6 Steps to Sponsoring Reps Via Social Media

The Warm Market Challenge

A common experience for new Network Marketers, when they are told to talk to their "warm market," family and friends is they find themselves in the NFL, No Friends Left and do not know where to turn.

So, they do what I did, turn to the Internet thinking that it will all be thornless roses from now on only to find that it is even harder to keep people in their business. They are back to square on.

Okay. The challenge is in the word "get."

No one wants to be gotten. It sounds like you're grabbing them by the neck and hanging onto them.

People who know, like and trust you.

Your family and friends may know and like you. They may even trust you as a human being, but not as a business person unless you already are a business person when you introduce them to network marketing.

From my own experience, when I first found the Internet, it is quite possible to burn your potential market even before you've had a chance to know them. Be forewarned.

The Solution

You need to build a new warm market, which involves meeting new people, getting them to know you and allowing the trust to develop before you introduce them to your business.

It's a simple skill and a skill that works. Here are the …

6 Sponsoring Steps

1. Content. Create magnetic content.

Magnetic means content that will attract people to you – content that has Value.

Think of others, not yourself. Create content that they want and will willing to help them get what they want. It's not about you.

Content can be anything. This article is content. A video, blog post, webinar, pod cast or even images speak to one of the issues that face people when sponsoring reps.

2. Capture.

Capture people's attention. Does that word bring up a picture of a lead capture page where you ask someone for their name and address?

Capturing people's attention does not have to involve a form they fill out.

Remember, the trust part? People are associated to give an email address from someone they do not know even if the information is compelling.

You can capture people's attention through social media easily.

Want to do video marketing? Start a YouTube channel. Make videos with a subscriber button visible. Anytime they are on YouTube, they will be exposed to your message.

How about Facebook? You can create a page or a group. Start posting images that speak to their needs. Motivation, encouragement images are big.

And while you're away from your computer, use Instagram, Pinterest and a host of other social media to get your message across.

But do not sell. When we talk about content, we are talking value, not here's my business link.

There's a saying. Nobody likes to be sold. Everybody likes to buy.

3. Connect.

Connect with them = build a relationship. Chat with them. Find out who they are. Share who you are. This is the place to ask questions. Now you have even more information to create the magnetic content.

On social media, it does not have to take long. You can inspire them to like your fan page or join your community in just a few interactions. Or it may take several says. You'll learn to judge when the time is right, when they are open to hear more.

Always – let them ask for the information.

4. Comment.

Comment to develop a social engagement. Network marketers seem to forget to comment. We all want engagement on our posts, other people to comment.

But you need to comment on other's posts as well. If you do not do this, you are missing out on a great opportunity to develop know, like and trust with others. I do not mean by spamming your links in the comments, but by making an insightful remark about the post that adds to the content.

Yes, that's right; comments are content.

5. Communicate.

Communicate and Master the art.

Find out what your prospects want by asking questions. What are you looking for? What is it most difficult for you? Finding people to talk to? Talking to people? Getting traffic to your website?

The answer might be to direct them to a product or service, it might be show them your business, or even sending them to someone else. Listening, then helping solve a problem show the prospect that you are a trusted advisor.

6. Close.

Close qualified prospects into your business. How often have heard the term "qualify." I've been told to qualify people by finding out if they are teachable? So, Naturally I would ask them that. Of course they say say "Yes."

Never do that.

Instead, give them a task to do. Taking action qualifies them, so you could invite them to your team. From there invite them to your business.

Those are the 6 necessary steps to easily sponsor reps into your business through social media.

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