8 Secret Tips To Optimize Your Content For SEO

This article is especially for my readers who want to learn everything about SEO. Here I will share with you all the extensive and the advanced SEO techniques you need to know to be successful. I present to you the most advanced SEO strategies that exist. These are the proven methods to increase the rank of your website. With these proven strategies you can speed up the site performance, and get more targeted traffic. Here are eight secret tips to better optimize your content for search engine optimization.

Accessibility And Indexation

Do you know what matters the most for SEO? The content! But is that it? The answer is NO! You might have a website full of amazing, creative and unique content, but if the search engines like Google do not index the site, the search engines can’t crawl the site properly; the unique and attractive content and a beautiful website will not matter at all.

Performance And Website Speed

You may know that site speed is not a large factor in listing the website at the top. It affects the ranking by 1%, but that 1% is often neglected. Google may not give it that much importance, but think of it like this, if your website is quick, easy to load, responsive, then the visitors will be happy visiting it again, any authentic SEO expert services provider will tell you that. Make sure that you understand efficiency makes the user experience better. Once the users get a quick response, they have a better control of the experience.

Now that the search engines index your website let us go further to the next level. The second allows you to analyze & control the performance of your site and also the speed.

Advanced Search

Today SEO is not just about the back links or tags. SEO has evolved over time. The search engines will not rank your website if it is not relevant. Once you understand this part; you will get ahead of others.

SEO Expert Services Prefer WordPress

WordPress is an excelled source. We say source because it is. You will find that almost every blog is created in WordPress. It is an excellent CMS with dozens of capabilities which are SEO oriented. Most of the people know the basics of WordPress, so we will skip those and take things one step ahead.

Advanced Research For Data

When you are running an SEO campaign, it’s like being a detective. It is fun, and it is challenging. To ensure the best you need to get the data or let’s say, pull the data from different sources available on the web. There are many ways in which you can dig the data from various sites.

Research For Keywords

Keyword research is a big thing in SEO. You must have used the popular Google AdWords tool. We suggest you do not stick to only a single tool. Try other dozens of tools available on the web.

Techniques For Link Building

You may use penguin and panda to create the links. But still, you will need some excellent strategies and techniques to make sure that your content is out there. You need to deploy proper methods to ensure that the people see and read the content, and they link back to it.

Other Search Items

It may be easy to rank the text i.e. the content or the article but what about the media on the site? How will you rank the photos? How will you get good ranks on the mobile search? A good SEO expert services provider will also look into these things and will optimize the content for you in a fruitful way for your business.

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Tips To Generate SEO-Friendly Content

If you are writing content for your website, then definitely you want it to reach to the target audience. That’s precisely why your content should be SEO friendly. Here are some tips to generate SEO friendly content:

1) Create informative, interesting content

The content that you create should be of high quality and interesting enough to engage your audience. If your content is not unique or is just stuffed with keywords, search engines will penalize your website on one hand and on the other your visitors will definitely go away from your website, never to return again. So, the first tip is to create informative, interesting and easy to understand unique content.To find if your content is 100% unique, there are several plagiarism tools available. Copyscape is one such tool where you can check the originality of your content.Only if the content is unique, you can get a better rank in SERPs.

2) Captivating Headings and Sub headings

A captivating heading can capture your visitor’s attention and convince them to stay on your website. Brainstorm your headline and try to fit in within 55 to 60 characters as this is precisely what Google displays on the SERP.

Content that has heading and subheadings along with the relevant keywords gets more weightage by the search engines. As such, Google ranks such content higher and your website will enjoy better page rank. Another advantage of using headings and subheadings is that it makes for an easy read. When people like what they read, they are more likely to share it on social media. For this, you may use the structure of H1 to H6 or insert H2 and H3 headings at the relevant places in the article body.

3) Links

Linking your website with some of the authority websites will have a positive impact on your website. So, create outbound links with authority websites. Creating outbound links with authority websites gives an impression that you have a sound understanding of what you are writing and that you are going one step further to support your content. It also adds to the transparency and trust. However, you must avoid using anchor texts such as “here” as it does not do any good to your website ranking.

4) Article Length

While Google loves longer article, it must be understood that the span of reader’s interest is quite limited. Therefore, you need to strike a balance in your content. It should neither be too short nor be too long. While the minimal length of the article stands at 300 words, there’s no upper limit. However, an article that’s around 700 to 800 words would be perfect.

5) Keywords and Keyword density

Before you write an article for your website, find out the keywords that you should be targeting. The keywords should be placed in the article title, headings, subheadings, and in the first and the last para of your article. The key here is not to overdo it. Maintaining 1% keyword density is good for search engine. Also, try to use variations of the keyword in the article for optimal results.

6) Pictures speak volumes

Add images to your article to make it attractive to your visitors. Optimize the image and tag it with the keyword for SEO. The key would be to make the image smaller, without compromising on the visibility. Adding images with bigger file sizes will slow down your page loading speed and may shoo away the visitors. Also, add alt text or title to your image. Think from a user’s perspective when you name the images.

7) Share your content

If people read something they really like, they readily share it on social media. So, to make people share your content, give them the option to do so. You can “AddThis” or “Sharethis” website to add the social media buttons to your website. If the content goes viral, your website will automatically be ranked higher.

Apart from these simple techniques, you can hire an SEO Company for advanced SEO Services and get higher page ranks in the search engines.

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How to Write Content That Is Google Hummingbird Friendly?

In September 2013, Google has introduced a new algorithm called "Hummingbird", which focuses on every single word in a query rather than just words. If someone is searching something by using a sentence, Google will take into account every word and come up with the most appropriate results. Initially, Google used to focus on words rather than sentences but with the Google Hummingbird change, the focus is shifted to the entire query.

