Search Engine Optimization Copywriting: How Themed SEO Content Differs From Regular SEO Writing

Since Google’s Panda Update back in February of 2011, webmasters have been moving away from keyword density driven content to themed content. If you’re a freelance SEO content writer and haven’t started providing this type of copy to clients, you could be doing them a big disservice. Here we discuss why.

FYI, you can charge more for themed SEO articles – anywhere from $50 to $75 per article on the low end, on up to a few hundred dollars on the high end.

Why “Regular” SEO Web Content is No Longer Good Enough

In order to get rid of a lot of MFA (made for AdSense sites) – many of which were set up by spammers just to get clicks on those Google ads – Google cracked down on keyword-density driven content. You know, those short, spammy articles that repeat the same keywords over and over again just to rank high in search engines.

A search engine’s job is to return the most relevant, “quality” results to web surfers. And by and large, most keyword-stuffed articles just don’t do that. Many are nothing more than general info you can find all over the web – with the relevant keyword stuck in over and over again.

In order to prevent this, in its Panda Update, Google dumped a lot of sites that had this type of content in favor of those that followed what I call their “SEO writing guidelines.”

These guidelines could be deemed the foundation of writing themed SEO content. As an aside, I reference Google here because it’s by and large the most popular search engine. FYI, the three largest ones are Google, Bing and Yahoo!

What Exactly Is Themed SEO Content Writing?

Instead of focusing a specific keyword phrase, for example, themed web content focuses on a myriad of keyword phrases – in the same article.

Remember, search engines are just robots, they’re not human. So, they if they read a block of content with the word “apple” in it, they don’t know if you’re talking about apple pie or apple computers. And this is what themed SEO content is all about. It helps search engines accurately discern what a piece of content is all about — and keeps keyword stuffed content from rising to the top of search engine results.

The Difference between a Themed SEO Article and a Regular SEO Article

Let’s explain by way of an example. Let’s say you write a blog about homemade apple pies and you write a post about how to make an apple pie. Some of the “keyword” phrases that search engines would expect to find in that post are how to bake apple pie, apple pie recipe, make an apple pie, how to make a apple pie from scratch, etc.

See how there are many different ” keyword phrases” there are and how they’re all interrelated? Conversely, a keyword-stuffed, SEO article on this topic might just have the phrase “apple pie recipe” repeated over and over again.

Because themed SEO web content takes longer to write – and tends to rank higher in search engine results – as an SEO writer, you can charge more for it – a lot more.

Learn more about how to write themed SEO content, Google’s SEO writing guidelines and 11 other things you need to know to succeed as a search engine optimization copywriter in 2013.

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Natural / Organic Search Engine Optimization: Its Pro’s and Con’s

Search Engine Optimization has emerged as a powerful Internet Marketing tool in recent years. Search Engine Optimization is the success story behind most of the web portals on internet. Search Engine Optimization is a complex, and articulate subject which requires deep understanding of Organic SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the techniques followed by webmasters, and seo experts across the world to make their respective websites rank on top. Without going into details of Search Engine Optimization techniques, I will take you through the various benefits, and drawbacks of this form of Marketing.

Some of the benefits are: –

1) You can optimize you website for keyword, and you don’t need to pay a single penny to search engines like google, yahoo, and msn.

2) Some of the top level PPC keywords like “Online Casinos”, can cost you around thousands of dollars. If you can optimize your website for the same keyword on Natural listings, then you can make your website a golden goose.

3) Your Google PR depends upon the number of inbound links to your website. Websites with higher PR are considered as popular websites, whereas those with lower PR are considered as low traffic website.

Some of the drawbacks of Natural Search Engine Optimization are: –

1) It’s requires great efforts to make a website come on top for competitive keywords.

2) It requires deep understanding of each and every aspect of SEO.

3) You have to constantly monitor your website.

There are several other benefits, and drawbacks pertaining to Natural Search Engine Optimization. It requires dedicated efforts to make a website come on top for competitive keywords. Natural Search Engine Optimization is the real test of any professional Seo.

Best of Luck

Seohawk, India

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Marketing on the Internet

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Marketing on the Internet can be a great experience and quite rewarding for those that take the time to learn the foundational aspects to its over-all strategies. There aren’t any secrets to how you rank high with the major search sites except that successful SEO tactics and strategies are as infinite as they are varied. You want to know what it takes to have successful SEO? I will show you where to begin using certain processes to succeed in leveling the playing field between you and the many marketers that have recently come into the Internet marketing world.

First of all, before we talk about search engine optimization, you have to recognize foremost how search engines work. As well, you will have to understand other pieces of the search engine puzzle. These are:

1. What is an SEO?

2. Search Engine Optimization Process

3. Keywords

4. Linking Scheme

What is an SEO?

