Its M.Anwar, Online Nick “”. This is my Main Blog. I am Now CEO Of Fastech Consulting Services in Short FCS. I am SEO Analyst,WordPress Enthusiast, Web Entrepreneur, Workaholic and Loving Man. In This Blog I Express How I See The World and What I Learn from Every Day Journey and How My Mind rules..I breathe,eat and live online @ Marketing a * I received Masters of Interanational Business degree from University Of Wollongong,Sydney,Australia in 1999 and Pursued Advance Diploma in Information Technology,IIBIT,sydney Australia in 2000 and PGDBM with International Marketing as specialization from Kakatiya University,India *Hands on experience of Optmizing more than 200 websites in online Marketing industry and well equipped to handle any kind of search engine optimization &marketing work with guaranteed results * I use only Ethical/Organic SEO,SEM,SEP and SES practises to acheive Top rankings across,,,,,, and many more Search Engines..
Its M.Anwar, Online Nick “”. This is my Main Blog. I am Now CEO Of Fastech Consulting Services in Short FCS. I am SEO Analyst,WordPress Enthusiast, Web Entrepreneur, Workaholic and Loving Man. In This Blog I Express How I See The World and What I Learn from Every Day Journey and How My Mind rules..I breathe,eat and live online @ Marketing a * I received Masters of Interanational Business degree from University Of Wollongong,Sydney,Australia in 1999 and Pursued Advance Diploma in Information Technology,IIBIT,sydney Australia in 2000 and PGDBM with International Marketing as specialization from Kakatiya University,India *Hands on experience of Optmizing more than 200 websites in online Marketing industry and well equipped to handle any kind of search engine optimization &marketing work with guaranteed results * I use only Ethical/Organic SEO,SEM,SEP and SES practises to acheive Top rankings across,,,,,, and many more Search Engines..

Social Commerce With Pinterest and Facebook

Social commerce is not a new term but it's one that is getting paid a lot more attention slowly by businesses. It refers to the use of social media in e-commerce to encourage the buying and selling of a business's products or services to consumers online.

Facebook was once the leader of social commerce but Pinterest has quickly been on the rise and looks to be taking over in the top position for social commerce. One survey conducted by shows that Pinterest users spend an average of $ 180 on e-commerce sites whereas Facebook users only spend $ 85 on average.

These numbers show that social media sites are having a lot of influence on consumers and help to drive online sales. Just because one may be showing more promise at one time or another does not mean that the other should be ignored. After all, social media is an ever-changing flow and what works well today may be slow tomorrow.

To get the most results, you want to utilize both Pinterest and Facebook for your business marketing. Each has proven to be helpful in driving customers to e-commerce sites and will continue to do so in the future.

Here are some of the tactics that your business should consider when taking advantage of the marketing opportunities that are easily available through social media.

Facebook Offers

A while back, Facebook introduced "deals," which was completely flopped and was quickly replaced by Facebook Offers. These are really taking off, allowing businesses to offer fans exclusive offers for their products and services. The company creates a great offer, like free shipping on an order or a coupon for 50% off. Users can click on "Get Offer" and an email will be sent to their inbox.

The great thing about these offers is that once they are claimed, a notification appears in their friends' news feeds, meaning more exposure for your offer and more potential customers being reached. You can post an offer that is good at your physical location, with users printing off the coupon to present in person, or your online site with a promotion code to enter in at the time of purchase.

Just make sure that you can fulfill your offer. You do not want to offer a free donut and then have 50,000 claims when you will not be able to make that many donuts to give away!

Pinterest Board Optimization

Pinterest is all about the visual appeal. You want to have pictures of your products that are great to look at. You want to entice users to not only repin your products to their boards but also to click through to your website and make a purchase.

Take plenty of pictures of each product until you find the images that are most appealing. Have pictures of someone wearing or using your product too. You can also add the price so that it appears in the top left corner of the image. This lets users know that the item is for sale and for how much.

