3 Tips for Promoting Your Band on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular content sharing platforms on the internet. Thousands of people use it to stay in touch with friends and family or engage in discussions with different people from around the world. The service’s no-nonsense status updates, called “tweets,” allow users to essentially text message the internet at large by typing 140 character messages and blasting them either to a private network or the entire user base.

Additionally, many blogs, YouTube videos, songs, or other pieces of content have been known to go viral after being posted on Twitter. For long links, a link shortener can be used to leave room for a text description. Due to the easy and intuitive nature of the tweet, many bands have been using them to promote songs, music videos, and upcoming tour dates. Let’s look at 3 tips that will help you promote your band on Twitter.

Stay True to Yourself

On the internet, authenticity is very important. People want to click links posted by trustworthy people who have authority on a given subject. To appeal to this, it is important that people trust you.

Twitter users are in the habit of sharing things of an almost mundane nature with each other. As a result, it is important to submit personal tweets in addition to those announcing new shows or songs. This will help the user base grow to trust your band.

Respond to Your Fans As Much As Possible

Celebrities such as musicians and actors like Twitter because it gives them an opportunity to connect directly with their fans. In the past, a full-blown press release was necessary to move information to fans and followers. In the age of Twitter, you can respond to topical issues and conversations very quickly without having to engage in formality or hire a dedicated PR professional.

As a result, it is important to take advantage of this direct connection by actively responding to your fans. When people are reaching out to you on Twitter, they often hope that you’ll respond, thus making them feel special. Take advantage of this opportunity to maximize the effectiveness of the service.

Include Important Keywords in Tweets

Search engines index tweets. This means that they can help you build associations in algorithms that will lead people to find your music. In order to get the most out of this, it is important to include all of your crucial tags and keywords in tweets that describe or link to your promotional content.

Over time, this will help associate your band with various keywords in search engines like Google. With millions of people searching for different terms each day, this could lead to significant web traffic and record sales. This is yet another advantage Twitter offers for bands.

Regardless of your specific genre, Twitter can be a powerful tool for finding new listeners. The users of the service tend to share links quite frequently, so it is easy to get a song or music video to go viral when a band has a lot of followers. If you are looking to show your music to the world, follow these 3 tips for promoting your band on Twitter.

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Drive Traffic to Your Site Using YouTube

Make your Video

There are 3 ways to make your videos

1. Use a camcorder, then transfer the video to your computer, where you can then edit it, with the editing software that came with the camcorder.

2. Most webcams come with software that allow you to record video and audio directly to your computer, then you can upload it to YouTube.

3. YouTube has an application built in called quick capture which can directly record your video to YouTube from your webcam.

I would prefer to use the camcorder method, and then import it and edit it into my computer, so that I can watermark the video before, after, and through the video with my website url.

Method 1 and 2 will require you to upload your marketing video to YouTube manually.

What on earth do I make my videos about?

Anything you want! It could be a How-To video on search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, even products that you offer for sale.

But wait. It also could have a short movie, a comedy skit, a parody, even whats rolling around in your mind.

If people enjoy it, they will probably check out your website. That is why I recommend that you watermark your video with your website url.

So now your drawing traffic that would have never visited your site.

Drive more traffic

YouTube offers video community called groups, when you upload your videos you can sort them into the relevant groups. where you can have discussions within that group. I suggest you join the groups that fit the theme of your video.

YouTube also offers whats called video responses where you respond to someone elses video its a good way to get your video noticed, but once again, I suggest you stay relevant to the topic of the original video.

As a final note, embedded videos from YouTube that are played, are listed as a referring url, and will be displayed on the YouTube video page. This is an added bonus, as it will allow search engines to crawl your site faster, and give you a little Google page rank bonus.

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Facebook’s New ‘Click-To-WhatsApp’ Ads Will Start Chats With Businesses

Facebook has always given a very nice feast for its users. All the features have always amazed its users with its outstanding creativity. Now the Facebook has come up with the new feature of advertisement unit, with ‘Click-to-WhatsApp’. This will allow the users to message and call via WhatsApp, with a simple option of clicking button.