Search engines primarily want to give the user the most fitting and latest data to match the search phrase that was used by the individual user. Search engines are complex pieces of technology that allow users to quickly find relevant web sites by hunting for something they want by simply typing a word or a phrase into the search engine. Of course, the information will be useless if it doesn’t relate to the term being searched. If the data found is old it won’t help the user either. The data relevancy is extremely important and is why the user will always expect the latest information in order for it to be useful to them. As an Internet marketer, you will be very successful at getting your marketed campaigns up in the search rankings if you update your web site each day and add some extra pertinent information.

Search Engine Optimization Process

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the procedure by which online marketers use strategic articles to increase their web site’s overall relevancy in search results. SEO is something you are going to have to master if you want to have a successful Internet marketing business. The Internet has grown tremendously and the challenge for the best spot in rankings has created a massive market. With that in mind, understanding the fundamental elements of SEO is primary for online business success so lets look at technique familiarization next.

Using effective search optimization techniques will enhance the page ranking of your web site. In order to get there you will have to use certain methods to increase your site’s page rank. I believe that the most important way to do this is to supply high quality content to the site regularly. You would think that everyone out there is using this simple concept but there are so many web sites that fail to provide content that folks find interesting. This is where you can shoot your site straight to the top of the rankings because a site that offers content that is well-written, interesting, and updated regularly will stimulate visitors who are likely to return again and again to the site in the future. Do you see the power in this tiny bit of knowledge? If you can set your web site apart from those lifeless, uninteresting web sites then do it because you will definitely have a greater chance of attaining high page rank through search optimization.


Keywords are a significant component for effective search engine optimization. If you place highly convertible keywords (words that folks place into search engines) and phrases in your content, you’ll find that your site will begin to get a larger influx of visitors. You need to make sure that the keywords and phrases you have on your site are the keywords and phrases that your site is essentially optimized for so that you are targeting your market properly. If you use lots of keywords in your content (i.e. article), you will likely have more online visitors finding your site at the top of search engines when they search using those specific keywords. If you are persistent with these methods, then your overall search engine optimization will increase which will lead to higher page rankings. So remember that relevant keywords will benefit your site so always make sure to use words that make sense to the material you have on the particular site!

Linking Scheme

Lastly, you should develop a linking scheme to enhance your search engine optimization. This not only provides free publicizing for your site, but it also gives the impression that your website is more significant because of its associated links. You will have many more visitors because of more sites directing back to your site. Of course, the more incoming links you have directed to your website, the higher it will be placed in the search engines. Although this process is a bit more involved, the rewards can be extensive and residual because with more “back-links” the longer your site remains towards the top!


Always bear in mind that search engine optimization methods are central in increasing your site’s rankings. You want to make sure that you write keyword rich, high-quality articles (content) and that you link your site to other sites and then connect them back to yours again. All this along with a good coaching or mentoring program will enable your business prosper for life!

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The 9 SEO Optimization Tips That You Must Follow To Boost Your Position In The Search Engines

SEO Optimization Tips To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

SEO optimization tips anybody? In case you were not aware, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. I will now provide you with the on page SEO optimization tips that you should be using, to help you to achieve a first page listing. Every time that you are aiming to get a high ranking for your selected keywords, follow these organic SEO optimization tips. This way it will let the search engines know exactly what keywords you are trying to rank for. This list is in no particular order. I consider them all to be very important and so should you! Utilize all of them to see your search engine rankings go through the roof.

The Nine Golden SEO Optimization Tips

1. Correct use of the title tag is essential. This is the main title of the content at the top of the page and you must include your main keyword. Also make sure your main keyword is within the first 60 characters of the title tag. A good SEO optimization tip here is to also use another one of your keywords related to your main keyword in the title tag.

2. Correct use of the Meta keywords tag. Although the use of this tag is not as important as it used to be, you should still use it as you are highlighting what keywords you are trying to rank for.

3. Use the Meta Description tag properly. This is the description that will be displayed on the results page. Make sure it draws peoples attention and compels them to click on your website, when they are looking at the results pages.

4. Correct use of the Headings tag. The three headline tags are similar to the title tag, in the fact that they identify what is contained within them. Good use of your main keyword and relevant keywords within the H1, H2 and H3 tags is essential.

5. All of your posts, articles, reviews etc. should be a minimum of 500 words long. By doing this you will be rewarded as a trusted, authority site.

6. Ensure your content has a keyword density of 2-4%. This enables the search engines to know what keywords you want to rank for, without appearing too spammy by keyword stuffing.

7. Your keyword should be placed in bold, italics and underlined at least once within the article.

8. Use the image and alt tag correctly. Placing images inside your content is excellent for SEO purposes. The image and alt tag should then be named after a modified version of your main keyword. As search engines can not see what a picture is about, use your keyword as the name of the picture and the alt tag description, increasing your chances of ranking for that keyword. Modifying the keyword, makes it look more natural, reducing the risk of being seen as a keyword stuffer in the eyes of the search engines.

