The Uses of SEO

Many people are still unaware of the important uses of SEO, but with time and more expansion they will learn. Every search engine has it's own set of rules and regulations regarding what is legal and illegal uses of SEO.


SEO involves attaining a higher ranking in search engines via changes to your site content and code to make it more relevant and therefore more search engine compatible. SEO is still a great way to bring in more profits with your Affiliate Marketing campaigns. It involves selecting the most targeted keywords or keyword phrases that relate to your web site. Since the online business is becoming highly competitive, websites who practice Search Engine Optimization have an edge over their competitors. When properly optimized, an SEO campaign can deliver long-term gains, better accessibility and cross browser compatibility.


Keywords are an integral part of your online marketing campaign. Its not a good practice to add more than 20-30 words in Meta keywords. Both the Meta keywords tag and the Meta description tag tag to your search engine ranking. A Meta keywords tag is suggested to be a brief and concise list of the most important themes of your page. When the search spiders crawl through your blog, they are looking for references to the keywords you have chosen as well as references to your description of your blog.


In an ideal world search engines would just find you by following links to your site, but in reality this could also take months. A simple link from an established site will get the search engines to visit the new site and begin to spider its contents. It can take a few days to even weeks from the reference of a link from such an established site for all the main search engine spiders to silence visiting and indexing the new site. Search engines crawl the Internet by following links on web sites, so if no one has linked to your new site, the search engine can not know you're there, as it is not like walking down the street and suddenly stumbling upon it .


Making money online requires diligence, and persistence. Let 2009 be your year to make money online.

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Using Social Media to Promote Your Book

Do you use social media sites to stay connected with current and past collections? Has a friend suggested that you create a profile on LinkedIn, create a page on Facebook, or send a tweet using Twitter? If you are an author and have limited experience with these sites, they will become your best friend. Each of these sites uses different language:

  • You have followers on Twitter
  • You have fans on Facebook (on a business page), or friends on a personal page
  • You have connections on LinkedIn
  • You tweet on Twitter
  • You share on Facebook
  • You update on LinkedIn

Authors may find participating in social media difficult because as an author, you feel comfortable writing a book – a very private and internal process. You have to participate although to generate awareness of you and your book. Once you put your photo out there, the worst is done!

The easiest social media site to start with is LinkedIn, the most popular professional-oriented site that focuses on business relationships. LinkedIn provides professionals with a way to connect and share information – in an author's case, information about your book. Started in 2002 in the living room of co-founder Reid Hoffman, it officially launched on May 5, 2003. It grew in that first year from 350 to 81,000 members, and in March 2012 it had 161 million members.

Get started by creating (or updating) your LinkedIn profile to emphasize aspects of your books. Upload a professional photo, add your book to the Amazon reading list, and join groups related to your book's topic. Include information about your book in the " Update " section of your profile to promote your book and leave it there until publication. After you publish your book, move this promotion to the " Summary " section that remains static and use the Update section for daily or weekly postings. Initially, you may want to include the promotional message in both locations. Only the Summary section appears in your Public Profile, which is what anyone who does not belong to LinkedIn sees.

If you blog, include the blog application on LinkedIn so that your posts appear in your news feed; if not, start a blog. Use a soft selling approach when using social media sites because viewers do not appreciate blatant sales pitches. Share knowledge you have about your topic area to establish yourself as a reliable person and others will ever connect with you. Once you have your profile updated with as much book-related content as possible, start inviting new connections.

LinkedIn provides a toolkit you can use to promote yourself, share your activities and interests, and chat with others about topics of interest. Because professionals read books, you must participate here to publicize your book. Joining LinkedIn (or updating your profile) is the second step to successfully marketing your book.

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Examples of Social Media

Before you can take full advantage of all that social media has to offer, you must begin by understanding the different types which exist today. Once you have a grasp on what exactly you are dealing with, you will be better equipped to use them to their ultimate potential.

