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Is Social Media a Time Waster? Be Purposeful With Your Time

Some people think Facebook is a waste of time. And it may be – if you're inclined to waste time. You do not need to be if you learn to use it correctly.

There are plenty of less vocal people who believe StumbleUpon is for amateur sharers. And of course there is the big camp of people who think all social media, including blogging and social bookmarking, is a huge waste of your resources that you will not get anything back from. What's so often missed here is that, under different circumstances, the view of tools as useful and useless is right. A powerful weapon in the hands of a novice is ineffective.

Seriously though, it's always your choice whether to be a novice or to learn more. It's much savvier to say you do not know how to use Facebook for business, and then find out, than it is to claim it's a time wast when you're playing the zombie game and bothering your co-workers.

The easiest way to overcome the lazy potential factor in any social media tool is to limit the amount of time you spend on it. If you have 15 minutes to get everything you need during a trip to the grocery store, the way you spend your time differs greatly. You'll bring a list; think ahead to how to efficiently cruise the aisles, etc.

On the other hand, if you are taking a leisurely trip that's not needed, you tend to browse and look at things you normally would not buy, not to mention spend too much. Plan your trips to social media sites the same way. You can always come back to play Scrabble or chat with friends, after you've finished your work.

I liken the use of social media to the use of the telephone (Yes, the internet too, but that's so obvious that the point is still missed. end.)

You can use the telephone for dating (phone chat rooms), to waste time (gossiping with a friend), to solidify a relationship (calling a friend just to say hello), to touch base (let your mother know you're alive) , and yes, for business too (call instead of driving over and having a meeting, connect with a client, check up on a vendor, ask a college a question, network, etc.).

It's up to you how you want to use Facebook, or, or MySpace or Furl or any Social Media tool. If other people think it's a waste of your time, let them. They are not the ones who have to live with your profits and losses at the end of the quarter. There's plenty of information about how to use Social Media Optimization for business, Facebook in particular. A lot of it is free.

If that's what you're interested in doing, do not let the "time waster"; scare throw you off – go out there and find out for your self what the best tips are and test them. Believe your own results.

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Coaching and Classes – 5 Ways to Promote Your Life Coaching Business Using Social Media

There are many types of coaching classes on the internet. You can learn how to play the piano and you can learn how to cook fish. There are classes that teach you how to build your online business and others that tell you how to click photographs. One lucrative field is that of life skills coaching. In this, you as a coach help other people achieve success in their chosen field by using their skills, knowledge and talent. Students are more willing to share their strength and weaknesses and try out different alternatives with an online coach.

If you are planning to start a coaching class online, then you need to learn how to market your courses and reach your message to the target audience. I will teach you in this article how to use social media to promote your courses.

1. Create your profile: You must create a profile on the most popular social networking sites like Face-book, MySpace, Twitter and others. Try to make your profile interesting, attractive and enticing. Talk about your journey and how you learn the secrets. Highlight all the achievements and credentials you have acquainted. Tell what it is that makes you the best life coach in the industry.

2. Create a business account: Categorize your account as a business account. Select the business type and add in all the necessary components like logo and contact information. Most importantly, give a link to your website. Finally, publish the account.

3. Promote your services: To increase the popularity of your account, start by asking friends to follow you as fans or ask them to promote your link on their profile page. Join different groups of people who you think are your target audience and share information about your business.

4. Use automated tools: Go for tools like friend adders which allow you to send friend requests to people based on the criteria you select like age, location and lifestyle. This is a great way to increase the number of your fans and get more leads for your business. Then you can use tools that allow you to post a message simultaneously to all your social media sites.

5. Create a vast network: Use viral means to spread your word around. Send out tweets; participate in forums and message boards. Give out solutions to people's problems in Yahoo answers. Do whatever it takes to spread your link all over the internet.

Social media is quite powerful in helping you to popularize your business on the internet. If you do all the steps mentioned above, you will see a dramatic increase in the traffic on your site as well as the number of leads you get.

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Are You Using Social Media to Increase Traffic?

