The 7 Laws Of Social Media Marketing Today

Business marketing has been changed dramatically with the use of social media sites. New markets are accessible which can be a huge benefit to any business, and today there are ways to use social media marketing more efficiently than ever before.

Here are 7 laws which can help your business develop a more effective social media marketing campaign and presence.

1. Quality Before Quantity

Social media marketing today needs to be helpful, useful and provide more than your competitors. Get a competitive edge by investing more time developing valuable content that you can share with your followers. Great content wins clicks, comments shares and likes.

2. Focus

Obscure and unfocused content doesn’t help anybody. Keep within your niche. If you post about anything, it will clutter your message, and turn off people who come to your profile with a specific intent.

3. Connect With Key Influencers

Identify the key people or organizations in your niche. They have the audience you’re trying to reach so when you comment and post on their pages, you’re target audience will see you too. One of the best uses for any social network to hook up and interact with other businesses in your niche. Don’t be reluctant to promote others, the rewards can be considerable.

4. Be Available

It’s pointless posting content onto your pages and not allowing people to interact with you following the post. When you interact with your audience it gives you a further chance to showcase your business and become a top resource in your niche.

5. Pick Your Social Media Sites Carefully

Not every market will use the same sorts of social media. To be successful, you need to choose the sites which are used most by the people that you want to target. For instance, Snapchat is used by young people while all ages are on Facebook and Twitter.

6. Don’t Forget Your Followers Are People

It’s easy to forget there is a regular human being behind each click post, like or comment. Designing your content for these people will make them feel appreciated and included. This is what will boost sales for your business.

7. Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

Your competitors are on social media and you can simply see what they are up to by reading their posts. This will help to keep you updated with the most current trends and innovations and so you can react appropriately. It also helps you to steer clear of duplication and allows you to set your posts apart from others.

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Grow Your Business Using Social Media Marketing

The power of online media marketing has an expandable growth. Social media is that platform where you get elites to directly target to generate valuable calls -to-action.

But the question arise how “Social Media” should be implemented to grow our business?

Power of Online Media Marketing

Through eye capturing posts, or random status updates you can easily gain the attention of an audience which led to grow your business marvelously. Whether you have a small business or large industry social media is the most powerful tool to expand your business and connect with your audience through share, comments and likes.

Your marketing strategy plays a vital role in the growth of your business. So before going to plan a strategy you should know:

• Individualize your Audience

• Examine the competition

• Choose your social media platform

• Determine your goal

The popular Social Media sites:

• Facebook: Facebook is that platform where you can engage with your audience, start the conversation through your Facebook business page, create a group, and generate more leads and turn your conversations into conversion through Facebook messenger bots. The newly added feature of Facebook allows you to sell your product through

• Twitter: Twitter is a micro-blogging tool that allows you to send out messages(tweets) to people who subscribe to you (followers). Your tweets can include a link to your website, blog etc. You can use Twitter landing page to provide additional information of interest to Twitter users looking for your Business.

• LinkedIn: LinkedIn is much more than a social site. It is a community of professionals for the business mindset. You can build your company Page and get a business presence. Build your followers of your exact target audience, share your products and contents and turn followers into conversion. LinkedIn is divided into five sections (Company Pages, LinkedIn Group, and LinkedIn Advertising).

• Google+: Like all social networks, Google+ present an opportunity to connect with customers. Google+ Pages for businesses are now managed through Google My Business, a platform where customers easily find and connect with your business or company. Google My Business uses Search, Maps and makes your brand more visible in a local search result.

So these social sites have some of the most amazing tools which help you to grow your business, track your progress, and easily manage your social media. The best out of it are:

• Hootsuite

• Buffer

• Everypost

• Sprout Social


So, choosing the right social media tools you can have a good understanding of your business and easily grow your business in the right direction as it says that “Your positive action combined with the positive thinking result in success”.

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SEO – Free Search Engine Optimization Training

SEO or Search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects when it comes to getting your website noticed. SEO can be tricky when you are first starting out, however that's what I'm here for. I have created a getting started with SEO training that will help you figure out some of the ins and outs of SEO to hopefully take some of the mystery out of it for you.

The first thing you will need to do is to figure out what key words you would like to "target." I suggest you come up with about 10-15 strong keywords to target for each page of your website. You do not want to use to many, you want to stay focused on one key word and just use different variations of that key word to be sure to get the most out of your SEO efforts. I would recommend using Google keyword Tool.