Integrate Social Media to Your E-Commerce Site

With social commerce, it's important to integrate social sharing into your website. With each product, include a way for users to share, recommend, like and pin to their social networks. When people are shopping online, they like to let others know what they like, what they are buying and what they are adding to their "wish list."

Make it easy for them by adding all of the share buttons to your site, especially for individual items. This is essentially free advertising, so do not overlook this important part of social commerce.

What social media platform do you use the most for your social commerce marketing? Have you found one to be more useful than another? What have your results been?

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The ABC Of Affiliate Marketing

Everyday, more people are buying products and services over the internet and affiliate marketing provides an easy way to start an online business that gives you access to these online sales transactions.

To understand affiliate marketing in simple terms, you need to start with the ABC of affiliate marketing.

A is for Affiliate

Many business provide affiliate programs for their products and services.You sign up to become an affiliate for a product or service. You’re called an affiliate as you are selling their products but you are not part of their business. As an affiliate you can sell physical products that have to be shipped, or digital products that can be downloaded instantly after purchase. You then promote that product and when you make a sale, you get a commission.

Take your time in choosing products to sell as an affiliate. Remember that you only get paid when you make a sale. If you try and sell any old rubbish you won’t make any sales and it will be a waste of time.

B is for Businesses

There are many affiliate networks and businesses to work with as an affiliate. Amazon became the world’s most successful online retailer by using the affiliate marketing model. You can sign-up to become an Amazon affiliate and sell anything that is on the Amazon website.

ClickBank is one of the most popular digital retailers that sells virtual, information products. These are items that a customer can download immediately after purchase. There are many affiliates who make quite a good living promoting just ClickBank products.

C is for Commissions

Amazon starts you off with a 4% commission rate, which gets larger when you sell more products. On ClickBank you can earn commissions of 25%, 50% and even 75%. There are other affiliate marketing programs which offer a wide variety of commissions, products and services, so you need to review more than one to see which is the perfect fit for you.

When you start affiliate marketing don’t get too obsessed with earning commissions from day one. It takes time to build a base of prospects and customers who want to buy from you.

It’s not one long sales pitch. Think of it as ‘telling’ rather than ‘selling’. Your job is help people find the products or information that they are looking for. The key to making reliable, consistent money as an affiliate is to find a product that is in high demand, pays a good commission to you, and is backed by a company that takes care of their customers.

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Guides In Renovating Your Bar

Are you looking for ways to transform your pub and get it looking new and fresh? There are a large number of techniques to do so, but most come at an affordable cost. When you are sporting a minimal spending budget, you needn’t have a restricted range, since the appearance of your bar influences the number of clients you have. Learning to get along with your clients is essential and is their pleasure, which is the reason why we have found some cheap ways to modernise your pub.


Occasionally you do not even have to spend a cent to make a brand new sense. You may do that by simply altering the layout. Think about your spacing and your design attentively as this creates a great or bad initial impression when customers walk throughout the door. By way of example, as opposed to seats sporadically put, give them purpose. So regardless of if somebody wants to have a personal conversation with a buddy or enjoy an alcoholic drink following a tough afternoon – there is something for everyone. Even though, do bear in mind the theme of your pub, since your layout can distinguish between a calming night and crazy one.

Keep with the tone and texture you want individuals to get. In case there are little seats and much more room to dance, then you’re anticipating individuals to get up and party, not relax.


Chalkboard, decorated used liqueur bottle or beautifications are perfect on the walls. Some minimal new decorations can go a considerable way to renovate the look of your pub. Keep used alcohol bottles and place fake flowers in them for a decorative look. You do not wish to add too much to the fact that it looks busy and cluttered, but a little accessory every now and then could make the major difference.

The pub itself is the central purpose, so pay special attention to the decoration of this well. Keep taps clean and glistening and in case you’ve pumps which are not labeled or have tags hanging off – revive them. People should not have to ask should you sell a certain beverage, they ought to be capable to see whether you do. A sticky bar is the worst. It can get someone out whenever you put your drink down and your sleeve is covered with residue from last week’s alcohol. Not only is it necessary to help keep your work surfaces clean and tidy, but sand them or buy new work surfaces and it’s going completely transform the pub’s look from the moment you put in it.