This new feature of Facebook has really thrilled many of the people. The businesses can leverage this feature and do WhatsApp Marketing very easily. This feature has given the advantage to the customers of your business to use Facebook ads to directly message on WhatsApp. The businesses can easily approach its customer directly. Many of the businesses are already using WhatsApp to communicate for their business purpose. It is a very convenient and faster way of communicating in business with its customers and other well-wishers. Businesses will be much simpler in the real sense, once the WhatsApp button is added to the Facebook ads of the business.

The businesses can easily leverage the benefits of this cross-platform amalgamation and keep the audience engaging with the businesses. This feature of the Facebook allows it to use a very dependable data for the businesses. This feature acts as a WhatsApp Marketing software for the businesses, where the company can easily do the marketing of its services.

How it works:

The business basically needs to have WhatsApp number on the Facebook ads and then these ads can easily be sent to the users of the Facebook who have the WhatsApp installed in their cell. To initiate the chat, the WhatsApp number needs to be added to the businesses. Then further, the ad image will appear on the conversation of the WhatsApp as a reminder for the people. In this way, the businesses can chat very easily with the audience, which will give the thrilling experience to connect with your business for a longer duration. The businesses can reach its large number of customers, making this feature just like Bulk WhatsApp sender software.

This feature of Facebook may appear similar to its click-to-Messenger button, which it had earlier introduced. However, the Click-to-WhatsApp ads appear more beneficial for the small and medium-sized businesses. This new feature of Facebook definitely embarks a new pattern in the marketing style for the businesses. The small and medium business should have to leverage this feature and boost up its business. The Click-to-WhatsApp feature of Facebook will make a great impact on the audience.

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Top 3 Benefits of CPA Marketing

For the website or blog owner that is looking to monetize their online presence, but prefers to avoid selling products or generate the high volume of traffic needed for PPC advertising, the cost per acquisition (CPA) marketing options can make a very attractive alternative. In these programs, the payouts to affiliates are based on getting your site visitors to perform a specific action in exchange for a small commission. Some of the actions include encouraging a visitor to sign up to a free trial, complete a questionnaire or survey, or sign up for a newsletter.

Here are three of the most appealing benefits of CPA marketing:

Easy to set up

CPA marketing gives a perfect opportunity to set up a home based business without needing to invest much in the way of capital. This type of marketing is one of the cheapest and easiest to enter from home. Also, it is possible to get involved in this type of marketing without having the extensive knowledge of internet marketing. All that is needed to get going is a website to use to bring in the targeted traffic, and a little research to make sure you are able to attract the right people to match the business sector.

No need to sell products

With CPA marketing, there is no need to encourage a site visitor to reach into their wallet and buy a physical or digital product. The only thing that is needed is the ability to get someone to complete a simple action, such as filling out a form or similar. It is a lot easier to convince a visitor to complete a form or sign up for a newsletter than to buy a product online. This can make starting out in CPA marketing a lot easier for those looking to earn money compared to the other online marketing methods.

Earn a good income

It is possible to earn a good income. Many of the advertisers involved in CPA marketing get good direct results from their affiliate’s actions, which mean they are willing to pay the lucrative commissions. The income will vary with the degree of difficulty and amount of information the affiliate needs to gather from site visitors. In many cases the income can range from $1 to $20 with the lowest amount paid for signing up for a newsletter, while a higher commission is possible with a full questionnaire completed.

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Dealing With Social Media Fatigue

It takes special effort to evade social media these days. Initially seen as an interesting past time, this has now evolved to meet multiple professional and personal needs as well. As social media is becoming so indicative to different aspects of lives, it correspondingly demands more and more of our time and energy. Keeping this in mind, it may help for us to be more aware of how helpful our social media usage is in terms of time and energy.

Some questions that may be helpful when evaluating how you use this medium are:

  • What prompts me to use social media in different situations? (For instance, when looking for specific information, more out of habit, boredom, or to intentionally keep in touch with friends or family).
  • When do I most use it the most? (It may help to think over situations when you are most tempted to access these sites / apps. For example, during meals, when traveling, during breaks at work, etc.)
  • How do I feel after using it? This question is helpful for you to evaluate whenever the time you spend on social media is a positive influence on you or not (For instance – relaxed, mentally stimulated, guilty for having wasted too much time).
  • Are there particular sites / pages that leave me more motivated than others? What about these sites / pages leaves me feeling this way?

After reflecting on these points, you may have some clarity on what prompts you to use this media type, when this happens the most, and how helpful it is to you.

