LinkedIn: 5 Executive Search and Recruiting Tips

In the mid of the economic decline there is a talent war heating up and companies are finally beginning to realize the value in utilizing social media outlets as a means of sourcing talent candidates for open positions. It is LinkedIn that has already begun to change the way businesses conduct their executive search and hiring efforts, even though Facebook and Twitter may be the more popular and far reaching social media sites today. LinkedIn has companies paying out large sums of money for its premium features, although the basic service is a valuable to in and of itself.

Here are ten tips identified for successfully using LinkedIn as a search source to help guide companies as they are starting expanding their recruiting techniques to include social media.

Understanding the Basic Function LinkedIn

LinkedIn is like all social media networks in the sense that its basic purpose is to connect people and organizations with one another. Unlike the others though, it has the added bonus of allowing its users to develop vast networking opportunities. It also opens up many prospects for tapping into tapping into upper-level, professional candidates when being used as a component of the hiring process.

Networking Efforts Through LinkedIn

All too often companies who do not worry about hiring issues until they arise, while many executive search firms and recruiters have already begun using LinkedIn to expand their professional networks, have not taken the time to begin building their networks and will leave LinkedIn overlooked for long periods of time. Employers must keep up with the site and be continuously building quality connections and developing solid networks in order for LinkedIn to be truly effective. This does require a small amount of time and energy but is not as time consuming as it may sound, though, the benefits are well worth the effort.

Using Advanced Search Options

LinkedIn offers its users with a wide collection of search options and parameters which can be used to allow companies to search for a very specific type of individual to make connections through their expanded networks. Also a company can save the search parameters once they locate the perfect set of parameters for the individuals they are trying to locate.

Searching LinkedIn Through Google

Google often provides the best means of doing just that since most users will keep their profiles viewable to the public for those companies trying to extend their searches beyond their extended networks and into the leaderer LinkedIn community. Google can often be a more effective tool for conducting these searches than the LinkedIn's own search options given the right search parameters,

Make the Extra Effort

Even though LinkedIn can be an outstanding source when conducting an executive search, this still does not mean, unfortunately, that other, traditional ways of recruiting should be forgotten. Despite its effectiveness, LinkedIn, not everyone has connected to social media and to neglect other options could have been to miss out on finding the perfect candidate so employers will still need to make an effective effort to read out through other networking options and contacting candidates through other networking options.

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