Scuffed seats, broken legs and older handles do not look the most attractive. Although investing in new ones may be very pricey, check out outlet stores like eBay to obtain a discount. If you are absolutely positive that you do not wish to invest a cent, it’s well worth buying covers the seat to make it look as though they’re new. Give the grips a twist down too because they may be unhygienic and look tatty. For shelves that are looking a bit outdated, sand them down and blot them another color to provide a brighter feeling in the room. Even though you might think they go unnoticed, you’d be amazed at how much a person’s eyes could reach when they first enter your bar. Light switches, plug sockets and door handles could be contained in your little spending budget so the area is refurbished with a very little hassle. And in case you still possess the very same drapes as the day you opened, purchase neutral coloured ones.

Carpets look nice and comfy, but they are never appropriate for a busy environment and therefore are too hard to keep. Give your bar a bit of character by taking up the carpeting and trimming down the beneath flooring. This could be incredibly fashionable and give your location charisma at a minimal cost. Or perhaps replacing an older carpet could make a big difference- rather a darker shade that does not show noticeable dirt marks.


We are all guilty of judging a store or restaurant based from its exterior, and your clients are no different.

A bar that has cluttered windows with older paint shavings around the frame isn’t inviting. We are not implying you need to purchase new windows because that is not exactly inexpensive, but opt for a regular window cleaner and re paint the window frames, so it is going to make the major difference. De weeding and potting plants on each side of your entry tells a client an awful lot about the interior of your bar. General maintenance like jet washing the sidewalk and repainting your door could make it look 10 years newer. Solar panel lights and repainting the brickwork out are only some simple tricks to keeping things under control and it will only cost you about £30.

Clearly we have not seen your bar and thus do not know exactly what needs doing. However, the key is to shop around and spend money on little things that will then have a significant impact at the end. Think like a client and what they need. First of all, cleanness and easy accessibility are a few areas to expand on. Then, you can focus on the finishing touches like re designing your menu and purchasing new cocktail glasses.

Occasionally you’ve to spend money to do money! Have you revived your bar recently? We would really like to see your pictures. Tweet us, write to us on Facebook, or label us in them on Instagram to keep the dialogue going.

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The Sky Is the Limit With YouTube Marketing

Arguably one of the easiest ways to make money online, YouTube marketing has long been the go to method for both up-and-coming Internet marketers and professionals who have been on the job for years. Part of the reason that makes YouTube marketing such a hot commodity is the fact that it is practically instant to set up. Whereas other, more tedious means of Internet marketing require you to set up a website, clear multiple interviews for CPA networks, or try your luck at AdSense and risk getting banned, YouTube marketing has none of these things, with the added benefit of being a purely visual medium for marketing. People nowdays are not as willing to read as they were before, so unfortunately; the value of the written word in delivering marketing messages is dwindling day by day. Enter the YouTube marketing landscape: with a short 20 to 30 second video, you can completely capture your audience and compel them to buy your products in a way that written text or even the flashiest ads will never be able to do. With videos, you gain the powerful ability to deliver your message with sincerity, leaving it to the conviction that lies within your tone of voice to drive your message home more more efficiently than written marketing.

Not only has that, with YouTube come the sparkling allure of virality. Other means of marketing do not present you with a means to allow your message to carry forward. Think about it, how many people are going to forward a block of text to their friends, family, or loved ones to convince them to buy some generic product that they, themselves, bought? Personal referrals and word of mouth marketing are both two excellent tools that you would do well to harness as someone who's new to the Internet marketing landscape. With YouTube, you are able to harness the full impact of this powerful channel of marketing. Just look at how many videos get shared from YouTube to social networks such as Twitter and Facebook a day. The numbers are simply unimaginable. In addition, the videos carry forward, giving rise to something similar to a snowball effect where the exposure of the video grows as more people come to view it. Viral videos are effectively a gold mine. If you get enough people to view the video initially, the effect is autocatalytic. People look at the video and see that so many before they have viewed, and positively reviewed this video, making them more likely to watch the video to its end, which extremely benefits your marketing campaign by allowing you to deliver your message to the fullest of its potential.