This tool is great for optimizing your site and generating good keywords. First off its free, and it shows the number of times a keyword had been searched in the past month. Not only that but it also shows you different variations of the keyword that you searched so you can get several good ideas from using this tool.

It is also very important that when writing your keywords you do not repeat the same keywords over and over again. You need to make sure you are using different variations of the keyword. If not the search engines will more than likely flag your site for spam. For example if you are targeting SEO, you may want to use SEO, SEO marketing, search engine optimization, search engine submission, search engine optimizer, SEO tools, SEO quests, etc.

The most important place to have your keywords is in your Titles, be sure to limit your title to 15 words or less including your top keywords.

Example: SEO – Free Search Engine Optimization Training.

Now you will also want to use meta tags, several search engines do not use meta tags anymore but you do not want to skip this step, every little bit helps. When entering meta tags you will need to have a little experience with HTML. If you do not own okay I will provide some examples.

When using meta tags there are 2 main things to remember, you will need a meta description, as well as your meta tags. You will also want to make sure you place all of your tags between the and the
tags on your page. In your meta description you will not want to use more than 200 characters. This is a description of your page that the search engines will pick up, for example:


With meta key words you can go a little more in detail however you will not want to use more than 1000 characters in your meta tags. META keywords are not used as frequently by the search engines as they used to be, but there is no reason not to use them. Be sure to separate each keyword or key phrases with a comma. Remember that each of your keywords should also be present at your page for higher ranking, and to avoid being caught for spamming.


If you need help generating your meta tags I suggest using a Meta Tags Generator. When using this tool it will ask for "Meta Charset" for most sites you will use "Universal UTF-8"

After you have decided on your keywords that you are going to use, you now need content. Having relevant content on your site is crucial to SEO, and getting picked up on search engines. If your page has nothing to do with your title or your keywords you will not get a high ranking position in any search engine and you will probably be flagged for spamming. Good SEO, and learning how to optimize your site takes time. Do not rush it, take your time and put some real thought into what you are going to say and what keywords are you going to use, this will definitely pay off in the long run.

I have provided you with the basic knowledge of SEO on how to optimize your new site. If you follow what I have shown you, you will increase the traffic to your site and you will get a better ranking on search engines.

If you would like more free training on how to successfully market your business on-line please visit my site at []

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Social Media – Changing the Way We Communicate

Most people who use social networking sites will have one of “those” friends; the friend who constantly updates his profile page. You, along with everyone else on his friends list, know every little humdrum detail about his life, from the color of his socks to what he had for dinner. Sometimes the frequent updates are entertaining, but more often than not they’re insufferable. It can quite often seem that social networking sites give us nothing more than unimportant detail. Even so, such sites aren’t just for the people who share too much information.

Social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have made it easy to keep in touch. Users can find friends that they haven’t had contact with in years. Social media lets us interact as much or as little as we want. An increasingly large amount of social interaction is now occurring online. For families that live far apart, social media has made keeping in touch easier than ever. In the past we’d send photos via mail, the photos took days to develop and days more to send. Even e-mail required entering the address of each recipient and took time. We can now share photos with all of our social media contacts at once.

Social media sites are also a brilliant way of discovering up and coming businesses. It’s simple and effective for businesses to promote themselves on sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, and an increasing number of businesses are doing this. After all, this is where the customers are. By setting up on social media sites, businesses can ensure that they are kept in the forefront of our minds by regularly popping up in our newsfeed. We, as users of the sites, can keep in touch with the latest news about our favorite products and companies. Often, on these sites, companies will be promoting exclusive coupons, and giving early notice of sales and new products.

Social media also lets us interact with businesses in a new way. Never before has it been so easy to interact personally with a company. From discussion boards to social media parties, we get to know the people behind a business. Real time interaction lets us ask questions and get answers. Social media lets customers and businesses build a meaningful relationship with one another.

It’s easier than ever before to connect with people who share your interests and opinions. Social networking sites enable people to come together from all over the world to talk about common philosophies, interests and goals. Your world is now a lot bigger thanks to social media.

Networking in the old days used to be an awkward business. You’d go to a conference and exchange business cards with someone. Usually, you’d never get around to giving them a call; even worse, if you did, your clumsy opening line: “I met you once at…” would be met with a complete lack of recognition at the other end of the line. In today’s aggressive business environment, networking is even more essential. Luckily, social media has made it much easier to network with business associates. It’s simple to send a friend request. By using your smartphone, you can add to your network before the conference has even finished.

