How You Can Instant Dominate Free Traffic Using Web 2.0 Without Spending a Red Cent!

A major challenge of the internet is how to use it to get all the free Web 2.0 traffic everyone keeps talking about. You can instantly dominate free traffic without spending a cent when you know how to use Web 2.0 and social media networking sites. Online communities contain hundreds, thousands and even millions of likeminded people who collect and share information, experiences and data that they identify as valuable, even crucial, to their niche or special interest category.

Used cleverly social media sites can slash into a target market and mine highly valuable traffic all meeting in the one location. Social bookmarking and networking have become secret codes for internet marketing success. Blogs, web sites, and even affiliate pages are pieces of the easy to implement puzzle helping internet marketers.

Driving web site traffic is easy once you know how. And it's free. Do you have a web site or blog but no traffic? Web 2.0 can redirect targeted visitors to your site. But how do you get pockets of easy traffic from YouTube, Friendster, Zimbio, OYAX, Ask / Jeeves, Xanga and MSN Spaces?

Got a pen? First, make a list of five high-traffic forums that relate to your niche. Google or Yahoo or MSN can help you find the top five forums in your niche. Next, submit fresh content to these forums regularly. You need to become well known. Start stockpiling some trust with forums members, and do not forget to sign off with an enticing signature ear-marking your website. Invite people to visit with an offer a free gift, mini-series or e-book. Traffic will come. But will it be sooner or later? That really depends on the quality of what you have to say, how you say it's worth it.

Next, submit high quality videos to YouTube and Google Videos. This is another easy way to get the attention of absolutely free traffic to your web site. But it does not stop there. Create unique articles and submit directories and free online e-zines. Remember, the word is unique.

Search engines boost quality informational content over "sales" websites everyday with their rankings. Get a blog if you do not already have one. They rank very well with search engines and the higher your ranking the more exposure you'll have to searching traffic. Your blog will need lots of postings with strong articles using your niche's or target markets keywords.

The emphasis is not necessarily on 'long' copy but unique or fresh copy. Every method you use to get your name out there is a trail back to your site. The world is a circle and the internet is no different. You start in one place and before you know it you're back again – posting more content and a few more friends. Rinse and repeat.

Remember, only must read or see content will generate free web traffic. Without it visitors may visit your site once but they'll quickly lose interest and chase some other shiny object.

Do not forget your offer. Sites often get visitors and forget a call to action. Visitors at your site must be clear about why they're there. If you want them to "Bookmark this site now", "Enter Your Email" or "Click Here for Your Free E-Book"; tell them, you may never see them again. Blow their minds with shortcuts, valuable content, free stuff and hidden tools and before you know it you could have a virus on your hands, lots of visitors and faithful followers.

If traffic is visiting your site; pay attention. Keep an eye out for what people are talking about the most. Look for themes and trends and deliver content on those themes.

Write for humans first, computers second, and connect with your audience.

The sooner you get plugged into Web 2.0's social marketing the faster you'll have amazing amounts of traffic coming to your website.

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