A few suggestions that may help you build on this learning are:

  • Identify the apps / websites that meet your needs (for information, entertainment, etc.) and limit your usage of social media to these, as opposed to registering on multiple sites / apps and being overwhelmed or easily distracted by notifications from them all.
  • Use your knowledge of how a particular app or page on an app effects you to plan when you use a particular type of social media. For instance, if you have the tendency to lose track of time on Facebook, try and use the site when you have large amounts of free time, such as a half an hour lunch break and not during a five-minute work break.
  • You could also access pages of apps or profiles that inspire or motivate you during smaller intervals when you need a break and may be feeling tired or overworked.
  • For the apps or sites that you have identified are more to break boredom, or tend to negatively influence you, try and schedule in other activities that you could do in that time instead. For instance, going for a quick walk around your office or neighborhood when bored instead of checking social media.

These are a few suggestions on how you can become more aware of how your usage of social media influences you.

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Is Pinterest Poking Holes in Other Social Medias Like Facebook?

Pinterest is really making its way into the fabric of the social media kind in 2012. Have you heard about it?

Check it out at Pinterest.com

As a custom website designer, I've jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon to see what its all about and I must tell you, I'm quite impressed. Pinterest is easy to use, fun to share, and of course the nature of free online marketing is always fundamental fascination to me. I like to kick and prod these new digital technologies for the purpose of advising my valued customers about low or no cost sales and marketing techniques that work for small and medium sized businesses. We can all use these social media tools to generate exposure for our business, product, services or organizational needs.

Pinterest offers a very visual option to social media that engages in a way that other social media's have not. Thats what technology is all about. Finding new ways to garner attention from the world at large.

Do not have time to squeeze in yet another social media gizmo?

I understand. When Facebook became the rage, you might have been one of those who held off, waiting to see what other people would say, and what they would experience.

If you took the step to create a Facebook page, but left the faceless silhouette on your account because you preferred the incognito approach, you may have been pressured to setup an account and try it because your friends or your family members are there and they begged for your presence in this new digital world where people share … well just about everything, really.

On the flip side, it might be that a social media tool like Facebook is part of your everyday life, keeping you in touch with old friends and work associates … people who would otherwise, be simply a distant memory or even forgotten.

There are moments too when we decide that the information shared on Facebook by friends, is just not the place we want to air much at all. Oooh, very private …. AGH! Very public in a TMI sort of way.

My husband is retired and being that migrated across the US to Central Idaho from Florida a dozen or more years ago, he has thoroughly enjoyed Facebook and has reignited friendships from his past career, and stayed in touch with the culture at the company where he spent 33 years of his life, from 16 to 48. For my husband, Facebook has been an open window of sharing, laughs, late night chit chats and political jokes. Facebook has been a meaningful social tool for him, a way to enjoy a private life in Idaho, while staying connected to the people who mean so much in his life.

I use Facebook for mostly business purposes. Not to boldly sell my wares, but to show what I do, what I've accomplished, what consumes my time. I also have used Facebook for some social encounters with friends and cousins, brothers and acquaintances. I help my website customers to understand the meaning of building a community of fans, engaging with people through social media and committing to the slow and steady building of a fan base through this FREE method of effective marketing. By adding links from Facebook to your website article or page, fans or friends are able to click through to your site and find out more. This also helps with link popularity, a gauge of relevance that Google auditors important in ranking of your website pages.

As for social media tools available in the online world today, there's Linked In, Twitter, Flickr and oh, I do not think any other social media worlds really matter that much …. except Pinterest. Wow! Pinterest is cool. I've discovered it, and I LIKE!

So ok, going back to the subject of social media. The problem is, it can suck the time from your day, make employees unproductive, increase costs to try to keep those who should be worker bees from spending their time chit chatting online and sharing life.

I've always tried to balance it all. Not too much of this, not too much of that. "Everything in moderation" is what I say often, mostly to myself. After all, I'm a working girl, totally committed to harvesting all of the fruits of my business, day to day, week to week, month after month, year after year. As a technology buff, I find it interesting to touch on various social medias, use them, figure them out, help my customers to determine the benefits for their own businesses and generally understand whether the time spent once a week to post a new item on my own Facebook Fan page is of value.

My answer is YES! Social media used at a consistent tempo, whether weekly or monthly, is of great value. Its not getting on Facebook everyday or once in a great while that really affects the world around us. The benefits of Facebook Fan Pages come from the slow, steady, consistent flow of some information that your fans will see and realize what you are all about.