Above all, social media is convenient. It’s accessible from smartphones, computers and tablets. It enables us to stay in touch with all the different groups of people in our life, from family and friends to business acquaintances. We can interact as much or as little as we like, and interactions can often be less stressful than face-to-face exchanges.

Social media has changed the way we interact with one another. You may end up sifting through posts about “that friend’s” breakfast, but the benefits outweigh the minor annoyance. There’s never been a better time to stay in touch. Social media makes it easy.

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Search Engine Optimization – A Tool To Succeed On The Web

In this era of recession, one of the most popular strategies adopted to be in touch with customers is Search Engine Optimization. It is the best way to advertise a product or service. In fact, internet marketing gets a boost with the use of SEO techniques. SEO or search engine optimization works on the basis of content, keyword and back links.

SEO developers assure their clients about the type and variety of content required for their website. Content is expected to be rich in information, quality and vocabulary and target the right audience. SEO techniques are also used for locating the keywords for the product or service. There are several keywords used for content writing on a specific topic, however; the best and most commonly used keywords which refer to the product or service are selected using SEO techniques.

Search Engine Optimization also works in creating effective resource box. From this place, the client actually gets connected to his customers. If the article or content is presented in prolific manner, the traffic is bound to visit the website quite often.

Promoting such a product or service is also possible with social media marketing. The technique has fast emerged as a source of viral marketing where information is passed among the people in network within seconds. Social media marketing came into existence when new applications to create a network of people came into existence. On a single networking platform, several applications are used and messages are shared. You can view messages quite easily and share them among people who are close to you in your life and profession.

Along with Search Engine Optimization, SEO developers do not forget to work thoroughly with graphic design. Designs attract and appeal. The graphic design developers have the potential to design the websites using the best web design software. They not only aim to enhance the appeal but provide a quick means in the form of website to keep the clients visiting quite often. Graphic design people are accommodating updates several times a year to suit client requirements.

It has become quite impossible to stay without Search Engine Optimization. New ideas and techniques are introduced every day on the net platform. Every website owner intends to receive maximum number of visits. Maximum visits should be fruitful. It is expected to be converted into generating revenues for the company. At the same time, it is significant to keep in mind the use of right and correct information. The information should not be misleading and difficult to understand. It must carry a purpose. The purpose to sell the product could be well-realized by using other internet marketing tools like affiliate marketing. Every time, someone clicks on an advertisement, the client is bound to pay the person who has agreed to display the advertisement. With pay per click and pay per sale options, it is quite easy to make customers, somewhat, permanent clients of the organization. Search Engine Optimization techniques are, therefore, considered the best web marketing tools to establish connection with prospective buyers.

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The Importance of Disconnecting From Technology and Social Media

Social Media Platforms are constantly pushing us to "Connect" and it can be overwhelming to keep up as it is no longer just Facebook and Twitter but more and more are entering the market and demanding our attention such as pinterest, delicious and the list goes on .

I was inspired this week when I watched "The Amish Project: 90 Days Spent of the Communication grid" on YouTube about a guy who decides to disconnect from technology for 90 days including no phones (or text messages), internet, email or social media and documents his experience.

His journey is inconceivable for many of us, particularly those running a small business where social media is a vital aspect to building and growing your business.

However, it did get me thinking.

This weekend I am at my family beach house. All I can hear is the wind blowing in the trees as my young daughter sleeps. I have bought my lap-top but have no internet connection and mobile coverage is unreliable. It's a far cry from home having my website, Hootsuite, Twitter, Facebook, mail-chimp, EzineArticles, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and many other research webpages going simultaniously.

This morning I played with my daughter – REALLY played with her – ticked her, built blocks with her, chased her, and took her for a walk rather than sitting at my lap-top doing work while she played on her own and from time- to-time trial to get my attention. We both really enjoyed ourselves without the distractions of technology.

Most of my evenings are spending trying to balance making dinner, time with her, talking to my husband, organizing our extension and cramming in as much of the 'bits and pieces' social marketing and administration work that needs to be done for my business.

So the point of all of this is that we all need technology free time , we all NEED to disconnect from our online lives and businesses in order to reconnect with our family.

