Facebook Marketing For Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses


There are so many social media channels out there these days, it's hard to determine which ones are more effective and worth your time to market your business. I will focus on Facebook marketing, as I find it the most effective and affordable for small business owners to get their message and brand noticed. Facebook marketing is an excellent way to grow your business, and you can have fun while doing it.

Facebook is the big one for small business marketing; it has been around a long time and is focusing on companies marketing their products through the Facebook platform. The platform offers great tools like boosted posts, paid targeting ads, and a relatively new Facebook pixel so you can track exactly what consumers do once on your website. The added bonus is Facebook provides analytics on your campaigns, so you can adjust your creative, messaging, audience, etc. to optimize engagement and results.

Top Tips for Optimizing Facebook Marketing

• Tip 1 – Original Content

Be sure to write engaging and useful content for your audience. You can easily import your blog (if you have one) into your Facebook page, but also make sure to write original posts for your Facebook audience. (You can schedule multiple posts to save time via scheduled posts.) There is no set rule for how many posts you should put out in a day. I'd say one is the minimum, but only if you have quality content to share. Never post a weak post just to have something to put out there. This type of posting leads to people leaving your page, which is the opposite of what were shooting for. A helpful tool is to build out your content calendar to manage your content delivery schedule.

• Tip 2 – Engagement

Once you're delivering contenting content to your audience, you are sure to have interactions with your fans. It's very important to respond to your audience quickly and personably. Your direct correspondence with your audience becomes your business personality, your brand ambassador. This is a great way to nurture leads, grow sales, and develop brand loyalty. I want to reiterate, reply to your audience promptly. Many users are under the impression (no matter how unreasonable it may be) that you have a team ready and waiting to reply immediately when they make a comment or ask a question. If you do not respond quickly, the audience may think you're ignoring them and get turned off. I know it's a bit unreasonable, but in this modern fast paced age, people want immediate results, so small businesses must accommodate the best they can.

• Tip 3 – Know Your Audience

Use Facebook's Insights to really learn your audience. You can get your basic demographic profile (age, gender, etc.) and also track which posts are engaging your audience and which are not. This information allows you to customize your content to the preferences of your audience. You can also feel out how many posts per day your particular audience is interested in seeing by tracking post engagement in the Insights. The Insights tool can be used for myriad purposes and can determine if you're missing your target audience. If you are, there are numerous ways to reach them and I will talk about that next.

• Tip 4 – Utilize Facebook Marketing Tools

Facebook has a number of tools you can use to capture a new audience and expand your current audience. They offer ads and boosted posts, which are both effective tools for your marketing purposes. These tools can be extremely effective if used properly, and they are affordable – you set your own budget with each campaign. With both ads and boosted posts you are able to target the audience you want to reach. You can target by location, sex, age, and preferences with boosted posts, and you have a bit more detailed targeting options with the ads. For example, if you are promoting children's eBooks, you can target moms, grandmothers, father, homeschoolers, etc. The beauty of these ads and boosted posts is Facebook tracks all engagement, so you can determine if you're hitting the mark with your promotion or not and adjust it accordingly. The ads and posts are also great way to reach your target if you have not already.

• Tip 5 – Be Personal

This may be redundant, but I can not express how important it is to understand that your Facebook page is your business personality. Be authentic, genuine, and true. Be yourself and get to know your audience and let them get to intimately know you. This communication creates incredible emotional connections with your brand and developments brand loyalty and increases sales. The more your brand's personality is loved, the more your fans will share with their friends. It's your chance to talk to your customers and make friends. It's a really unique marketing tool and highly effective, so make sure to have fun with it!

• Tip 6 – Join Facebook Groups

There are myriad Facebook groups out there: There's pretty much a group for everything. You can go to the search bar up top and start putting in keywords that are relevant to your business. And do not just join the groups; take some time to engage with the group to gain trust. When you're promoting your business, you can maximize on these relationships to get territory with sales. Once you establish a relationship with the group, they will not feel like you're selling to them; you're contributing to the group with information that is helpful.

What Does All This Mean?

It means it's time to start utilizing Facebook as a marketing tool if you're not already. With billions of users actively engaging on this platform, it's essential to be a part of it to promote your small business. As I mentioned earlier, not only is Facebook marketing for small businesses affordable, it's highly effective. Happy Facebooking!