Many people think that social media, in business terms, can only be used to promote your website. However it can take on a more active role including publishing or hosting duties. For example, sites like WordPress and Xanga offer simple yet excellent blogging programs. Any business can sign and use these sites to publish their own blogs. In some cases these blogs may actually serve as the company's primary website. The truly great thing is that many of these social media sites come outfitted with a built-in target audience complete with shared interests.

Popular social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace play host to an endless list of both large and small businesses. With millions upon millions of registered users online every day they offer the ultimate in free exposure and publicity. It is incredibly easy to sign up for a profile page and most of these sites offer their services completely free of charge.

A slew of other options exist in the realm of social media. For example, social bookmarking sites offer users the opportunity to post and share links to their favorite websites. There is no rule that says you can not set up a link to your own website. Some popular examples of such sites include Digg, StumbleUpon and

LinkedIn is a great social networking site which allows professionals to mix with one another as well as their clients. It's a great place to make contacts and further develop professional relationships.

You can always decide to host your own social media programs on your own website. That would include anything from publishing a blog, to hosting a community forum, to posting informative podcasts or videos. It also gives online business leaders the chance to interact with their own clients on a more intimate level.

Marketing through social media is a timely investment however the rewards are noticeable. The fact that these social media outlets allow personal relationships to be built atop professional relationships makes them truly remarkable and unique opportunities.

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SEO Review – What to Do and What Not to Do

Section One

What is SEO?

SEO is short for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization gets your page higher up the pages of results when someone searches the topic relating to your site. Hopefully you make the front page, and if you are very lucky …. the first result is the top prize in this business.

Section Two

SEO Scams.

Now that you know what SEO is, here is what to look out for.

If there are companies charging to do something, there will always be those who are trying to scam newcomers. Here are things to look out for.

The whole idea of ??SEO is to rank high on something that is searched often. If they rank you first on something they made up, your ranked 1 of 1 … and no one will ever know. A good SEO job will get you ranked high on frequently searched keywords. Carefully, very carefully chosen keywords.

I am sure you have thought about these and it is a good thing you decided against it. Putting your site on a few of these is like blacklisting yourself. These are mostly just spam sites, and if you want your site to be thrown in that mix than you might as well just go ahead and do it yourself. Do not pay someone to ruin your credibility.

You may get the offer to post your own articles on their website so they can link to you as the expert. This looks like it would work, and in theory it will, except that if you ever get the traffic not only will you need these articles, but there is no guarantee that these stay linked to you. Since you wrote them, you might want to keep the credit for them.

I know the last one is still up for debt with many people. They are okay with the fact that they may be thrown away at some point, but just want the traffic while the going is good. I believe that if you are doing things right, and they are too, then everything should remain on your site and the links to you will end up in community forums or some other area of ??public interest.

Section Three



An rss feed is a great addition to any website, but having an rss feed also helps with your sites SEO.

As a starting point, viewing your own RSS gives you a general idea of ??the keywords that are being used to find you and cache your pages.

An rss feed also creates backlinks with keywords that you get to decide for yourself! If only you could always have control over what is said about your site.


Google sees that your RSS feed says "Football Standings" as the title and it has a link. Google then asserts that it is pretty safe to say your site has something to do with football standings. (as it should)

Creating an rss feed gives Google this information, but the titles are controlled by you. This means that you can carefully choose your word to make sure you control what Google thinks you are.

The more places you can get your rss feed linked to, or the more pages you can post it on the better. All of these sites are now linking to you with the links and keywords you have provided.

Traffic to Competition Ratio

For those that do not like throwing math into things, this article is done and I hope it helped you. If you are interested to know how math will help your site rank higher please keep reading.

I know it might sound odd, but sometimes picking your keywords can come down to cold hard math.

Lets take 'green car' and 'red car' as our two examples. Maybe you are deciding what car you want to feature for your used car site. Lets to the math.

Green car:

60,500 searches a month in google.

1,620,000 sites to compete with.

Red car:

110,000 searches a month in google.

1,520,000 sites to compete with.

If you go by YEARLY searches, that's 1,320,000 for red and 726,000 for green.

