Facebook for Accounting Firm Partners

Unless you have never been on the internet or have been away in a place that is unreachable by any form of communication, you will have a pretty good idea of ??what FACEBOOK is. While Facebook started out as a university project meant to keep students in touch with each other on a personal basis, savvy marketers have seen beyond its initial intentions and have quickly embroidered this social networking tool for their businesses.

Accountants are quickly learning to embed the use of Facebook Pages giving them the ability to present a professional, branded visibility and to connect successfully and represent their firm. These pages are easily accessed and maintained directly from within your personal account.

Recently, politicians have utilized Facebook to reach their constituents and potential supporters. Its impact as a political tool was felt during the recent US presidential election. All in all, Facebook has changed the way we share information and communicate with each other.

Need more convincing? Here are what other websites are saying about Facebook and why accounting firm partners should strictly consider being on it.

1) According to WIKIPEDIA : As of July 2010, Facebook has more than 500 million active users, which is about one person for every fourteen in the world. The sheer population of its users has often been compared to the population of the third largest country in the world. Facebook offers different types of accounts or pages that can be utilized for personal or business purposes. Whether you choose to keep separate accounts for personal and / or professional use, create a comprehensive profile, "friend" other members, update and post messages regularly to keep your Facebook community active and interesting.

2) Analytics Firm ' Hitwise ' made a stunning announcement during the early part of this year. According to their surveys for the week ending March 13, 2010, Facebook overtook Google in the United States to be the most visited website during that period. While some may argue that it is a fluke, it is not everyday that a website can overtake a gargantuan company like Google. That alone is a feat worth something.

3) CPATrendlines posted the results of a survey on its page on September 14, 2010 showing that 88% of Accountants are on Facebook. Whether it is for personal or professional reasons, it does not say but the important thing is, accountants are already there … and if you are not, should not you be?

With these things in mind, take the time to carefully consider your accounting firms next steps before discounting Social Media as a beneficial tool. Become a part of the Facebook community, go ahead open an account, create a profile and check it out. After all, there is nothing to lose, it's FREE!

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