Facebook Ads To Generate Leads

Real estate marketing used to be about referrals, direct mail and flyers. Now, it’s gone on-line and marketing through Facebook is an excellent digital marketing opportunity. If you are looking for an ad platform that allows precise demographic and behavioral targeting, then look no further than Facebook. This cost effective medium allows for a competitive advantage among local competitors.

If you are a Facebook user, then you have seen sponsored ads creep into your news feed. If you are thinking about creating a Facebook ad to generate leads, then you will need to get a few things in order to begin. The first must have is a Facebook business page. While it doesn’t take a marketing professional to create Facebook ads, it does take some time to develop an ad set and make sure the ads are working. Each ad allows for an image as well as text and a call to action button. A variety of options are available for ad placement varying from a right-hand column advertisement to a mobile or desktop news feed. Understanding your target audience is an essential component in creating any successful Facebook ad campaign.

Ad Targeting

Facebook marketing allows for laser-focused targeting of leads and utilizing Facebook ads to promote real estate services can be a very cost-effective method for gaining qualified leads. Among the top targeting areas are income, behaviors and interests as well as geographic Location. As an example, Facebook offers a behavioral category that’s termed “Likely to Move.” Other great lead generation possibilities include targeting by life events or home value.

Ad Budgets

Ad budgets can vary significantly, but the biggest thing to pay attention to is the amount of return that you get. Most recommend starting off with a lower advertising budget that won’t break the bank. Then determine how the ad is working through engagement and conversions.

Advertising can be done for as little as $2 a day with some major companies spending upwards of $200,000 per day. There are two different pricing systems that Facebook offers: cost per click (CPC) and cost per mile (CPM). The CPM is what you pay per thousand impressions whereas as the CPC allows you to set a price that you will pay for every time someone clicks on your Facebook ad.

Ad Objectives

Without having clear goals in place for a Facebook ad campaign, then you are wasting money. Facebook offers “objectives” which allow you to choose what you want from your ad campaign. Do you wish to increase website conversions? Promote a page? Get people to claim your offer? There are a wide variety of options available to choose from, but the increase in website conversions should be what you want to focus on primarily if the goal is to capture leads.

Capturing Leads

Want more leads? Sure everyone does. But many don’t know what to do with them once they get a lead. Having a system in place to capture leads before placing a Facebook ad is crucial. Some wing the Facebook ads and wonder why little to no results are realized. Without planning ahead and having a solid lead capture system in place, the time and money spent on Facebook ads aren’t worth it. Obtaining contact information, if only an email will help build up a database.

Without the ability to generate leads business won’t come. That’s why Facebook ads are a great and cost-effective way to generate highly qualified leads for just about any business. Real estate marketing experts generally agree that Facebook is one of the top ways to gain quality leads. Every day over 900 million people log in to Facebook, so it is a great platform to reach people on for a lead generation tool. Setting up a Facebook page is free, it’s only when you want to create an ad that it costs money. Utilizing Facebook’s advertising program as an inbound marketing tool can be done through highly targeted ads. A recent Merchant Circle study reported that over 20 percent of small businesses in America have utilized Facebook to help promote their business. And, over 65 percent of businesses stated they would use Facebook ads again. Facebook ads offer flexibility and are also user-friendly to set up and maintain.

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Increase Your Network Marketing Leads With YouTube

Finding free network marketing leads for your business has many benefits. It takes leads to obtain rich income stability. I am sure as being involved in network marketing you understand that very clear.

How do you find these leads? It really may not be that difficult. Look today at one of the top proven methods of increasing your leads online.

Marketing for leads by online video

YouTube and other hosting sites for video have grown in popularity and has become a profitable method to generate free network marketing leads. In fact if you are not using online video for marketing you may have been left behind. Video marketing could very possibly be the answer to move your business to the next level. Right now is the time to start utilizing online video if you do not already. Catch the train now while you can. If you would like to move your network marketing business into a lucrative income streaming business by generating free internet leads get on board.

Do not let YouTube pass you by as just one of those fads. Look at some of the statistics and then decide if YouTube could just be the answer you need for your business.

Advantages of YouTube marketing

· 4th most visited site on the internet

· Over 22% of internet users visit YouTube

· Free service for anyone to use

· Effective video will increase traffic to your website

· Increased Google rating with YouTube posting

· Easy and quick

Just think with more than 22% of the internet users visiting YouTube how many of your target market are there just waiting for the next network marketing video to appear. Will it be your business or one of your competitors?

Who visits YouTube?

  • Over 66% of the men and women in the US over the age of 25 years of age have watched a video online at YouTube
  • Over 50% of YouTube users are over the age of 25
  • Approximately 25% of YouTube users are over the age of 35

How can you not get on the YouTube train for increasing your network marketing leads with a free service offering exposure to your target market?

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