Without having to do the math to follow along … the short version is:


hits per year / Google results = 0.45


hits per year / Google results = 0.87

So, there is more demand for red cars (almost double) and less competition (100k sites less)

This is an obvious decision which you probably would not bother even do the math for, but if your two keywords have very similar demand, you may have to compare the Google results to decide what to go with.

Remember, not only do you want to be ranked first, you want to be ranked first with keywords that people actually care about.

I will do a set of mine as a template for you. If you can not follow along do not be discouraged.

3600 site hits a month as per Google Keywords

3600 x 12 gives you the yearly search average

43200 is the yearly search average.

33300 sites in the Google search result.

43200/33300 = 1.3

recap: (3600 x 12) / 33300 = 1.3

The higher that number, the more your traffic / competition ratio.

I hope this helps you setup your site for better search engine results. If you have any more questions please feel free to contact me on my site or through email which can both be found in my author information.

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5 Essential SEO Tools You Need to Start Pulling Search Engine Traffic

Is your website or your blog Search Engine Optimized? You need to have a SEO friendly website or blog to pull in search engine traffic for you. There are many ways you can optimize your website.

Before you start doing search engine optimization (SEO) of your blog, you need to know 5 main essential SEO tools that you need.

1. Link Popularity

The authority of your website are usually determined by the amount of links pointing to your site. The more backlinks you have, the more the search engine likes you. It is important that you monitor your link popularity which is essentially the amount of backlinks you have. Using link popularity SEO tool will help you monitor the progress of your SEO implementations.

2. Backlink Checker

Once you have sufficient amount of backlinks to your site, it is good that you also have a mixture of homepage links and deep page links. Homepage links are the backlinks that point back to your homepage. Deep page links are backlinks that point back to a specific page within your pages. It is very natural behavior of us that offers to build lots of homepage links, but you must also focus on building some deep page links for yourself. Backlink checker SEO tool helps you to see which kind of backlinks you have and that that allows you to plan for your next SEO tasks.

3. Pagerank Checker

Pagerank is what Google uses to rank the authority and relevance of our website. The higher the pagerank, the more authority your website commands. To build up your pagerank, you need to have backlinks from high pagerank sites as well. There are some websites that use redirect link to obtain some fake pagerank. You may want to check the real pagerank before posting on those sites. Pagerank checker SEO tool comes in handy in this situation.

4. Pagerank Prediction

There are some SEO tools out there that allow you to predict your Google pagerank in the next update. But these tools are usually not guaranteed because no one knows exactly exactly the actual Google's algorithm. But you can still try this as it is fun to see how well your site performs and definitely this data will motivate you.

5. Search Engine Position

Upon publishing your website and doing further search engine optimization, you need to know how well your keywords are ranked on search engine. You need to use search engine position SEO tool to find that out. Of course, you can still check that by manually typing your keywords into Google search box but it is time consuming if you have a few keywords to check. A automated search engine position SEO tool can be very useful to improve your productivity.

In conclusion, if you are serious about doing search engine optimization on your website, you need these 5 essential SEO tools to improve your result. You can find some of these tools free online or you can also purchase a SEO software to help you.

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Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

If you have an online business or even if you have a brick and mortar business using social media to grow your business can be very instrumental in taking your business to the next level. Delegating your social networking tasks out can really free up your time to market and strategize new ways to build your business even further. If you're using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Squidoo and other social media sites that help market and spread the word about your business you should be commended. It takes a lot of time to take part in any of these networks simply because you constantly have to update your market and let them know what you're up to. But if you lack the interest or time to put into social networking, no worries, help is available. You simply have to hire a social media expert or assistant and they'll do all the work for you.

What can they do?

Well, a social media virtual assistant can help you free up more of your time by doing all of the hard work for you. If you need someone to promote your business online using the perfect words and perfect marketing tactics that gain results, you can find a wide selection of social media experts to put the whole process together for you. You'll no longer feel overwhelmed by all of the social media networking websites. You'll finally have someone available to help promote your business to the online world. No more spending countless hours on social networking sites, trying to figure out how it all works. That's a waste of time. You're supposed to be growing your business, not spending endless amounts of time trying to figure out how various site platforms work. You'll never get anywhere if you spend your time that way.