Connecting with our loved one's in this brave new online world is something that has to be prioritized, and if need be, planned. Seven Ways to Disconnect from Technology:

  1. Get away somewhere remote as often as possible and only use your phone for emergencies;
  2. Think of some fun family activities where you have fun and laugh together. The Zoo or a picnic in a park is a great idea;
  3. Schedule technology free date nights with your partner and go to a movie or just watch a DVD together at home;
  4. If you are running a business do not build the expectation that you will be online and contactable over the weekend or late at night, set reasonable business hours and commit to them;
  5. If like me, you have so many ideas and actions buzzing around your head at the end of a work-day it's critical to do a "download". Get a notebook and write down any creative ideas you have, actions for tomorrow and anything else that is on your mind. This will help you switch off and importantly get a good night's rest;
  6. Make sure you do something relaxing for at least a half hour before bed – read a fiction book, meditate, do some yoga or watch a light show on TV;
  7. Take some "me-time" and participate in something each week that makes you feel relaxed and centred. My favorites are walking along the beach or getting a massage. This enables me to center my thoughts without the distractions of technology and social media and I feel completely energized afterwards.

The reason my weekends at our beach house are so peaceful is because technology is refused to an absolute minimum and priority is given to connecting, reflecting, relaxing and being together as a family.

But can I tell you a secret? I wish I knew what my website hits were yesterday ….

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Marketing and Branding Social Media Trends in 2016-2017

Technology is influencing our way of acting, it influences our knowhow and marketers must adapt to it. In the industrial era thought was linear and organizations and knowledge structure was very linear. Nowadays quantum physics is showing a more organic and unpredictable way of seeing things. Having this in mind, will enable us to adapt more careful.

This connection with the latest technological development is influencing publishers to adapt or die. One those trends is the increased use of “fringe” social hubs. Brands with a broader presence will certainly be sort of less skeptical when publishing content via social hubs that were considered in the past “fringe.” As time goes by we are also noticing many interesting ways of interactive content, one of those is through 360 views photo just like a virtual 360 view. The other trend is the use of animated GIFs dominating newsfeeds and timelines. These two will continue its growth for the next years.

Based on technology once again, algorithms are now to generate content. We are now listening the introduction of artificial intelligence in content generation which will be a game-changer

Balancing SEO, SMM, UX and analytics. We are noticing that a proper mix of SEO, SMM, UX and analytics can help you reap rich rewards when you value their importance equally and treat them as one rather than individual components

Paid Social. We noticed that back in 2015 there was a big growth on promoted posts. For example, Twitter was 75%, Facebook, 80% and LinkedIn 65%. Organic reach of course continues to dwindle as social networks aggressively push for advertising on their platforms. It’s time to catch up on the paid social approach as this is just getting bigger

New publishing options in social media. Instant articles by Facebook can now help publishers give their content more visibility in comparison to content on their native publishing platforms.

Real-time aggregated content is on the ride. One example is Twitter’s Curator. News channels will face huge competition from brands serving real-time updates of events as they happen-

Fringe social hubs. Brands with a broader presence will certainly be sort of less skeptical when publishing content via social hubs that were considered in the past “fringe.” Those “fringe” hubs are becoming mainstream. Content strategies are centered on Snapchat and Instagram and will only increase in 2016.

Influencer marketing. Brands can generate higher sales by harnessing the reach of influencers. According to a study by McKinsey, such campaigns had a 35% more retention rate than paid ads and fetched an ROI of $9.6/$1 this year from $6.85 in 2014. Influencer’s reach is cost-effective. Influener marketing will be a part of every content marketing strategy in 2016.

Visual content such as infographics will continue enabling marketers to deliver personalized content. Global internet speed grew by 17% in a single year. Slow internet connection is not a problem anymore, therefore delivering cool graphic-oriented content should be paramount to implement for the next years.

Mobile marketing will rise even higher. There will be more mobile access to new audiences as time goes by. It has remained constant as years pass by but it will just get higher and higher in the next years.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Facebook’s main strategy for the next years is augmented reality. Creating virtual reality based content will allow marketers to explore a new frontier of content assimilation. This will give a push for big brands. Facebook’s new 360 video option is opening a whole new realm of content creation possibilities.

Knowledge graph. With the introduction of Google’s Knowledge Graph feature. Brands have started focusing on ranking for long-tail keywords. This will be one of the main key drivers that will define SEO in 2016.