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Affiliate Marketing! What it is and How to Earn Money on the Net

Affiliate marketing is an online business that is very easy to start up. Affiliate marketing can simply be described as the selling of someone else's product in return for part of the profits. The affiliate marketer will always receive a commission for each product he or she sold.

Affiliate marketing is a powerful, yet simple business model. It is the fastest method of earning money online and requires very little money to start off with. You simply find a product that addresses a need, and promote it those who are in need of it. You will then receive payment for each and every product you sell.

Listed below are the steps needed to begin to earn money online as an affiliate marketer:

  1. Pick a Niche: This is an area of ??expertise that you can fulfill. Find out what people want. What problems are they facing? What sort of needs are they seeking solutions for? Check out forums, Amazon, eBay and websites where you can get a good idea of ??what people are looking for and buying. Some good niches to start off with are in the areas of wealth, health, relationships and self development.
  2. Find a Product To Promote: Register with an affiliate service and look for a product that meets the needs of your market. Promote and sell this product to your market. Use a website or blog to showcase your product. You will be given a unique link from the affiliate service that you will place on your website, linking your website to the sales page of the product. This link when clicked on by your customer will identify you as the person who sent the customer, ensuring that you get paid for every sale you promote. It is best to start with one product in the beginning. When you start making sales with this product you can add additional products that will compliment the product you originally started off with.
  3. Build a List: Need to register with an autoresponder service. This will enable you to capture the names and emails of those who purchase products from your website. Your website should have an area where you can collect the contact details of your customers before they buy your product. You can then promote other services to them as well as provide them useful and valuable information that will keep them as loyal customers to you for life.
  4. Generate Traffic: Use different traffic generation methods to drive potential customers to your website. Some traffic generation techniques that you can use are; search engine optimization (SEO), article and email marketing, social media, videos on YouTube etc. Experiment with the various ways of generating traffic to your website. Based on the results you get, continue working on the methods that are yielding you the best results.

Once you have a steady reasonable income coming in from the product or products you are promoting, repeat the whole process either in the same general niche or in another niche. Try to promote products that will compliment the products that you have already sold. Or select a completely different niche identical and promote products relevant to that.

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Want to Improve Your Image? LinkedIn Can Help

The site's user-friendly interface lets professionals set up an account and build a network of friends, colleges, and clients, then connect with professionals in their networks. The site is free and easy to join, but can seem at times a little overwhelming. Luckily, whether you're networking online or face-to-face, the same rules apply. Here are a few familiar tips to help you make the most of LinkedIn:

Make Your First Impression a Good One
Your profile will be the first thing that other LinkedIn users see when they arrive at your page. It will also be available, in limited form, to anyone who searches for you online. The more frequently people visit your LinkedIn site, the more quickly your public profile raises in Google search results. At a minimum, your profile should be accurate and up-to-date. You'll also want to be sure to include a profile picture: not only will it put new contacts at ease, but it will also allow for easier recognition when you do meet face-to-face.

Keep Your Pitch Short and Clear
Your profile page is divided into sections. The most important of these is the summary. Your marketing company can help you develop a clear summary of your business idea or project plan, one that will quickly capture the attention of potential contacts and let them know why they want to connect with you.

Your profile should also include an experience & education section, which will look a lot like a traditional resume, and an additional information section, where you can list awards and memberships in professional associations and provide links to your company's website or professional blogs.

Do not Wait for Others to Come to You
Your first step will be to connect with current and former collections and clients. The simplest way to reach out is to search for contacts by name. But you can also perform an "advanced people search" (under the "More" tab) that lets you find a specific person based on a combination of factors, including industry, company, title, school, or location, even if you're not sure of their full names.

To get others to contact you, you may want to join one of the site's Groups, which can put you in touch with others who share your interests or professional or educational background. Joining a group connects you with colleges and potential clients, letting you learn best practices while also reaching out to those interested in your services.

If you do not find a group on the site that meets your interests, work with your marketing company to develop a short description and a logo – LinkedIn allows users to add groups to the site.

Ask Good Questions and Make Yourself A Resource
Make use of the site's Answers forum. Posting a question here invites feedback from colleges and industry experts. You can also offer answers to questions posted by others. LinkedIn even provides members with "expert points" for each question they answer, and maintains a list of "experts."

While the same rules apply whether you're networking online or in person, there are some undeniable advantages to online business networking. While we've provided a brief outline of the site here, you'll find even more resources provided by LinkedIn if you sign up. In the past six months alone, more than ten million users have joined. And none of them are looking at your shoes.

