Its M.Anwar, Online Nick “”. This is my Main Blog. I am Now CEO Of Fastech Consulting Services in Short FCS. I am SEO Analyst,WordPress Enthusiast, Web Entrepreneur, Workaholic and Loving Man. In This Blog I Express How I See The World and What I Learn from Every Day Journey and How My Mind rules..I breathe,eat and live online @ Marketing a * I received Masters of Interanational Business degree from University Of Wollongong,Sydney,Australia in 1999 and Pursued Advance Diploma in Information Technology,IIBIT,sydney Australia in 2000 and PGDBM with International Marketing as specialization from Kakatiya University,India *Hands on experience of Optmizing more than 200 websites in online Marketing industry and well equipped to handle any kind of search engine optimization &marketing work with guaranteed results * I use only Ethical/Organic SEO,SEM,SEP and SES practises to acheive Top rankings across,,,,,, and many more Search Engines..
Its M.Anwar, Online Nick “”. This is my Main Blog. I am Now CEO Of Fastech Consulting Services in Short FCS. I am SEO Analyst,WordPress Enthusiast, Web Entrepreneur, Workaholic and Loving Man. In This Blog I Express How I See The World and What I Learn from Every Day Journey and How My Mind rules..I breathe,eat and live online @ Marketing a * I received Masters of Interanational Business degree from University Of Wollongong,Sydney,Australia in 1999 and Pursued Advance Diploma in Information Technology,IIBIT,sydney Australia in 2000 and PGDBM with International Marketing as specialization from Kakatiya University,India *Hands on experience of Optmizing more than 200 websites in online Marketing industry and well equipped to handle any kind of search engine optimization &marketing work with guaranteed results * I use only Ethical/Organic SEO,SEM,SEP and SES practises to acheive Top rankings across,,,,,, and many more Search Engines..

How To Use AdSense Niches to Make AdSense Cash

How can you use Google AdSense to make some worthwhile revenue? How can you make AdSense work, in the very competitive environment of the web?

The simple fact is that nearly all the best AdSense topics have already been taken up by a number of experienced AdSense publishers. If you happen to be a beginner and you are new to the AdSense scheme, it is extremely difficult to get a foothold into the best AdSense niches.

One of the best ways to establish yourself within the scheme is to focus on new AdSense niche topics.

Rare, yet popular AdSense topics are ideal for a number of reasons. Firstly, the nature of the web is changing. Users are seeking more specific information regarding their topic of interest and they often use keyword combinations of three words or more in their search queries. This new behavioural pattern exhibited by visitors opens up the world of AdSense niches. New publishers no longer have to compete for single popular keywords that often already have thousands of websites catering for them.

Instead, they can focus on AdSense niche topics based on themes that are more specifically described using three keywords or more. This opens up the way for many popular AdSense themes to be further exploited by the smarter AdSense publisher, who has the skills and knowledge to discover new AdSense niches. Of course discovering new AdSense themes isn’t a simple task but with a little training in the best techniques and a bit of experience any new AdSense publisher can become an expert in isolating lucrative AdSense keyword combinations.

There are a number of advantages in using niche topics. Good AdSense themes often have little to no competition from other websites that carry contextual ads. In some cases where there is some competition, the quality is often found to be very poor. With so little competition, these niche topics often enable whoever discovers them to control a large chunk of the internet traffic associated with the theme. And as we all know loads of traffic equals to Google cash.

Good AdSense topics also have a good level of visitor demand. A significant amount of internet users have an interest in the topic in question. High demand, again, equals to loads of traffic which equals to a well performing site.

So if you are new to Google’s pay-per-click scheme the best strategy to use in order to make some AdSense cash, is first to do some keyword research in order to discover a good AdSense niche topic.The process of discovering a new topic opens up your eyes to the diverse possibilities that exist within the scheme. It might even lead you to discover new, even more lucrative AdSense keywords. It may slow down your progress, at first, but is an important initial step towards making a successful AdSense website.

