rich or direct answers were only a part of Mathematics like queries in the recent past- like answers to equations. Today, however, it is assuming a bigger shape in the SEO landscape. It has been reported that they enjoyed a 9 percent growth rate in the previous year and the promising trajectory will actually continue. Google is definitely paying close attention to this strategy.

The future of rich answers is promising, to say the least – and its significance will be established at the cost of the slow relegation of traditional SEO – not totally into obscurity but definitely to a lesser significant zone.

What should be your strategy?

Don’t worry! There are chances of making a mark with rich answers as well. How can you do that? We will tell you how! For instance, you must start with the creation of content from which Google can drive rich snippets of answers to queries. As points out, users can see a few sentences being pulled from an article in when they are searching for something like “how did the dinosaurs die.” The answer in your content must be concise and relevant. The very heartening saving grace is that Google pulls its answers from other sources and presents them in the form of rich snippets (and that’s what we call rich answers). Google does not make up answers on its own.

A very effective method of improving your chances of being featured here – is to build a strong domain name. Link building campaigns can turn out to be effective here. A strong domain name will ensure Google is turning to you to draw its answers.

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Why Does My Business Need An Internet Marketing Strategy?

Why does my business need an internet marketing strategy?

Every small business needs to have an internet marketing strategy to stay competitive. According to estimates, 85% of customers today begin their search for products and services on the internet. If you are not online, you are losing a large number of potential customers.

Your internet marketing strategy begins with a professional and responsive website. Your website is the base of your internet marketing strategy. Your website conveys your company brand and message to your customers. It needs to be professional and fully responsive or mobile-friendly. Your website should look great on any device- desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone- that your customer chooses to browse the internet. If your website is unreadable on a smartphone, or only a portion of the site is visible because it is sized for a desktop and not responsive, it is no longer effective for internet marketing. Customers are not going to spend time trying to scroll sideways or trying to pinch and zoom in to read text. They will click away to the competitor’s site.

What should my internet marketing strategy include?

The internet marketing strategy for your business should include the following items.

  • A professionally designed business website to market your products or services. Your website is the foundation of your online marketing strategy so it needs to impress your customers.
  • Your business website must be responsive or mobile-friendly. It should scale to provide a great user experience on devices of all sizes- desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Customers today can access your website using any of these devices.
  • The website should be optimized with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve its rankings in competitive search engine listings. SEO helps increase the quality and quantity of organic (free or non-paid) traffic that your website receives.
  • You should use Social Media Marketing by creating company pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and others and link them to your website.
  • You should use Content marketing and provide a blog with informative articles, a newsletter and also include YouTube videos on your website.
  • As your business grows, you can add Pay-per-click advertising using Google AdWords to attract more customers. Pay-per-click ads are the ads you see featured on the top and bottom of the search results page when you search online for a product or service.

Search engine listings, blog articles, social media marketing and content marketing will all drive customers to your website. Once your customer has arrived at your website, a professional website will provide more information to market your products or services.

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Building A Custom Chopper Motorcycle, Where Do You Start?

So you want to build a custom chopper? I do too, so the first question I asked myself, is where do I start. Should I make a business plan, a schedule, a financial statement, or should I just buy my wife some flowers and blindly proceed? I guess I should do all of the above but not necessarily in that order.

I will start by trying to justify this purchase and or endeavor, to do this I will make a list of my reasons for building a Chopper. 1) I want to ride a custom chopper, a totally cool stretched out, fire breathing, gas eating, pavement pounding, old lady scaring, 2 wheel monster. 2) I want to be able to say “I built that” when someone asks me where I got that totally sick bike. 3) I want to be able to customize the bike beyond the standard add on parts I can get for my current bike a Harley Davidson Fatboy. 4) I want to be able to make this dream come true, meaning I need to be able to pay for it. A $35,000 chopper is out of my current budget. 5) I have been talking about this for 5 years so why don’t I get to it and stop doing all the talking and start doing some building.

Now I have a few reasons on paper a will look at my options, then make a plan, a schedule, and find some extra money.

Let’s start with a my build options, and plan on a slow and steady approach. I realize I will need to do a lot of research before I start. I have 4 basic options, a kit bike, a rolling chassis, a start from zero build, or an extreme makeover of a current motorcycle.

Option 1) If I start with a motorcycle kit I maybe the farthest ahead from a mechanical perspective, and farthest behind from a financial point of view. What do I mean by this, well a kit bike has all the parts it just needs paint, labor, gas, oil and some love. The problem a complete kit bike will cost me $12,000 dollars right up front. This is a bit out of my spend a ton of money now then not be able to ride a bike for a year or two thinking. If I get a kit, I maybe able to get it together faster, as I will be motivated and have all the parts ready to go. As a first bike I think this is a very good option, when you consider all the expensive mistakes I may make along that way. One drawback to this option is the amount of customization I can do to the bike as it is put together. Because all the parts are in the kit, I may resist the urge to get new bars or different sheet metal, or other parts.

Option 2) Start with a Rolling chassis, this is the middle of the road option, spend a lump sum of money, about 1/2 of what the overall bike will cost and get a basic setup that all works together.

A Rolling chassis kit consists of a Frame, 2 wheels, the forks, and triple clamps and bars, all build and configured to work together. Add a motor and a transmission and all the major workings of the bike are in place. This setup helps avoid some of the major work needed to mix match and fit these items together. This option also allows for a ton of customization in the parts that people see and the parts that give a bike it’s personality. For me this is a very serious option to consider. I would only have 1/2 the cost and 1/2 the parts sitting around and gathering dust until I get time to get it together.