Google Hummingbird gives an ideal situation to the content writers as they do not have to stuff inappropriate keywords in their content. Instead of short-tail keywords, long-tail keywords could be used that represent a complete question. Some of the important tips that one should keep in mind while writing content based upon Google Hummingbird algorithm are:

  1. Being a content creator, one should focus on writing content that has a longer shelf life. This is the type of content that is evergreen and has the ability to attract a wider audience. The beauty of an evergreen content is that people search it quite often and its ranking strengnthens on Google. In this way, Google crawls the content on a regular basis because of its popular content and it has better opportunities to remain in the top search results.
  1. Focus on content that is educational or which has the ability to teach the readers something new. The articles solving the questions by answering questions like "How to …" are more popular among the readers. It gains their attention instantly because they know it will help them to learn something relatively new and important. You should focus on writing "How to …" content, which is related to your industry or business. For example, if you are in a real estate business, you can talk about "How to stage properties?" Egypt "How to buy your first home?" etc.
  1. Google Hummingbird gives you a chance to post relevant content on your website. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page allows you to put a lot of content which is educational and which could answer questions that are in the minds of your target audience. You can easily use long-tail keywords in the FAQ section and make it more Hummingbird friendly.
  1. Talking about stuffs that has gone viral occasionally is also a way of writing Google Hummingbird friendly content. Although, Google does not get affected by social / viral content at the moment but it will start focusing on them soon, which would definitely impact on the Google rankings of your content.
  1. Google recently emphasized the importance of in-depth articles. According to Google, in-depth articles about a certain topic will be valued more as compared to the articles that have been written superbly.

If you want your Search engine optimization strategies to work, you need to keep pace with the changes introduced by Google. Focus on following the tips explained in the article and you would be able to see positive results but make sure that you are using high-quality and original content.

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Keyword Optimization – Keyword-Rich Content Is King

An internet guru who has just got started off in her internet marketing business, said she would give all the keywords to her students, and they wouldn’t have to worry a thing about it. Strange, I thought, when my SEO guru has actually taught me how to use the keyword tool!

So to all those students out there, I’d like to teach you to fish, and learn the use of keyword suggestion tools, and keyword optimization of web pages. And for a start, try out AdWords free keyword tool and know the benefits of using this great tool.

Keyword Suggestion Tools

As for keyword suggestion tools, it is essential that you use what works for you. It has been suggested you use both Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture) and WordTracker to determine your keywords. You can search for free using the trial version of WordTracker, while Yahoo Search Marketing is a paid service.

Perhaps you would like to try using other tools like Brain Storm It and Keyword Discovery. The use of such SEO tools is basically a matter of preference; I find that different people use different tools, and they get results just the same.

Keyword Optimization

On-page keyword optimization is a matter of where to place relevant keywords. You can insert them for instance, on each page of your website, one or two such medium-popular words or phrases. You should also place them at the start of your title and in sub-titles, keeping 2-3 word phrase together. In the body text,let these vital words abound. And let them be found alive in a compelling description tag that sells. So there is nothing very complicating about optimizing your web page – just remember the places you have to put the relevant words, and that will suffice.

AdWords Keyword

In using the AdWords Free Keyword Tool, I learn what search engine optimization is all about. Linda Bustos has written a very clear account on how to use this tool and apply keywords to your SEO and PPC marketing approaches. Someone suggests this tool be used together with another popularity tracking tool like Wordtracker (free trial version) or popularity checker at

The right keywords will help you target the right customers for maximum return on investment (ROI), and drive qualified leads to your website. They increase site traffic, promote your website and improve conversion rates and help your website garner the top Spots on Google, Yahoo, MSN.

In addition, relevant keywords constitute a long term strategy and success for search engine placement and popularity. In other words, they simply rev up your url for the search engines, and, well, the rest is history.

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SEO Secrets: How To Create Unique Content

While there are several things that are involved in it, the most important part is having great content. Having information on your site that appeals to your target audience is the goal you should be striving for. This article will show you just what to do in order to make that happen.

Many people make the mistake of creating content for search engines without considering their target audience. What good is it for you to get higher in the rankings if people do not like what they are seeing when they get to your site? The key is to put enough keywords within your content that search engines take notice while having fresh and unique content readers will enjoy.

Keywords are a vital part of SEO, but some people take it to an extreme. It is not uncommon to find content that is so keyword driven that it hardly makes any sense. This gets back to the point about creating content for users and not for search engine bots. People want to read good content that makes sense and gives them something that they cannot get anywhere else. Keyword cramming is the total opposite of that, and it will definitely alienate some of your audience if you use that method to create content.

One thing you have to understand is that nobody will buy anything from you if they don’t get the feeling that you believe what you are saying. People do not want to feel like you are a salesman even though you are just that. What they want is to feel like you are someone that genuinely has their best interest at heart. Keep this in mind while you are writing content for your site.

If you want to be different, try using a different theme on each page of your site. Having the same theme throughout is a quick way to bore people. You want to seem modern, fresh and exciting. While the themes should be linked in some way, you should not have everything looking so similar from page to page that people tire of the site and leave.

If you are going to place links inside of your article, do not wait until the end to insert them. A lot of people think that their information is so good that readers will want more once they are finished and hit the links. While that is how everything works in a perfect world, the reality is that many people will not reach the end. That is why you should place the links near the beginning of the article.

Content is the backbone of SEO and you should value that more than anything else. Good content will dramatically increase your customer base, while bad content can have the opposite effect. Hopefully there was enough information contained in this article and you know what to do with it. If you do, success should be right around the corner.

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