So lets focus on Pinterest. What is it?

Pinterest is the hottest newest social media out there. Its based upon the concept of a virtual pin board. All of Pinterest is VISUAL. Visual is good. If I had a dime for every time someone says to me "I'm a very VISUAL person" – well, I've got about 50 dimes a year. You do the math. Will not make me rich, but a lot of people utter those words to me.

I think Pinterest is taking flight in the world of social media because of this VISUAL aspect. After seeing the little 'P' icon start popping up here and there – I said to myself, "Marigold, its time you take a moment to look at Pinterest, sign up and see what its all about!" And that I did.

I've setup five boards. Foodie endeavors, website designs, favorite places, etc. If you're on an iPad, or iPhone, you can setup an easy app to just Pin things right and left, repin, etc. You can also upload photos to your Pinterest account and place them on a particular board. People may repin your pin and thats how things go viral. Ok, I've never seen any of my pins go viral, and its really not in my nature to seek QUANTITY over quality. Quality is always best for Mary because I'm all about the slow and steady building of anything …. business, relationships, understanding new technology, training my husband (ha ha!) And other life pursuits.

So if you're interested in trying out Pinterest, do not feel pressured or challenged to do it all in a short period. After all, Rome was not built in one day. (It took quite some years for Rome to fall, as well, but thats for another storyline).

Sign up for your Pinterest account and take the slow steady approach. I think you'll find it visually appealing and quite fun to share.

And oh, one last thing. Will Pinterest put holes in Facebook or Twitter? Nah! – at least not the kind of holes that would make Facebook sink. Market share will be dissected, Google may ever get its social media circles to flourish. But the big chunks will continue to rise to the top and I think Pinterest is worthy of our attention!

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The Benefits of a Digital Marketing Agency

Are you planning to take your online business to an elevated level? If yes, then make sure you have hired a suitable digital marketing agency. Just designing a site and launching the same will not popularize your online business in the highly competitive Internet market.

Nowadays, every business needs to create their online presence and drive huge volume of targeted traffic to achieve success. This is where the need of promotional company steps in. It will maximize the earning potential of your website.

Digital marketing services basically comprises of channels such as television, radio, newspapers, internet and mobile. The internet, mobile phones, sms/mms, e-mail, social marketing websites, display/banner ads and digital outdoor falls in the category of advanced digital marketing channels and others are termed as traditional ones. A promotional firm uses a combination of different strategies to create a steady flow of traffic to your website.

These agencies will help you to unlock the true potential of your online business. They will improve the performance of your website by applying tried or tested website design and development techniques, SEO, PPC and online branding strategies. With meticulous approach and attention to detail, they will implement every reliable technique in order to generate immense traffic and enhance sales revenues.

The overall aim of these firms is to ensure speedy return of investment. Thousands of web businesses all round the world have benefited from the services of these companies. With little effort and planning on the internet you can come across a credible digital marketing agency and experience increased web exposure or resultant profits.

They will promote your products and services on social media and ensure that information about your business reaches the right audiences. These agencies can also provide web design and development services. Make sure to choose the designers who can create an appealing website which is competitive and rules out any issue of usability in it. In a matter of months, they will successfully create a brand for your company and you will earn excellent return of investment.

Strong web presence is the biggest benefit that you can derive by hiring a credible digital promotion company. It will help you to reach out to your prospective customers and lead to more sales and conversions. More and more businesses are considering this option to stay ahead over their rivals. With creative ideas, strategies and technology you will find yourself on top of the world and quickly climb up the ladder of competition.

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How to Put an Army IRR Packet Together

Packet requirements, what you need to include in your IRR packet:

1. IRR packet checklist, based on Figure B-59 of USAR Pamphlet 600-5.

2. DA Form 4561, Request for Reserve Component Assignment or Attachment. Completely filled and signed by the Soldier and the Commander.

3. Your statement/justification letter and backing documentation. This is based on the reasons listed in AR 140-10.

4. Chain of Command Recommendation.

5. Cogent Personal Reason. If the specific reason isn’t listed in AR 140-10, it requires an exception to policy by your OFTS.

6. Counseling Statement (DA Form 4856). This is from the commander to the Soldier and is face to face. Are you in receipt of a bonus? This counseling statement must warn you about bonus termination or recoupment.