YouTube marketing also presents you with a degree of flexibility that is not available elsewhere. You can time your ads, inserting them exactly where you want for maximum impact. Getting your audience on the edges of their seats, and claiming their full attention then delivering a powerful marketing message is much more likely to leave an impression in their minds than other, weaker means of communication. What's more YouTube pretty much gives you free reign where this message is concerned. You get to decide the size of the ad, where it is placed, when it is displayed, and how long it stays on screen. Effectively, this allows you to experiment a great deal. You can keep playing around with your message until you find something that suits your particular category of viewers and converters well.

Another exciting possibility regarding YouTube marketing is the ability to reply on videos. The responses are an excellent way to gain indirect traffic. You can either reinvoice your message by replying positively to a previous YouTube member's video, or you can go the other way entirely and post a negative response on others video. Depending on the topic itself, both methods can be extremely powerful means to generate traffic to your YouTube video by harnessing the social aspect of YouTube. A word to the wise though, if your negative responses are too sharp, confronting, or incorporate depreciating phrases, you may end up having your reply video taken down, or worse, being banned from YouTube entirely. One good way to avoid this is to take the necessary time to read the YouTube video posting policies and observe the due diligence required to keep your account clean. Ultimately, it pays off. Not only do you end up avoiding any possible mishaps or run-ins with the YouTube staff, you're also making a name for yourself and bolstering your reputation on YouTube, so making it more likely for people to view your future videos.

Another way you can make money with YouTube is to target a niche market. Setting up a YouTube channel that targets a particular, well-obscured, low-competition niche with a potential following, and numerous products to sell is an excellent way to establish yourself as an effective, successful YouTube marketer. Positioning yourself as an authority is your number one priority in this case. You need to convince people that you are well informed and well-versed in whatever it is you are reviewing were talking about. This will keep them coming back for more, especially if the niche is fast-paced and is in a period of accelerated development.

As mentioned above, as long as you keep your nose clean, and stay under the radar by conforming to the YouTube policies, the possibilities are simply endless. The wondrous thing about YouTube is that the videos can be set up and posted absolutely free, so the initial investment costs for this sort of Internet marketing are practicable zero. As a matter of fact, the only setback in YouTube marketing is your video creation and editing skills. Lots of people have stage fright where online posting of videos is concerned. Others simply do not have the technical expertise or equipment required to fabricate these videos. If either of these two things are what are holding you back, then a friendly suggestion would be to try and exceed your fears of Video Moving and going the extra mile where the equipment and software is concerned. Ultimately, it pays off.

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Choosing an Approach to Internet Marketing

Every time I click through an internet marketing site, there is always some new method promising to increase my rankings. According to the "experts," all I need is to open a site, optimize it for the search options and market myself using their latest methods. Most of the time, these tips are frivolous, basic or just tricks which do not last for long. However, there often comes along some new online marketing technique which can shoot your site to success. How can you know which internet marketing techniques will work or not?

The thing to remember with online marketing is that there is no one set strategy. With any type of business it takes an individualized marketing approach. Before you buy into the latest trends in internet marketing, think about what the ultimate goal of your site is. Then, calculate the most effective way to get this done. If you are selling something at your site, look at the keywords that customers used to find your site and which products they click to. Then, look at the keywords used for visitors at your site who did not become customers. This difference between traffic and conversion is where the key to online marketing really lies.

Once you understand the demographics of browsers that actually become customers to your site, you can start an effective internet marketing campaign. You will get a much higher conversion rate by focusing on just one strong target group than trying to bait large groups of traffic. By following every single new trend in internet marketing, you easily lose sight on the ultimate goal. Some of these online marketing techniques might actually be helpful. If you are going through with them just because they seem promising but do not fit into a strong business plan, then you business will be as shaky as your internet marketing campaign.