Surf the Net and you will not have a shortage of articles discussing the advantages of social media marketing tools. As a matter of fact, the sheer number of web content and gurus that talk about the subject can be baffling enough for anyone who is not that techie. The good news is that all the strategies written on social media can be simplified and put in a nutshell.

After all, everything about this new marketing platform points to directing and monitoring your target markets' attention to your website. And all that is made possible by building or participating in active communities and networks where you can interact with your potential customers.

Indeed, these tools can help you reach your business goals. With these tools, you will be able to interact with your customers, exchange information with them, and even influence their preferences. And take note, all these can happen without you directly selling your advertising products.

By simply learning more about your market, you get a glimpse of your potential customers' way of life and buying decisions. Equipped with such knowledge, you will be in a better position to tailor-fit your products to their preferences. But that is just one of the many results of effectively using social media.

When you optimize the use of social networking tools, you are able to enhance your brand and even gain authority in your community. As a participant in a community made up of your potential customers and other people who can relate to your products or services, you are at a vantage point where you can give out information that can educate your audience about your products using a platform that they use and understand.

When that happens, you can effectively boost your online presence. More importantly, you can also directly influence the buying habits of your market and cultivate brand loyalty in your customers.

Lastly, social media marketing tools can provide your own website with more than enough links. As you may well know, links are the main currency in cyberspace. Having a massive number of links translates to higher ranking in search engines which can, in turn, spell out more visitors to your site.

By promoting yourself – not your product – in social media platforms, you can attract more Internet users to follow you or join your community. Again, it must be emphasized that you avoid advertising your products. Instead, do your best to market yourself, behaving according to community rules, and create valuable content for your online network. Before you know it, people will be flocking to your site and buying your products.

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Tapping Into The Power Of Social Media To Build A Successful Business

Social media has quickly become the most powerful and effective business building tools available. Whether you are building an online business, or promoting your offline business, Social Media, if used correctly, will enable you to bridge and cement your relationships with potential customers and business associates.

Is It Possible To Build A Successful Business Simply With Social Media?

Absolutely . People do business with people they like, trust and can connect with. Social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Blogging and You-Tube are excellent relationship building tools. Relationships build businesses, not products.

I recently had a young man slam me with an exercise book he was trying to promote. The book was only $ 10 …. however, he went about trying to market it in the wrong way. He posted his link on my Facebook wall. At the time, he did not realize the mistake he had made. Basically what he had done was just like walking into my home, without even saying "hello" and insinging (and begging) I do business with him. A bit skewed in my opinion. If this young man had built a relationship with me first, I would have definitely bought his book, whether I needed it or not.

Relationships Are The Heart And Soul Of Any Business

As I mentioned earlier, relationships build businesses, not products. At one point the product will definitely come into play, but on the forefront most folks will do business with someone they can connect with. This is one of the reasons Blogging about your specialty is extremely important. Blogging is a remarkable platform allowing you to position yourself as a leader in your specific niche. Whether you have an online business or offline business, blogging is a cost effective way to promote and to expose yourself. Blogging allows you to provide valuable information about your specialty and your business to an endless number of potential customers.

Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and You-Tube are also exceptional relationship building tools … but only if used correctly. Setting up your profiles correctly on these sites it of the utmost importance. Set it up, review it and then ask yourself … "Would I want to do business with me if I were reading this?"

Do not allow yourself to get hustled, misguided and fooled by all of the gurus trying to promote crappy and wallet draining courses on PPC, Traffic Generation or Google AdWords. You do not need these courses. The only thing you need is relationship building tools and a backpack full of people skills.

In A Nutshell

If utilized properly, Social Media is a wonderful arena to expose yourself and your business expertise through relationship building. Your Social Media reputation can thrrust your business to levels of success you never deemed possible.

Mess it up and you'll ruin your reputation and blow the biggest opportunity available for traffic, branding and wealth creation for your online or offline business.

The best part of utilizing Social Media to promote yourself and your business … It's all Free.

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Choosing the Best Online Printing Service

So you have decided to place an order with an online printing company. Ordering printing online these days is an affordable and convenient way to get printing done for your business or personal needs.