Hiring an assistant can save you a ton of time because they know how all of the popular sites work. They also have a ton of experience on how to promote a business through the use of those various experts. If you want to have an established voice representing your business, the quickest and best way to get it done is hiring an expert to do it for you.

Not sure where to find one. Simply go to or any other major search engine and type in "social media assistant". You will find a huge selection of them, and they will be happy to have you contact them. After all, they are in the business of helping businesses grow.

If you're not on the bandwagon, I highly recommend you get on it. It's no fad. Social networking is making some businesses a lot of money. Why not yours?

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Update All of Your Social Media Websites at Once

How many of you have only 1 Social Media profile? […crickets]. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Digg, StumbleUpon, and I am running out of space here. If you have multiple Social Media profiles, updating all of them can be a arduous and time consuming task. Luckily, there are several tools that can help you with grouping some of those updating tasks into a single post. We thought it would be informative to gather a list of such websites and present them to you.

Here are 5 Best Websites to help you Update All of Your Social Media Websites at Once:

1. – Hootsuite lets you not only update All of you Social Media websites and profiles, but it lets you batch-schedule your Updates and Messages in advance, gather custom analytics on your Social Media activity and provide Team Collaboration that lets multiple users to your social sites.

2. is a very user-friendly platform for someone who has numerous or just a few Social Networking profiles. It lets you select which websites to update and put them in groups. is an intuitive time-saving service.

3. is another great tool for updating all of you social media at once. Staying connected, status synching and easy sharing is what makes Yoono a popular site. In just a few clicks, you identify your social networking profiles and start updating all of them via a single dashboard.

4. is a user oriented product that lets you sync your accounts and profiles in a one place. It is an easy to use service that saves time and effort.

5. is one of the most intuitive resources to help you streamline the use of Social Media updating and provide easy access to share your content via multiple sources. It is an extension for your website or a blog where you can gather all of your social networking accounts in a single place and use it to update them all from a single place. They claim that Sharing is Sexy, but we just think that is an efficient way to keep your social media madness in check.

Aforementioned tools will most likely help you combine multiple tasks and update all of our Social Networking profiles at once. There are numerous other sites that fulfill similar purpose and we provided a roundup of the most effective. What are your favorite sites for updating all of your social media websites at once? Share them in the comments below.

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Top Rated SEO Tools For Joomla

These are some of my, must have tools, to be installed for Joomla 1.5. If you are small business building an IN House CMS website or a web developer, using Joomla, I suggest looking at these Top Rated Joomla tools to get your site optimized, verified and tracked quickly.

These are pretty much straight out of the box with very little configuration or modification necessary.

1. JoomSEO Developed by Phillip Brown – JoomSEO is a Search Engine Optimization BOT making Joomla content more Search Engine Friendly. JoomSEO dynamically creates meta keywords, meta descriptions, changes the title on the fly, adds heading tags to content titles and more …..

2. Google Verify Developed by Michiel Bijland – Small Plugin to make Google Webmaster Tools site verification a bit easier. Works with the Meta Tag method and no template adjustments are needed. This is ideal for website with multiple templates or demo sites, no templates adjustments need when you add a new template this plug-in ….

3. Missing Meta data Module Developed by Dan Rahmel – Missing Metadata module adds a panel to the Control Panel of the Joomla Administrator interface that lists any published articles that have empty meta description or meta keys fields. Search engines (particularly Google) use the meta description text as the summary text for site-listings displayed in search results. Any articles that fail to include this metadata will suffer …..

4. Big Shot Google Analytics Developed by Kenneth Crowder – This Plug-in will add the Google Analytics Tracker Code to your site automatically.

5. JoomlaWatch Developed by Matej Koval – JoomlaWatch allows you to watch your website visitors and bots in real-time from the administration menu. Especially their IP addresses, countries they come from, geographic location on a map, which pages they are viewing, their browser …..

More resources and links on optimizing your Joomla ROI and Top Rated SEO Tools for Joomla.

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