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7 Remarketing Mistakes You Need To Avoid

A strong competition in ecommerce makes merchants use all opportunities in their struggle for every client. Sometimes, such rigid zeal seems odd and out of place. All internet users occasionally experience a situation when, wherever they go after visiting an online store, they meet advertising banner of the previously visited website. That is how remarketing works. This is a very effective channel for online promotion, but it is important to understand how to use it properly. Today we’re going to talk about the most popular mistakes that merchants can make in remarketing.

Brief definition

Remarketing is a tool of internet marketing which allows displaying an advertising message on different websites to users who have visited a certain website and left it without making a specific, previously set targeted action. This type of advertising “catches up” with the users on other websites they visit.

A striking example of remarketing tool is Google AdWords. It is one of the most popular services of PPC- and media-advertisement. Google AdWords allows you to create ads for remarketing campaigns and show ads to your past visitors as they browse Display Network.

But even if you precisely follow all instructions and recommendations, it isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. There are some subtle aspects that will be analyzed further.

Mistake 1: Incorrect configuration of display limit

Sometimes advertisers forget to set a limit of displays per user and this can affect the campaign negatively. For example, you visit a real estate website just out of interest and then within a month you see offers to buy an elite real estate on many other websites. Such advertising will be annoying. “The more – the better” does not work in remarketing.

Mistake 2: Forget to eliminate converted users from the list of remarketing

For example, you bought a new smartphone in a certain online store. Then after purchase you see the Ads of the same smartphone on other websites. You have already made a purchase so, most likely, it would be better to offer you something else than the product that you already have.

Mistake 3: Not to track seasonal audiences

Don’t forget that AdWords allows you to keep the lists of remarketing. For this you have to set “Membership duration” properly. You should decide how many days a visitor’s cookie will be kept in your list if this user doesn’t visit your online store again. Pay attention that the membership duration is 30 days by default and its maximum duration is 540 days for Display Network and 180 days for Google search. That gives you a great opportunity. You can use the same remarketing lists for different seasonal shopping periods such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Black Friday and others. There is high probability that the same users will start shopping again in the same period of time, and you can remind them about your online store.

Mistake 4: Use one remarketing list for all users

In remarketing campaign, it is very important to segment users properly. For customers who made a purchase, it is better to show related products and implement cross-selling strategy. For customers who have reviewed several product pages, it is better to show the advertisement of a category they are interested in, unlike those who only visit one product page. In AdWords flexible setting of remarketing lists is possible, so you are able to segment your visitors in the way you need.

When you consider the segmentation and are going to create lists, first of all you need to check in Google Analytics whether you have enough unique visitors on certain pages within a certain period of time. You may start using one of your lists once you’ve gathered up 100 visitors. If there are fewer users than the minimum criteria, you need to target wider. This creates some limitations in segmentation. For example, not all online stores have a possibility to create the list of the abandoned cart visitors. But it is special audience. Some recommendations regarding what you should take into account are listed below:

  • If you have an e-mail address or a cell phone number of an abandoned cart user, you don’t need remarketing at all. Just use classical direct marketing to remind the user about the product in the cart.
  • There is high probability that a user who abandoned the cart in your store already made a purchase at another store that is why they didn’t finish the purchase. But this user may be interested in something else. So, after a certain period of time (for example, in a month) it would be nice to offer this client some other products in your online store, but not those they already tried to purchase.
  • Many online stores allow users to add products to cart without registration. That’s correct approach. Since e-mail address or other contact data of such users are not available, remarketing can be very effective in this case. If you have enough unique visitors, you can create a special advertising message for this audience and try to attract them again.

Mistake 5: Display irrelevant proposal

Such type of mistakes also takes place in real practice. It happens that advertisers forget to turn off displaying ads and users see Ads which offer them products they don’t need: to purchase a Christmas tree or decorations after the New Year holidays, offer a discount for Black Friday when it is not relevant etc.