However, once you start looking around online and see how many online printing companies are out there competing for your job it can get a little confusing. It is important that you know how to choose an online printing company so that you can look for the value, quality and reliability that will make for a positive experience. Here are some factors to consider before you place an order with an online printer.

Can They Meet Your Needs?

Printing companies offer a wide variety of products and services these days. From commonly requested items like business cards or brochures through to much more unusual materials, the selection with many online printers is huge. Even then, there are many ways that you can customize your order that range from paper quality through to finishing options and more.

It is great to find a one stop shop solution if you have a diverse range of ongoing printing requirements. However, some printing companies specialize in certain products so you may need to consider using more than one supplier.

Design Requirements

You may have your artwork ready and simple have to upload it or you may need a little assistance with creating something relevant and unique. Some online printers have in-house design teams and most of them at least have templates and design tools to guide you along with a DIY design. If you want to upload files and have some input into the design process then you will need an online printing company with a system that is easy to use and within your abilities

Other Services

Many online printers will even mail out your flyers or other promotional materials to the addresses on your mailing list for you. Some can even sell you a targeted mailing list if you do not have your own in-house database.

Digital or Offset Printing

Before placing an order with an online printer you should make sure that you are aware if the job will be done using digital printing or offset printing. Offset printing will usually produce a better quality job than digital printing.

Digital printing is faster, more flexible and usually cheaper. Digital printing is more likely to be used for small print runs. It essentially involves the reproduction of an image on the printing surface.

Offset printing is when the ink is transferred firstly to a plate, then to a rubber blanket and finally onto a physical surface. Offset printing is typically more expensive and less flexible and therefore is used only on print runs of decent volume.

Request a Sample

Most online printing companies offer free sample packs if you complete a form on their website. This is a great way to check out the quality of work that they offer and compare samples between different providers. This is a great option if your printing work is not urgent. If the company that you are considering does not make such an offer on their site then it may be worth contacting them directly to request samples.

Pricing and Value

One of the major considerations when choosing a printer will of course be price. It can be quite time consuming to compare pricing between printing companies. Prices will vary depending on your specifications for the job. Typical variations include size, quantity, paper type, finishing, turnaround time period and delivery options. Some printers include free shipping which makes doing a comparison even more confusing.

Most of the larger online printers have quoting tools on their websites so you can enter your details and get an instant quote quote. You should compare at least three or four of the main printing companies to get a rough idea of ??market rates as there can be a huge variation in the prices that are out there.

We ran some sample orders with similar specifications through the price estimator on a variety of printing company websites. For a hypothetical order of 500 business cards with shipping included the price ranged from as little as $ 20 with one company all the way up to $ 159 with another.

Shopping around for the best price can be time consuming though so you have to seriously weigh up whenever it is worth your time. Is it viable for you to spend an extra two hours of your time comparing printing companies just to save ten dollars?

Turnaround Times and Delivery

Different online printing companies have different turnaround times. Turnaround time is the time between when they receive your order and when your order is ready to ship. Delivery time is the time that it takes to actually be shipped out to your address. Most companies work with the more reliable services like UPS or FEDEX.

Always allow plenty of time for printing jobs. Plan any printing jobs well in advance so that you have time to get everything delivered before any project deadlines. Remember that while many printers will make promises regarding delivery times, even the best run companies sometimes make mistakes that can cause small delays. Many people blame printing companies for delays where as some of the time delivery companies are also at fault.

Satisfaction Guarantees

While many companies offer prioritize guarantees to reassure their customers you should always read their 'Terms and Conditions' page if you want to fully understand their policies. It is usually more difficult than you would expect to get a refund or a reprint if things go wrong so you must do your homework first so that you know where you stand.

Reviews and Complaints

Before going with any online printing company you should do some thorough research online in order to find out exactly what kind of reputation they have. You should be able to find reviews on websites like and the Better Business Bureau ( is also a great place for independent information about how a business deals with its customers.

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Productive Social Media – Steps to Optimize Social Media

Everyone wants to get the spotlight. And what is the most productive way to be able to get that spotlight? It is through optimizing social media. By doing this, you will be able to attract good traffic to your site. And good news that comes with this is that you will have a great chance of more!

Here are some steps to fully optimize social media.