Option 3) Find each and every part one at a time and build a completely custom motorcycle. I know I could do this, but I also know I will encounter more unexpected and possibly expensive issues with this type of build. This option would give me a bike that no one would ever duplicate. This could be very good or this could be very bad. What if some possible combination of frame, motor, forks, or wheels didn’t work together? It would not be discovered until the motorcycle was all together. I think this option is better left to the serious professional who build bike all night long, as the are working on other peoples bikes, and running businesses during the day. I may consider this for my second custom chopper.

Option 4) Take an existing bike and start cutting and changing it. This is maybe as involved as chopping and re-welding the frame to create a new rake and angles. Or it could mean just getting a new frame and using the engine, transmission, and various other part to build a new machine. I like this idea, and I think it would be a lower cost alternative to all new custom parts. With this option you are also able to keep the current registration and title if the frame is not replaced. This is also a lower cost option because a lot of the miscellaneous parts can be reused.

I know that in one page all the possible combinations of Custom Chopper build can’t be completely explained, I just hope this information give you something to start with and build on. It has help steer me in the direction of a rolling chassis, so I better get shopping.

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Basic Principles Of An Ascension Marketing Model

To be successful online selling your information products, you must have a sales funnel. Every successful marketer has one, so you need one too. There are a million different ways to put together a sales funnel, but the ascension model seems to be very popular among most online marketers. In this article, I’ll explain the basic principles of an ascension marketing model and why it’s so popular.

The basic premise is to move people through your sales funnel from low to high priced products. When people start in the sales funnel, they can’t advance without buying the product in front of them. They get introduced to the first product at an ‘entry level’ price. That might be a $10 or $20 product, most likely being a 1 hour product. When they buy, they’ll be introduced to the next product, which might be a 3 hour course for $97.

After that, a 5-10 hour course ranging from $297 to $497 is appropriate for the third products. Finally, the last product in the funnel is the top product you have. Typically, this will be a 10-20 hour course for $997 and up. It could be group coaching, personal coaching, a home study course, whatever.

This model really only requires 4 different levels of products to make it work. Think of the model as a filtering process, where only the right people for you buy your best products. Obviously you’re going to have fewer buyers at each level, but the revenue gained from the higher priced products is well worth it. If you do the math with 1000 subscribers and only 20% buying from each level, the money made is nice.

The good thing about this model is it’s easy to start with. It makes the most sense because you only want people who are serious to buy your products. This model is also easy to grow with as you can add more products to each level. If people don’t buy the first product in your funnel at the entry level price, maybe they’ll buy the next one.

This model is easy to automate with email auto responder systems that do all of the work and thinking for you. This model is the easiest for consistent income. If you know where each level converts at, you can forecast your income for every 1000 subscribers to your list.

The drawback is that it takes time to get people from your starting products to your high priced programs. Depending on your niche or your business, your high end product may be your ‘bread and butter’. If it takes them a long time to get there, it may affect your overall business growth.

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Why Do You Need Digital Marketing Experts?

It’s all about going digital these days, especially if you want your business to reach the global audience. With the advancements in technology, there are many doors opened for you to mark your successful presence on the Internet. And you cannot do it without giving credit to the digital marketing experts who suggest some creative, innovative and cost-effective solutions for your website. This makes their presence in your professional life way more significant. Here’s how they help you out:

  • Keyword does all the work: You might be aware of the crucial role that a keyword plays in the ranking of your web page. But you wouldn’t be well versed on how to choose the right set of keywords, or how you can place them strategically, so that it attracts readers. Here comes the need of an expert to help you out with understanding the basics of keywords. Moreover, the online market is dynamic and demands the use of the latest trends. While you might be busy in other important stuff, a digital expert does all the work for you.
  • Rich content: It is understood that readers pay attention to the content, if it’s catchy and messy. The headlines do work, but it is the presentation that grabs their attention. By rich content, we mean resourceful, informative and easily understood. Since the experts know about the latest content style, it becomes easier for you to build your website’s credibility. Where the content should be placed? What’s the calculated time of updating it? The answer to all these questions lies in the mind of online marketing professionals.
  • Analytics does matter: Content and keywords are important. How do they contribute to your ranking and profit ratio depends on a reliable analytics team. Well you might boast of a qualified staff, you will need an expert’s opinion. There are certain on-page and off-page tools that helps you rank higher on the Internet. Besides, a successful PPC campaign calls for a resourceful analyst.
  • Social Media Updates: Without an active social media presence, your website would not be successful in reaching the global audience, or the target audience for that matter. The web is full of the latest updates. Every day, there is a new start-up popping up. With it comes many new trends and techniques, which you might not be aware of. No worries. If you take help from the digital marketing experts, you can get the insights you need on the latest trends.
  • An attractive website says it all: It has become very easy to design an attractive website these days. With digitization, there are new color schemes and design schemes introduced regularly. Wouldn’t you want to explore the range, and get benefited by its usage? If you hire the right digital team, you are paving way for an impressive entry into global market.

Digital Marketing has evolved beautifully, and the world is using it to create a reliable brand out of it. With many advantages, it is sure to help you get through your possible doubts about your online business. Mind Digital boasts of a resourceful team who promises to deliver maximum profit at minimum cost.

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