Mistake 6: Change conditions in active campaign

Sometimes merchants decide to increase prices in their stores. It is common practice. But if there is an active remarketing campaign it can be affected adversely, since the users saw other prices when they visited the store and possibly planned to make orders. They will be disappointed, so it is better not “to change horses in the midstream”.

Mistake 7: Remarketing lists intersection

This error leads to the fact that the same user is in different remarketing lists and sees several advertisements. This is not dangerous if the Ad messages are complementary to each other. Otherwise, this can harm the campaign.

In general, all mistakes can be divided into 2 types. There are technical mistakes and marketing mistakes. Technical problems may be complex but they are more explicit, as in this case something is not working and need to be fixed. Marketing mistakes require constant studying of the users’ behavior and they are more complicated, because users will never say directly what they don’t like and why they do not make a purchase.

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Free E-Commerce Website Using Google Sites and PayPal

I started off with the goal of making a website that has no on going costs, minimal transaction fees and low maintenance. The choice of having all features integrated into the one website? or do I manage the website and let a third party do the financial transactions? security is a key to answering this question, a third party will be my option. Firstly I did allot of research into free web hosting solutions, benefits, security and 100% uptime. The list got down to a few, I tested them and decided on Google sites which ticked all the boxes. The main disadvantage is also an advantage, it locks down allot of code, making it harder to implement heaps of features but increases security immensely.

I have decided on my web hosting, now look at payment systems. The customer would have to be redirected to a secure website, the data passed between my website and the shopping cart had to be minimal as this can be hijacked or changed. I looked at allot of cool Java and php based shopping carts but in the end, all still sent across code that could easily be changed by someone smart enough. PayPal and Google Checkout are the main players, being in a Australia, Google Checkout was ruled out so I worked with PayPal.

Google sites is very easy use, first you give the website a name, choose a template and play around with the formatting a bit. Add a picture of the item you want to sell, then put it in the back of your mind for a bit, we now head over to PayPal.

Create yourself a PayPal account and change the account type to Business at PayPal gives you the option of making pre-made buttons that are attached to your account and because no dollar amount or numbers of items passes between the sites, it is very secure.

Creating a PayPal Button:

Profile >> My Saved Buttons >> Create New Button

Select Yes; create an “Add to Cart” button.

Give the item a name, if you have multiple of the same items, include an item number.

Choose a price

Additional Options:

Postage Weight or Postage cost for that item.

Track Inventory, PayPal can stop people purchasing items if you run out of stock.

Once the button has been created, select the tab e-mail, copy the code and keep this for later.

Go back to your Google sites web page and add an image that your going to use as the “add to cart” button. This can be the one provided earlier by PayPal or you can choose to make your own image. Make sure you happy with the size, Google sites gives you the option of small, medium or large, but if you want something different, it can be changed in the HTML code option.

select the image, then click up the top on the link button. This is where you link your button to the PayPal, choose link to external website and paste in the PayPal link you kept from earlier.

My finished result is:

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"Fulfilled by Amazon" Online Shopping – Is it Safe?

Have you ever wanted to buy something over the internet, or have bought an item online, and wondered how safe the transaction really is?  What about a return policy?  What if you are dissatisified, and want a refund?  If you have heard of Amazon, then you have heard of their size and great selection of things to buy.  What you might not have noticed is that many other online “stores” and shopping malls/marts are “Amazon Fulfilled” sites. This means that you are purchasing items from a non-Amazon website store, but the items are going to be delivered to you from Amazon.  This is an Amazon Fulfilled Shop.  Shopping at a so-called “Fulfilled By Amazon” Online Sites, (and there are many Amazon Fulfilled sites on the web),  can be a great shopping experience.  Many sites are specific niche sites, and many are full-blown “malls” and offer thousands of products.  These are what it means to shop at, or have a, high-volume e-commerce business on the internet.  And Amazon is the undisputed King of online shopping. Thousands of transactions per day are handled from hundreds of non-Amazon sites all over the online world.  But have you ever wondered if they are really as safe as shopping directly on Amazon?  I believe they are, and here is why:

How does “Fulfilled by Amazon” work?