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How to Reduce PPC – Pay Per Click Campaign Costs

If a landing page (home page for example) for an AdWords Campaign is not relevant to your ads, then Google will raise the minimum bid amount for those keywords. So to keep your costs low, you need to take into account 3 things:

1. Keywords / research that you require for your ad campaign
2. The landing page (home page for example)
3. The Google AdWords Ad

1. The keywords that want to bid on should be relevant to the product / service you are promoting. However it would be advisable to find out what keywords people are using to search for your product / service. To find out the best performing keywords for your PPC campaign there are many free online keyword tools, this will help you to build up your keyword list. You want to use the keywords that have good (CTR) Click Through Rates.

2. Landing page, ensure that the keywords you use for your PPC campaign are placed between the title tags, heading tags and page content. Include hyperlinks to the landing page from other pages on your website, ensure you use your PPC campaign keywords as the anchor text for your inbound links. Additionally optimize your hyperlinks with title attributes again use your PPC keywords.

3. PPC Ad. Always use the keyword / s that your using in your AD.

If you follow these 3 steps, you will definitely keep your cost per click (CPC) low. Optimizing a website involves editing content and HTML coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines.

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How to Market Your Book on Twitter

If you’ve been on the web at all in the last three years, you’ve probably heard of Twitter. You may have heard that people have used it to drive traffic to their sites. And, if you’re an author, you’ve probably heard of other authors using it to sell copies of their books or ebooks.

Twitter can be a powerful social media tool for building awareness of you and your books. Many authors, however, don’t use it well and see poor results. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use Twitter effectively.

1. Gradually accumulate followers representative of your target audience

Some authors go out and follow everyone and their dog (sometimes using automated services to do so) while others only follow a few people, if anybody. While the first tactic can get you a lot of followers, it’ll be dumb luck if any of them actually read books in your genre or area of expertise. If you don’t bother amassing any followers, however, nobody is going to notice your posts or ‘tweets.’

There are many third-party tools that make it easy to find followers who share your common interests, but we’ll just use the basic Twitter page for now. Try searching for people talking about things related to your books. For example, if you’re a space opera author, you might search for folks talking about science fiction or Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, etc. Folks talking about such topics are just the kinds of Twitter users or ‘tweeps’ you’d want following you, because they’re the right audience. They’re fans of the genre, and maybe they want to read your books and they just don’t know it yet.

Try following people you’ve selected as potential fans (you can always un-follow them later if they ignore you). If you can, retweet one of their messages or send them a friendly comment on one of their recent tweets. Many folks won’t automatically follow back, but this lets them know you’re a human being interested in the same things as they are. You can also look at their following/followers numbers to get an idea on whether they tend to follow folks back. People who have far more followers than people they follow will probably think they’re too special to bother with you (hmmphf!). Those who only follow a few people probably use Twitter mainly to interact with friends. You can try following anyway, but don’t hold your breath waiting for a follow-back.

2. Tweet interesting messages, not just promotional content

Another area where authors fail is by only–or predominantly–tweeting about their books. People log onto Twitter for a social experience, not to be sold to. This doesn’t mean you can’t throw in a promotional link now and then, but don’t hound folks every day.

Instead, use your profile space to mention your book and add a link to your author site. In your actual tweets, work on becoming someone interesting people want to follow and read about. Share links to news-worthy blog posts or sites related to your book/genre. Retweet other people’s tweets. Mention funny or unique things that happen in your life. Mix it up. People want to follow people, not link-spitting machines that never let their personality–or humanity!–show.

By using those tactics, you’ll have no trouble growing a list of followers who might just become buyers of your books. At the least, they can help you spread the word.

Good luck!

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Why You Should Use YouTube Video Marketing

If you are not using YouTube video marketing as part of your website traffic generation strategy then you are passing up on a big opportunity for your business. YouTube is a web video phenomenon of the 21st century. What you may not know is that YouTube is owned by Google, so by having a YouTube channel where you post great videos with interesting content you are effectively improving your site's ranking on Google.

YouTube has already served up to the equivalent of 2.74 billion views at an estimated 46 terabyte of video content worldwide, making it the first port of call for anyone interested in online video search. This popularity has been the largest factor pushing businesses to start YouTube video marketing campaigns.

YouTube may not actually be the best service for video producers or even the best featured for that matter, but it remains the most popular one to date, and you'd better take advantage of this. Using YouTube video marketing allows you to have grow your subscriber base, something that has the positive effect of increasing video views, which in turn increases promotional opportunities.