Finally, make this year the time to establish real bonds between customers and your brand. Do internal marketing at your organization, company or startup in order to reduce resistance. Marketers surveyed lamented the main reason they aren’t building stronger bonds with customers is due to internal resistance. To deliver a compelling brand to customers means marketers need to effectively engage and cut across an organization. This is neither easy nor welcome, but it appears many agree. Improving the product offering is the #1 way marketers feel customer intimacy can be improved.

Make your brand essential by striving toward personalization, relevance, and anticipation. Marketers stated customer service is where they can most effectively build intimacy. They also indicated that the majority of their customers associate their brands with the Brand Intimacy archetype of fulfillment: exceeding expectations, delivering superior service, quality, and efficacy. Focus on keeping customers fulfilled and engaged with your brand by continuously delighting them.

Good storytelling and generating emotional response among your target audience will be more important than ever this year – how this content is delivered, though, is key. App development and content for an instant society. The 5 most popular messaging apps feature 3.5 billion monthly active users, according to Statista, and marketers are beginning to take notice. Facebook has already integrated branded campaigns into Facebook Messenger and plans to do more of this come Spring 2016. WhatsApp is opening up their platform for business accounts. Snapchat has introduced Snapchat Discover and the option for any advertiser or individual to create their own geo filter with Snapchat on Demand. Messaging is already huge in the digital world. Expect digital marketers to make it even bigger.

A trend towards a longer sales funnel where digital marketers provide an increasingly high level of value upfront, before moving towards asking for an email address or moving into a sales sequence. This will usually be in the form of content marketing – via blog posts, YouTube videos, and webinars, as well as through the rapidly growing live video space using platforms such as Periscope and Facebook Live. The most successful digital marketers will be those who are able to establish a high level of trust before asking potential clients and customers for the sale. This is additional work for marketers because they will have to strategically craft a large amount of free content, but the rewards will come in the form of an easier sale when they do ask for it, simply because they have already established authority and trust with the prospect.

Big data and real-time analytics. Historically, marketers viewed data as something static and tied to reporting. But data is now more dynamic, accessible, and broadly understood. This will open up new opportunities for messaging optimization – but, more importantly, this access to data will challenge marketers to become nimbler and responsive.

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SEO Tools To Improve Site Ranks On Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization is very important in improving your online presence. Search engine rankings are the most important for any business because the higher you are ranked, the more visible you become and since the more traffic your website receives. However, to be ranked high and to make improvements to your online presence you must play your role. You can use some SEO tools to improve your rankings.

Local Campaigns – Local SEO campaigns are some of the most effective in improving search engine rankings. Local marketing will highlight your business within your locality and can be integrated with local listings and maps to make it easier for your customers to find you. Considering that most people like services that are closer to them, the local campaigns will most definitely rank your website higher making all the difference for your business.

Website optimization – This kind of optimization should fetch you value from all search engines to give you more visibility. The main objective is to ensure that your site appears on the first page of the engines using approaches such as keywords, Meta tags, titles, ALT tags and links. They are all significant in strengthening the site and they can set you apart even in the face of stiff competition. The rank results from this approach will give you an easy time selling the products or services you have.

Link building – Link building strategies pattern keywords of niches to a specific business site and remain to be very essential in giving your site identity. The search engines will direct users to the site and determine result rankings. It can be a challenging tool if you are new to SEO but you can get professional help from SEO companies offering all kinds of services to improve your website.

Inclusive campaigns – Inclusive SEO campaigns integrate all SEO elements to rank the site highly on search engines. The inclusive campaigns are cheaper compared to handling every SEO tool individually, but they can come with quality challenges because all elements are handled together and are not given intention attention. However, when working with a reputable SEO company, you can still enjoy effective quality inclusive campaigns to boost your website rankings. Consider what the company can do for you before hiring the services.

Competitive analysis – The analysis gets you familiar with the market to offer you direction for your SEO campaign. By knowing how the market is currently, you will be in a position to decide whether to go on with an intended campaign or not. Using competitive analysis, you take a step towards reducing your niche so that you can lower competition by making your website stand out from the rest thus improving rankings in the process. With the analysis, even when entering a very competitive market, you will have an easy time deciding what strategies to use and how to best use them to make your business stand unique. SEO experts can help you with the analysis.

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