7. Counseling Statement (DA Form 4856). From the Soldier’s servicing career counselor to the Soldier; it’s also face to face.

Valid reasons for transferring from the Troop Program Unit (TPU) to the Individual Ready Reserves (IRR):

As a TPU Soldier, you can forward an IRR transfer packet up the chain of command. There’s no guarantee for that packet’s approval, or for your transfer to the IRR.

If you want to improve your TPU to IRR transfer chances, refer to the valid reasons listed in AR 140 -10, Chapter 4, Paragraph 9. If you have enough documentations, and facts, to support one or more of these reasons, include them in your IRR packet. This’ll help you make your case for transferring to the IRR.

Employment Conflict:

Let’s say that your employer all of a sudden can’t release you from the work schedule so that you can drill… as your absence would cause an adverse impact on your employer’s operation. Before, this wasn’t an issue. Your employer released you for a weekend, and was able to continue his operation. When they couldn’t release you, you were able to reschedule.

Now? Your employer needs you, on the days you need to drill, in order for the company to continue on with its mission. Conditions had changed since you started working with this employer.

Or, you’re in a company that restructures and eliminates your job. They move you to another part of the company. In this new job, you’re on call to go to different parts of the country, and your schedule is random. You’re not able to do rescheduled training. Your employer can’t spare you for any reserve drill without negatively impacting company operations.

These are just two examples, of which there are many, on how your employment could evolve into something that makes it hard for you to meet TPU requirements.

In your Soldier’s Statement of Justification letter, provide an objective picture of how your employment schedule makes it impractical for you to continue with the TPU. Include statements from your employer to back this justification.

Change of address:

You accept a new job within your company. It’ll pay you more, it’s something that you love doing, and it represents a move up in your civilian career. The catch? You have to go somewhere that’s two days away from the nearest Army Reserve center. Your employer isn’t able to spare you enough time to get to, and return from, the nearest Army Reserve unit.

In this scenario, you’re a TPU Soldier that can’t drill with any Army Reserve unit.

Or, you get a promotion that sends you overseas. Your job location is a long flight away from the nearest Army Reserve Center.

For something like this, you’d be able to submit a packet to transfer to the IRR. In your statement of soldier justification, include employment orders, employment promotion documentations, new job description, an objective picture that details your new job location, your new residence, etc.

Cogent personal reasons:

This is sort of a “catch all” to cover other reasons not specifically covered in AR 140-10.

What you think is a very good reason to transfer may not be what the Army thinks it is. You also have to see this from your unit’s perspective.

You’re asking them to release you, when they need you at the unit during drills and summer training. They don’t have a guarantee that they’ll get a replacement Soldier. You have to convince them to “sign off” on your IRR packet.

Let’s say that you’re “burned out” from doing drills. You just want to “sit around” in the IRR until the “burnt out” phase ends. In your unit’s eyes, this is a subjective reason. They could work with you to where you wouldn’t need to submit an IRR transfer packet.

In this example, your soldier justification letter needs to provide an accurate, objective, picture of how your Army reserve duties contribute to you being burned out. You’ll need letters from your medical professionals to help bolster your justifications.

Whatever the personal reason that you choose, make sure that you could provide an objective picture. Make sure that you could provide factual information from subject matter experts involved with your situation.

You also want to prove that there’s no other way to “solve” your current issue other than to transfer to the IRR. Before you do this, you have to exhaust the means to resolve this with resources that your unit could reference you to.

You completed the TPU portion of your contract, now you’re ready to transfer to the IRR:

As of this writing, everybody that joins the military, for the first time, signed an eight year contract. When a first time enlister signs a 6 year Army Reserve contract, they’re not just signing up for 6 years. When those 6 years are over, that Soldier has an additional 2 years of commitment. They can request transfer to the IRR after their TPU commitment.

This concept applies even if the TPU part of the contract was 3, 4, or 5 years.

Once the TPU portion of the contract is over, they can request transfer to the IRR. They have to continue drilling with the unit until they receive their IRR orders.

Surviving son or daughter:

You’re in the reserves, and pursuing your civilian career. Two years later, your last remaining sibling passes on. You’re now your parents’ only surviving child. This is an unfortunate event, but one that gives you an opportunity to transfer from the TPU to the IRR.