Amazon’s Return policy states:

Items “Fulfilled by Amazon” are shipped from an Amazon Fulfillment Center to you. All of our standard shipping rates and policies apply to these items, including FREE Super Saver Shipping on qualifying orders over $25.

Amazon also handles all customer service and product returns for “Fulfilled by Amazon” sites.

What is the Return Policy on these sites?

Because order fulfillment is provided by, all orders are subject to the current returns policy.  This is precisely the reason I believe that shopping and ordering items on these sites are as safe as the good faith of Amazon.

You may return new, unopened items sold and fulfilled by within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. Items should be returned in their original packaging. will also pay the return shipping costs if the return is a result of an error. Just visit the online Returns Center, and will guide you through the process and even supply you with a return mailing label you can print out.

In conclusion, shopping at e-commerce online websites, thanks to the power of Amazon, are as safe as if you were actually at Amazon shopping.  The safety of shopping at an Amazon fulfilled site is that your purchase is backed by the full faith and credit and return policy of Amazon. This is about as safe as you can get.  Shop on, and be a good bargain hunter!

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Cost Per Action (CPA) Affiliate Marketing – How To Be Successful

There has been quite a lot of people interested in being a part of the cost per action affiliate marketing industry, for years now there have been countless success stories within the business. If you want to also have affiliate success, it is important that you do thorough research and undergo proper training.

Affiliate marketing is when you become a seller of a specific product, and you make a commission for every product you sell. Several affiliate marketing companies allow you to sell more than just one product. It is highly recommended to start getting into this because you have the chance to invite people to the business, and it is here where you can actually earn a passive income. Here are a few tips on becoming a cost per action affiliate success

Choose The Right Product to Sell

One of the most important things that every cost per action affiliate success has that others don’t is the ability to choose product to promote that actually mean something to them. If you advertise a product that has absolutely no relevance to what you are interested and passionate about, you will not be able to succeed and get the sales return you desire. When you first start in the affiliate marketing business, simply choose one or two products that best speaks to you. Always remember that quality is much better than quantity in this business, because your first goal is to succeed with the first product you choose to become an affiliate of. However, it is also important that you choose a product that you are certain can become a success if it already isn’t one. In addition to that, try to find a product that isn’t too popular, as you do not want there to be too much competition where you’re affiliate sites no longer get noticed.

Advertise Properly

Now with advertising, try to take advantage of all the social media and websites that can potentially benefit you as an affiliate. Advertisement is so important, especially if you are just beginning in the affiliate marketing industry. Obviously, the more you promote the products you’re affiliated to, the more sales you will get, so do not ever neglect to advertise them online with all your power.

The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

The main benefit to affiliate marketing is that if you actually do become an affiliate success, you will be able to earn a residual income even if you aren’t promoting your product. As long as you have reliable advertisement online, and the product you’re promoting is still relevant, you will be making sales like crazy. Another wonderful benefit would have to be the fact that you can work on your own time. The moment you become an affiliate success, you’ll no longer have to worry about your 9 to 5 job anymore, as you can potentially earn a six figure salary through affiliate marketing.

Choose the Best CPA Affiliate Marketing Course

Training is critical to help you become successful with cost per action or any other type of affiliate marketing. You need to make sure you are choosing the best CPA marketing course available. Be sure to search online or visit internet marketing forums for advice on which cost per action training course is best for you. Do not settle for a CPA Marketing course in which the instructor or teacher is unavailable for support via email or skype. Look for a CPA Marketing course for beginners. This will insure you learn all of the basics and start with a solid foundation in regards to CPA affiliate marketing.