9. Use an external anchor text link on your page to a high PR authority page within the niche you are writing about. This is one of my favorite SEO optimization tips that hardly anyone uses, but works really well. Placing a contextual anchor link in your content to a non-competitor high PR authority site using your main keyword has its advantages. It will show the that you are not a sales type website, or afraid of providing your readers with other relevant content from authority sites.

Examples of high PR sites include Wikipedia and Of all the SEO optimization tips, this one is a real gem, I hope you agree! Every time you write a post or article, you will need to incorporate all of these tips. If you would like to do this automatically, there is a piece of software that I use that can do this for you. It's called SEO Pressor and is a real time saver. Click here to find out more details about SEO Pressor.

What Do You Think Of My SEO Optimization Tips?

These nine SEO optimization tips really will help with improving your rankings. Are you using all of them?

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Search Engine Optimization Traffic – Secrets You Need to Know About Outranking Your Competitors

If you are going to get more rankings for keywords in your market you are going to have to make sure you can outrank the other sites that are higher than yours in the rankings. In this article I want to show you exactly how to make this happen so you can get a massive amount of visitors to your site and get rankings that will last for years to come.

The Biggest Problem People Have With SEO …

When it comes to getting more rankings most people are worried about the fact that they will never be able to get higher placements than the sites that are above their. People became very intimidated by the fact that there are a lot of sites who have a lot of links and who have a lot of rankings.

You have to realize that if they got there, you can get those rankings as well! You need to make sure you are not focused on running from all the competitors in your market. You need to understand that having competition is a great thing as you can easily figure out which keywords are going to work to bring you buyers.

If you see that a keyword has a lot of other competitors ranked for it you are going to know that there is probably a lot of people trying to get visitors to their site and get those visitors to buy what they are selling.

So make sure you embrace your competitors and stop trying to find keywords to rank for that have no competition.

Here Is Exactly How You Can Outrank Your Competitors And Get More Visitors To Your Site …

First – You have to make sure you are focused on only optimizing your site for a couple of search terms.

You need to realize that if you are in a market where there is no other competitors you can try and rank for dozens of keywords at the exact same time. But if you are trying to rank for terms where there are lots of other people doing the same thing, you are going to have to make sure you focus on only one or two keywords.

That way you can focus your efforts on doing a few things really well.

Second – You have to make sure you are only ranking for the keywords that you know will work to send you buyers.

Do not waste your time with search terms because they sound good, look good or have a high search volume. Go after the ones that make the most sense for what you are trying to sell in your market.

That way you will be able to make more profits and you will not have to waste as much time.

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Understanding Simple Search Engine Optimization for Business Owners

Individuals beginning an internet business may wish to have a SEO company to help with their optimization or marketing of their website. The SEO services company will take their information and add marketing through internet marketing, or search engine marketing. To do this, a company will need information about the website and will need to make sure the site has a good domain name. Choosing a domain name is easy if the individual knows what they are offering on the website. A good domain name will incorporate the website into its name. This will help drive traffic to the website and help the domain to reach a higher level on the internet each time it is searched.

Search engine optimization can be important when an individual is trying to market their website and gain ranking. To do this one will need to drive traffic to their website through Google AdWords services and AdWords management. Individuals can use link building and links to drive traffic to their site as well as using articles that are linked to the original site. Adding keywords to an article will help individuals to type these words in to the search engine to locate the article or website through the keywords. These keywords can be something that individuals would think have when they saw the website.

Keywords, Google AdWords services, and SEO services are all things used to drive traffic to a website. The more traffic to the website, the more the individuals will see the site climb to the top of the Google search engine. This will help with search engine optimization. Internet marketing through using key phrases, words, and ad words will help an individual's site to reach the top. Reaching the top means every time one or two words, that are the keywords, are typed in the search engine, the site will pop up. It may not begin on the top but it will ever make its way to the top if the individual uses a good SEO company to manage their marketing. Individuals that are inexperienced with developing and managing a site will appreciate the capabilities of the companies that do SEO.

The websites with the most traffic to them will stand the best chance of having the most success on the World Wide Web. Individuals that take the time to do a good job of sending traffic to their site will stand the best chances of having great amounts of traffic to their site. A good marketing campaign will help drive the traffic and will help the website owner to manage their site after the services are complete. They will monitor how the site is doing and make sure that the site is continuing to remain on top. If the site begins to slip, the managers will do more marketing and management so that the site will return to the top of the search engines lists. When a keyword is typed into the search engine, they will know that they were smart to hire a SEO agency handle their marketing and optimization.

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The 7 Highly Non-Effective Habits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getting your website to rank on the top of the most well known search engines is the greatest thing for your internet marketing. That alone will increase you websites visibility, but the hardest question is, HOW?