When you write your Soldier justification letter, include documentation proving that you’re now the last/sole surviving child for your parents.

Dependency or hardship makes it impractical to participate in TPU:

Let’s say your family situation changes, and you have to provide extra care and supports to one of your family members. This family member is someone on your dependents list. You don’t have an alternative care plan… nobody else could afford to give up a lot of their time, and sacrifice their employment, to help you out.

This dependent family member needs your presence. Without you, this family member’s welfare is negatively impacted.

Two examples of this category is an “assisted living” situation and a “direct support provider” situation. In these scenarios, a family member is unable to care for him or herself. The family member requires a soldier’s attention, supervision, and direct support to do basic functions.

Statements from doctors, social workers, case managers, and other related people should be included in this packet. Their statement should focus on the nature of the dependency hardship, and on the need for you to be consistently available.


If you’re pregnant, you may be able to transfer to the IRR. You have to be MOS qualified, and you can’t be within 3 months of your ETS.

Non selection for retention:

This impacts TPU Soldiers that have received their “official notification of eligibility to retire with pay at 60” letter. This is the “20 year letter.” By regulation, these Soldiers are subjected to a Qualitative Retention Board.

Prior to this board’s convening, the impacted Soldier receives a “pre board” packet. The Soldier is given a couple of options. If the board removes the Soldier from the TPU, which control group would the Soldier like to transfer to?

The Soldier could elect to be transferred to the retired reserves, or to the IRR. Should the qualitative review board decide to remove the Soldier from the TPU, orders will be generated transferring the Soldier to the control group that the Soldier selected.

This is also applicable to TPU Soldiers subjected to the actions of other types of retention boards. In this situation, a Soldier may have the option to transfer to the IRR.

Enrollment into a non-scholarship ROTC:

A “non-scholarship” ROTC program is one that offers the student a chance to participate in an ROTC program without financial benefits. These students don’t get a monthly stipend. These students pay for their own tuition, fees, and other expenses.

Soldiers that get accepted into this type of ROTC program can submit an IRR packet.

Merchant Marine Academy:

If you get accepted into the Merchant Marine Academy, you can submit an IRR transfer packet.

Army Regulation 140-10:

For details on each of these categories, and how to apply under them, read Army regulation 140 -10, Assignments, Attachments, Details, and Transfers.

Counseling statements from the commanding officer and servicing career counselor:

Did you get a bonus for enlisting into your current TPU contract? If your IRR transfer gets approved, you could lose the remainder of your bonus. Depending on your bonus stipulation, you could end up having to pay back the part of your bonus that you received.

If you’re receiving a bonus, you need to be informed of this fact when you submit your IRR packet.

This counseling statement should also inform you of your IRR responsibilities. The commanding officer will include any information that’s important to you. This includes the fact that you must continue to drill with the unit until you receive transfer orders to the IRR.

The career counselor will inform you of opportunities that are available to you in the IRR, including opportunities to reclassify and transfer back to the TPU when personal conditions favor such a move.

IRR transfer packet tips:

1. Are you on your initial contract, with IRR time following your TPU time? By regulation, you’re not supposed to submit your IRR packet until your TPU obligation is complete. You can submit your IRR transfer packet the day after your “TPU ETS” date.

2. After you submit your IRR packet, you have to drill with your unit until you receive orders transferring you to the IRR.

Don’t simply go by what somebody at your unit says. Some Soldiers have stopped drilling after they “completed” their “TPU years,” because they thought they were automatically in the IRR. This wasn’t true, they had to report back to drill.

3. Follow up on your packet. If HRC doesn’t get your packet, they might extend your TPU status to the end of your military service obligation. In this case, you’ll have to drill until your 8 years is up.

4. If you have unresolved medical issues, you have to have these issues resolved before you can transfer to the IRR.

5. IRR Soldiers still have obligations and point requirements to make. However, you could consider the active standby reserves instead of the IRR if you want to “get away” from the TPU temporarily.

In the IRR, you have to get at least 50 points a retirement year.

In the active standby reserves, there’s no requirement for you to get at least 50 points. You maintain your military affiliation, but you’re generally not required to maintain a good year. The active standby reserves is what most people assume the IRR is.

Additional References:

1. AR 140-10; provides details on the above categories as justification for IRR transfer.

2. AR G1 Policy Letters.

3. USAR Pamphlet 600-5.

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