The amount of benefits and opportunities available from affiliate marketing are limitless, so don’t wait any longer to get started with CPA marketing and becoming an affiliate success.

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How I Made $1.4 Million With AdSense & Facebook

Many people think that arbitrage is no longer relevant… but they would be way wrong. I am going to show you how I made over $1.4 million dollars with arbitrage using Facebook and Google AdSense.

There are a few small factors that people forget about when trying to be successful with arbitrage. In this article, I am going to go over how to increase AdSense revenue and decrease Facebook ad spend… resulting in higher profits and higher ROI.

Facebook Ads

If you are not using Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your website, then you are missing out on a crucial vertical of quality web traffic that can boost your site to the next level. Many people have tried Facebook Ads by creating an ad with the default image and default targeting.. but don’t get the results they are expecting.

The key to Facebook Ads is getting high CTR (click-through rate) ads. When this happens your relevant score goes up which results in lower CPC (cost-per-click). When your CPC’s are low, your profits raise… and this is the key.

So how do you get higher CTR ads? Well, knowing your audience is one important piece. This allows you to target specific demographics and weed out any Facebook users that probably wouldn’t have clicked your ad. This will lower your CPC.

Another very important piece of your Facebook Ad is your text and image. Using the default image that Facebook picks for you will most likely get you no results. Ads that stand out more will get more clicks so the key is to make a highly engaging ad with a targeted demographic. One great method I use to create high CTR Facebook Ads is to use text on the image. I use Adobe Photoshop but you can find many free tools that will allow you to do this. Facebook only allows 20% of text on an image and I like to use the max amount. Use text colors that contrast with your image and make it pop.

Google AdSense

Increasing your AdSense revenue will also help raise profits. There are some great ways to do this that many people don’t know about.

A great tip to increase your AdSense revenue is to check out your placement on your site. How many ads do you have above the fold? Do you have ads in high traffic areas? Does your ad contrast with your page or blend in?

Answering these questions can help raise AdSense CTR and CPC. Another important factor is having image and text ads enabled. When you only enabled one, you are missing out on possible revenue from advertisers. Many people are moving to their mobile phones for internet browsing and it’s your job as a webmaster to make your site mobile friendly. Just having a mobile friendly site will increase your revenue by 15%.

One of the most important parts of increasing AdSense revenue is to increase your pageviews. The more times someone browses through your site, the more chance of an ad getting clicked. Keeping users on your site is a very crucial part if you want to make anything with AdSense. Your pageviews per session should be higher than 3. Each extra pageview you get increases your chances of more revenue so have a user-friendly site with engaging content that will make someone stay longer.

Advertising Management System

Having an advertising management system is a necessary piece to this whole equation. Without the AMS system I used, I wouldn’t have been able to make the amount of money I did. Having a place to see each Facebook ad campaign and correlating AdSense pages/campaigns is the only way to make this amount of money. You can do it manually and do OK, but if you want to be very successful, you must use an advertising management system.

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Analytics – Top 5 Benefits for Web Analytics

If you want to know who visits your site, what they do while they are on their site and why they leave, then you need to be concerned with web analytics. Web analytics are essential if you want to find out information about people who visit your site. Web analytics can also help you determine which sales pages are performing well and which ones are not. Lastly, web analytics help you determine which keywords are driving the most traffic to your site. There are many benefits for web analytics but below are the top 5 benefits.

Benefit #1 – Traffic Count

Have you seen counters on the bottom of web pages that shows how many visitors have come to your site? The good thing about web analytics is that you can get much more precise information. You can breakdown your visitors by how many are new visitors and how many are repeat visitors. You can also determine what pages they have viewed from your website.

Benefit #2 – Individual Visits

Now that you know how many visitors have come to your site and whether they are new or repeat visitors, you can gather information about individuals that visit your website. For each person that visits your website, you can find out what was the first page they visited and what was the last page they visited prior to leaving your site.