Creating and posting videos on YouTube can often lead to meteoric rise of your ranking on the Google return pages, all you need to do is place a link to your site in the video description. Once you realize how YouTube video marketing is important to your business, you should ensure that you go about it properly.

You have to capitalize on the success and popularity of YouTube and immediately start a YouTube video marketing campaign, if you do not, your competitors will.

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Facebook Marketing – How Starting an Online Business

Today, the net is one of the most well-liked places for businesses to advertise in. Every website you visit, you will see that there can be advertising everywhere. This is called web marketing.

If you've got a business of your own and you wish to effectively market your product or services, you may see that the net can be one huge bulletin board that you'll advertise in. Here, you'll be able to virtually advertise anything and it is open for 24 hours a day and 7 days per week.

With tons of variant individuals visiting the net daily from the globe, you'll be able to be certain that advertising here will definitely increase your sales.

One great website that you may want to concentrate your on-line advertising campaign on is Facebook. These days, this social networking web site is currently thought-about to be one in every of the largest social networking websites existing. Here, you may see that over sixty two million individuals are now active members and are still continuing increasing.

With figures like this, you know that it can give you a very big opportunity to increase your sales and your profit. In truth, it's that huge that powerful companies or firms are now marketing on Facebook.

Essentially, Facebook could be a social networking web site. Once you have a part of, you will be able to find your friends who are also a member and add them to your list. This will create a tiny cluster of your friends and it can enable you to read their profiles and apprehend more about them and vice versa. You can even send and receive messages and comments.

Conjointly, you may be able to post on bulletin boards that your friends can be ready browse.

These are the things that you'll be able to do with Facebook. It is essentially the fastest growing social networking websites today. Because of this, a lot of individuals have started promoting on Facebook. The nice factor concerned Facebook promoting is that it provides a free and simple way to market merchandise and services. With the included tools in Facebook, you'll be in a position to require advantage of it, like the Stumble Upon and Digg buttons to push your website or your products and services.

This is a great means to come up with targeted traffic to your web site and it can enable you to extend the potential in selling your products and services and increase the amount of sales.

Because Facebook is offered for people from everywhere the planet, your business can be ready to achieve to more people if you advertise on Facebook.

In nowdays's ever competitive business world, you know that you would like to use each tool offered in order to urge sooner than your competitors. Therefore, the occasional time you're wondering selling your business on-line, you would probably need to try marketing in Facebook. Here, you will be able to achieve out to a lot of people and it is conjointly straightforward to try to to exist and the most effective thing about it is that it's free.

With Facebook, you'll be positively ready to efficiently market your business. Selling in Facebook is free, easy, and fun.

These are the things that you need to remember whenever you wish to strive selling online. Try joining Facebook and you'll see the potential on letting it facilitate your business grow.

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How to Make Money Online Through Content Marketing

Have you ever thought of earning an extra income? The next question will always be how. But here is how to make money online through content marketing. What is content marketing and how does one make money through this method? All these questions have got answers in this article.

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable content to attract and retain customers and ultimately drive profitable customers action. Content marketing is preferred to internet marketing since it is the internet marketing of the present and future. Many businesses are moving towards internet marketing.

There are many benefits of content marketing.

Content provides consistent value to your audience

Create an informative website, fill out your social profile this is important to your online marketing strategy. When people visit your website they are able to identify what you deal with in your business.

Content provides a sharable commodity

When something unique is brought to the table it’s better than merely pushing a product, your audience are likely to appreciate and share that information with their friends. This will definitely market your product which increases sales.

Content fuels your online marketing channel

Any little information can go along way. Content is like a stimulator to your online marketing business. A blog post on your website can be shared across all social media channels. The more content you post online the more your business grows to greater heights.

Through online marketing you are established as a go to resource by your audience

Giving customers information about your availability when they have questions is a good show. Internet marketing gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your expert as a go-to resource.

It nurtures relationships

You are given that opportunity to target specific portion of your audience. It doesn’t matter where they are in the buying cycle, along the way the relationship grows to greater heights. As the relationship grows, the sales also grow making the business to grow as well. It’s through that little content shared that makes the business flourish.

Content marketing drives repeat business

When you persistently help past customers, the more likely they are to continue doing business with you again and again. Thus the business will continue again and again for a long period of time.

Good internet marketing adds traffic to your web.

There are no media placement costs and most work can be done in-house therefore spending is kept low.

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