Google to Phase out 5 Products

Google Global  Enterprise general Manager Mr.Matt Eichner announced in order to streamline its business has planned to phase out  5 of its products,including  iGoogle,Google video,and Google chatback.

Besides,other products Google mini and Symbian Search App would be turned off.These would be closed in a phased manner and by the end of 2013.These 5 products have been opted for closure on account of them outdated and the availability of new enhanced product and services.    By :COURTESY -DC

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Google creates the Hindu Epic Ramayana in Digital Way

Google Indonesia has launched a new Chrome experiment that reimagines the story of Ramayana for the digital age.

The plot of the story is the same as the classic version but here the characters – Ram, Sita, Hanuman and Ravan – use modern web tools like Google Talk, Maps, Docs, Gmail and even Web Search to plan their strategy. Jatayu even writes a blog.

The Ramayana in the Google Era

I have captured a few screenshots here but you should head over to to enjoy the complete work.

The script is written in Bahasa Indonesia but if you are even slightly familiar with the original Ramayana, you’ll get through easily. Extremely creative advertising for Google products though I am not sure if the site would work in non-Chrome browsers.







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How to know your email was read or not?

We generally mail our friends using Gmail,Yahoo,Hotmail and other services and we do not know whether that mail was read by our friends or not.If you want to know the status of your mail read or not,you can use this trick to find out the mail visit this site and enter the credentials there and activate by clicking the  Activate my SpyPing button and in seconds you will see a image,copy that image and paste in you “composing mail” and send it to your friend,Immediately you will get confirmation mail from spypig  that the mail was read by recipient with out the notice of the reader.

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Scan your file with 43 antivirus softwares in single shot


If you download some files regularly and you feel that any file is virus affected or else if you doubt that installed files are virus effected and you feel that your antivirus software is not detecting the virus than here is the solution for all you problems..visit this website www. and upload your file here and scan your file with 43 antivirus softwares Kaspersky, Avast, AVG, COmodo, esafe, NOD32  and many more.And your maximum upload is 32MB size file.

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How to see the Live TV channels on your Mobile phone?

You can see the Live TV channels in Hindi,Telugu,English on your  Android Mobile phone,You can download the Yupp TV application from Android market and install on your phone by using the Wi-fi,3G services you can view this live channels for free

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How to watch blocked US websites?

How to watch blocked  US websites?

You can watch the blocked US websites by using its providing VPN server access to US and UK,you can avail this in 3 packages where you can browse upto 500MB of data per month with limited access on free account,If you want to access the full services they will charge some monthly or annual fee with the help of this VPN you can view the US webistes like Pandora,spotify,Hullu

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Bing Search Engine Tips

Bing  searh Engine Techniques:when we open the,we see the image on background ,If you don’t want to see the background image in Bing search engine ,you can just avoid it by using the following technique. Just you type the following url :, you will see the domain with out background  image,only thing is you have to add the parameter /?rb=0
And also if you want to save the search results for any keyword in,you can add it to RSS feeds for later use,for this you have to follow the simple tip..just add  &format=rss  at the end of the address and you will see the option where you can add as RSS feed.

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How to change your Dynamic URL to SEO user friendly URL in WordPress ?

How to change your Dynamic URL to SEO user friendly URL in WordPress ?

By default,wordpress gives you this dynamic URL for your post:”″.This type of URL’s are not indexed by google bot,to make SEO userfriendly URL we use permalinks,then it will look something like this


Why is this the best SEO permalink structure compares to the other structures? Continue reading →

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