Benefit #3 – Total Time

Now that we have a good idea of the visitors to our site, you would want to know the total time visitors are spending on your site as well as the path they took through your site. You can use this information to determine how people navigate through your site.

Benefit #4 – Visitors

The fourth benefit of web analytics is that you can determine the links that brought your visitors to your site. Visitors either come to your site from some other link or they come directly to your site.

Benefit #5 – Keywords

Lastly and most importantly is determining the keywords that people are using to get to your website. If you determine that visitors are using particular keywords to find your site, then you want to optimize your site for those keywords. This is great opportunity to optimize your content to what your visitors are looking for when they visit your site.

As you can see, there are many benefits of web analytics. Ultimately, the benefit of Web Analytics is to make your site more relevant for your visitors.

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Google Sets The Standard For A Happy Work Environment

Google is the place to work according to Fortune magazine, which listed the top 50 companies to work for. Google appears as a top contender for most features, including unusual perks, cafeterias, health cover and work environment. Most of the other companies that made the top 50 only excel in one or two areas. This is the second year in a row that Google has managed to capture the number one position on Fortune’s company assessment.

Standard perks that Google offers include 100% health care coverage and onsite childcare facilities. In addition, new moms are entitled to 18 weeks of paid maternity leave while dads get 7 weeks. Some perks that aren’t quite standard include 17 cafeterias that offer free food to all employees.

The rule at Google is that no staff member should ever be further away than 100 feet from a source of food. That doesn’t mean that they only have access to vending machines with junk food, or that the cafeterias give out quick, easy and grease-laden meals. Chefs of the highest calibre prepare range of meals, with unique variations on everyday meals. Macaroni and cheese, for instance, comes with wild mushrooms and truffles.

They also have a keen interest in environmental conservation and have a department dedicated to researching “green” technologies. Google makes every effort to be as energy efficient as possible, which is a mind-set that is encouraged in their employees. In the spirit of energy conservation, they subsidise staff members who buy hybrid or electric cars to the tune of $1000. Employees based in California are entitled to special discounts if they install solar panels in their homes.

Google is also fairly unique in that they have a policy that allows ardent animal lovers to bring their cherished pets to work. The obvious proviso is that the various dogs, cats, and assorted others must be reasonably well behaved and house trained. It’s been reported in The Inquirer, UK, that the pet’s policy is under revision, after a pet python that was not very well behaved created chaos and terror in the New York branch.

Bingham McCutchen only made it to 41 on the list, but is the number one firm when it comes to high pay packages. The law firm is known for hiring promising law school graduates at a whopping $160, 000 a year. Their legal secretaries, whose importance is often overlooked by other firms, earn an average of $69,000 a year. This is higher than what some managers of other companies’ earn. The average salary for staff at Bingham McCutchen is a staggering $211, 017 per year.

The eBay San Jose campuses have special de-stressing areas for employees in need of some serenity and relaxation. Rooms with comfortable pillows and tatami floor mats are ideal for midday prayer and meditation, so that staff can return to their tasks refreshed and revitalised.

Camden Property Trust gives a 20% discount to employees who live in the company’s apartment complexes. Staff members going on holiday are also able to use fully furnished apartments for only $20 a night.

Nike is one of the most socially conscious businesses to work for, as those employed in the Portland office volunteer as Portland Mountain Rescuers. They respond to emergencies at a moment’s notice, no matter what they are doing or how important it is. When prospective employees are interviewed and warned about the possibility of having their work interrupted by mountain searches, the standard response is, “what’s more important, saving lives or selling shoes?”

The one thing that all of the businesses on the top 50 list have in common is that they all realise that a company is only as good as its employees, and so go out of their way to ensure staff happiness and contentment. Staff turnover is low, while job satisfaction is high. Who wouldn’t want to work for a company that rents an entire movie theatre for a day so that their staff can see a blockbuster movie on its release date?

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