The process of Search Engine Optimization is complex and it raises many questions on how to properly optimize your own website or hire a specialist SEO agency. Fact of the matter, SEO is hard work and a very difficult process that takes time and a lot of analysis.

Here are 7 things you should not do when building your SEO campaign

1) Putting search engines before users

First off, Search Engine Optimization is the process your website undergoes to help it obtain the best possible listings. You want to be at the highest ranking you can possible to attract traffic from your target audience. But a main concern to remember is not to forget about the needs of the end-user when modifying your website for SEO. Is your website still visual appealing, use-capable, and functional for the needs of your viewers. So when taking up an SEO campaign, remember to produce well-written and designed content to sell your website. Because at the end of the day, your website carries the image of what you do and is your 24 hour salesman.

2) Link spamming

Another main issue of bad SEO is link spamming. You do not want your website chasing after as many links as possible that have no relevant use or value to the user. And more specifically, search engines now rank links based on the authority of the sites they come from. So spamming your links like all forms of spamming decreases the value of your websites presence. So Quality over Quantity is the idea here. Focus on link-building efforts on relevant websites so you can increase your ranking in the Search Engine Optimization game.

3) Disregarding link text

Anchor text of a link should be written very precisely. Search engines now use anchor text as an indicator of internal links (links from 1 page to another). Search Engines like Google want to list the best websites up top. So your user experience needs to be amazing. An example of what not to do would be using an anchor text like "click here". It adds little information and value to where it's going.

4) Not tracking progress

The best way to measure if your Search Engine Optimization is working for your website is to track progress from the beginning. This is probably the most crucial element of seeing what works and what does not. Adding collecting proper statistics can help you decide on what new changes to make, pointing you in the right direction.

5) Choosing the wrong keywords

Choosing the right keywords for your website is important. Finding keywords takes a lot of time and analysis to get the best keywords that people are using in search engines. It's best to choose a few precise keywords that the content of your website targets than to overload your website with every keyword you can think of.

6) Overlooking accessibility

Accessibility is an important element of Search Engine Optimization. Crawlers look to see how accessible your website is to all users regardless of disability and impairments. The ADA stress on creating websites that are helpful for disabled people. Allowed a visually impaired person the opportunity to access your website by having it use-able for them now helps your SEO results too. But not only that, the screen readers they use to view sites can only read words so making a link text as descriptive as possible helps dramatically. It goes a long way to help someone these days.

7) Not planning your SEO strategy

Last, but not least … you can not have an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign without plan or direction. Plan for a useful strategy and map out the points of interest. Set short term objectives that move you towards the number 1 ranking.

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Local SEO – Optimizing for Search by Voice

We have been seeing forecasts of mobile devices overtaking desktop computers since the beginning of the last year and we are not surprised that the predictions have fulfilled spectacularly. The contributions of Dag Kittlaus of the Apple Siri project and those brilliant engineers at Google have made searching by voice the natural thing to do. We are under no impression that search remains the way it was. There have been tectonic shifts in the way people are using their voice in making the entire process easier.

So, what does that mean in terms of Local SEO or SEO at large? Remember that searchers using their voice will not be thrifty with words, in videos posted by enchanted Siri users on YouTube, we have seen some users say a lot before getting their query served. The way Siri handles long tailed keywords is nothing less than a stroke of brilliance on the part of the founders. Long tailed keywords have to be handled with precision and the challenge for Local SEO is to strike the right balance between long tailed keywords for voice search users and shorter ones that traditional seekers use.

What Changes after Voice?

The algorithm does not change a bit. The same mobile search algorithms are used after the words spoken by the searcher has been synthesized into written words and run through as if it came from a mobile browser. Now, we must note here that spoken words could have put to words long before voice search came. The agent of change is the machine which 'understands'. At this point the machine is not yet fully refined and comes up with several interpretations of the same query. This changes things a bit.

Local SEOs now need to optimize for a bunch of possible outcomes instead of a single one. Voice interpreting techniques being used currently are yet to be defined to reach the sophistication of the human brain and Apple looks to be making improvements. Meanwhile, Local SEOs can do a few things.

· Optimize for the main keyword with varying iterations

· Creating more content with the same intent but with synonyms of the main keyword

· Attend more to social graphs because Siri uses these to find better results

· Use review sites to add positive reviews

· Add local business details to the reviews and on the local business website

· Reward well performing long tailed keywords and change the structure of those that are falling behind

A new industry, VSOP or Voice Search Optimization is coming up fast to cater to local business that want their websites optimized for voice search engines. With Google jumping into the fray and Apple leading the race with their newer releases, we think that the day is not when voice search will be refined to replace traditional search entirely. Does your Local SEO optimize for mobile voice search?

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