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How to Upload Audio to Facebook

Audio should not be overlooked online. It's in high demand and provides several benefits.

With audio, people can bring it anywhere. They can listen to it while driving, walking, running or riding a public transport.

It is also easy to produce using free software and can easily be shared online on blogs, websites and social media.

On Facebook today, users can also share their favorite audio files wherever it is their own compositions, music of other artists or their podcasts.

One of the easiest ways to share you audio on Facebook is via a video with audio.

Here's how.

Step 1: Upload file

Facebook does not provide storage space for videos and audio files.

But it does allow users to upload these files on the site for sharing with friends and collections.

To upload your video, go to your Timeline or profile page and on the status box, click Photo.

You will then be asked "Add to Post?" Confirm by clicking on it.

You will soon be shown the browser button which you can use to upload your video file.

Once you've found the file on your computer, you can add a short message or description on top where it states "Say something about this …" Click Post when you're done.

You can also upload your file on the News Feed page.

On the top of the page where the status update box is located, you will see the Add Photos / Videos option below Update Status. Click on it and then confirm by clicking the Add to Post? option.

Then do the same step by searching for the file using the Browse button, put a description if you like and then hit the Post button when you're done.

Step 2: Share the link

If you have a video uploaded on YouTube or an audio file uploaded somewhere online, you can share them on Facebook by posting the link or web URL.

What you should do first is search for your file and get the link.

Once you have copied the link, go back to Facebook and look for the status update box either on your Timeline or on the News Feed.

Paste the link in the box and wait for it to display the image and short introduction on the site. You may type a message or description on top before hitting the Post button.

Step 3: Use third-party services

A third option is to use third-party services. Most video and audio sharing sites today provide social media buttons making it easy for users to share files on their favorite social media sites.

On YouTube, for instance, below the video are sharing options such as the embed code and social media buttons to include Facebook, Twitter, Google+ among others.

To share a YouTube video on Facebook, simply click the Facebook icon below the file.

On the window that will appear next, choose where you'd like to share it by clicking the down arrow next to Share option on the left. Click on your preference then type a message or description on the box below that says "Write something …"

When you're sure about the file and your message, click the Share link button below to share it on Facebook.

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Create a Framework With Programmatic Direction in Digital Marketing

Programmatic direction in digital marketing helps to describe and develop a framework for research, which highlights the interaction in the marketing process and also in the strategy process. For future research we figure out the evolving issues in and also the interaction of associated question. This framework is used to disclose the activities required to create, plan and execute in a successful technique for this marketing program. To be a successful digital marketer you can follow easily a framework which you can brainstorm and implement digital marketing strategy. Everyone’s skills is essential, but at the end of the day, they need to work well together to finish it. This is the main aim of this programmatic framework, how to make the best marketing strategy.


Starts everything with an objective, it’s not a new thing. The most important is how can you define your objectives. Lead and Conversion are the two types of objective we usually have in digital marketing. Lead generation is a form of driving a business it is a process of attracting and converting audience into leads, it can be defined as a marketing process of capturing the interest of the audience for a product or service for increasing the sales. These goals need to be established across the entire organisation, which include quantitative goals along with occurring over visions for the company. Hypothesis is important to narrow down your actual goal, from where you can implement to be a successful in this profession.

Competitive Analysis:

Benchmarking & Competitive analysis is the successful factors. The purpose is to gain a level of understanding that allows you to develop your digital marketing strategy based on competitor understanding. For framing a programmatic direction you should not be dictated by what you learn about the competitors, you should be acting in response to that can be imperfect than doing nothing. Yet standard sense tells that knowledge is the power – simply knowing how you compare, finding quick attention and defining your method of long-term strategy contribute you toward more control and power.


It is a marketing strategy that encourages a customer to take a specific action. In programmatic digital marketing, conversion is the construction used to often describe the act of converting an audience who searches your site to a paying customer. If a customer discard their shopping cart, the distributed may market a special offer to convert the audience from search to paying audience. Conversion marketing is calculated by conversion rate the percentage of visitors who take the appropriate action.

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