1. Get hold of good page titles on your site. Make sure that proper keywords are integrated on your titles as the title would be reflective of the content of your page. Once you join social media, your networks can easily identify what you are offering.

2. Check your web site every now and then. Proper maintenance is required so that you will have people visiting your site. Take note of broken links or updated content. You want your visitors to see the very best of your site, so be a show off. Take pride with your content and your site.

3. Ask your clients for suggestions and comments. Seeking feedback from your visitors will help you improve your business as well as getting more satisfied clients. While drawing traffic, you are also drawing customers that can help you with viral marketing.

Optimizing social media will increase the chances of a successful business. Just imagine one satisfied client telling a whole bunch of other members about your business! That is easy advertisement for more targeted customers. And that is the benefit of social media – easy viral marketing.

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Social Media Marketing With Twitter Marketing That Works

Twitter, Facebook, Squidoo, HubPages, and Friendster are all very popular tools to use for social media marketing. These social media sites can help you promote a new business that you have started or a product that you are trying to sell.

The best part about social media marketing sites like Twitter is that you are able to reach a diverse network of people and it is completely free.

Use Twitter marketing to sell your products
It is a proven fact that Twitter marketing is one of the most effective ways of finding success using social media. There are a ton of Internet marketers that have proven that Twitter marketing is a great way to promote the launch of a new software program, E-book, or website.

Internet marketers like Zac Johnson and John Chow have welcomed in six figure incoming by applying well thought out social media marketing strategies. You can do the exact same thing. Build a twitter list of targeted followers that are in the same niche as you. This will give you a targeted list of buyers to blast your message out to when your product is available for sale.

Use Twitter to forward messages for other users
One of the best things about Twitter marketing is that you do not even need to have your own website or business to run a successful Twitter campaign. A smart Twitter user with a knack for social media marketing can make money by Tweeting messages for other people.

You can get paid for Twitter marketing. Websites like Sponsored Tweets will pay you money to promote the messages of other users to your Twitter followers. A software company may pay you to tweet about a new Word press plug-in or a website owner might want you to help promote a new article directory. Either way social media marketing is putting money in your pocket.

Twitter marketing as a means of affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing and Twitter marketing were made to go together. Affiliate marketing involves having someone promote a product or service for you. In turn for promoting your product, you will pay your affiliates a commission for each sale that is generated due to their promotional efforts.

Twitter marketing is a great way of connecting with these influencers. These are the people that can make your affiliate program a success. Any good affiliate manager knows that Twitter is one of the linchpins to a successful social media marketing campaign.

Use Twitter marketing to boost your blog ranking
Everyone knows that Twitter can bring more visitors to your blog. Sure you can promote specific blog posts and bring in some extra traffic but Twitter can be used for so much more than that. Here are a few ways that you can use Twitter to help your long term social media marketing goals.

– Have a conversation (learn the likes and dislikes of readers)
– Get post ideas (create content that will increase long term readership)
– Promote your content around the web (promote article submissions and links to your site)

There is a definite value in using Twitter marketing as part of your social media marketing campaign. It's a valuable online resource that can help you increase your presence online if used properly.

Want to know more about SEO Marketing with Twitter?

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Social Media – The Friendship Advantage

If you've ever heard of Inspector Gadget then you know this detective had access to several personal devices to assist him in unraveling mysteries and determining who the bad guy was. Beyond the cartoon a couple of live action movies were developed in response to this larger than life comic hero.

Social media has become the cyber equivalent of Inspector Gadget.

A variety of websites have been developed to allow social media users to develop their own special site designs. This freely available resource is actually designed to facilitate marketing for those that develop these artistic backgrounds. Every site that uses one of these designs will have a link to the originating site designer's website.

Beyond this function social media users can include personally developed videos. Codes are available for most widely used video sites like YouTube. Simple copy and paste the code in your bio or "About Me" section and the video is up and running.

Music clips can also be placed on social media sites to allow you to express your individual tastes better than many other forms of media.

You even develop a business or personal pictorial slide show that includes music. This can help you develop a more tender and professional touch to a social media site.

One of the greatest elements of a social media network is the fact that they are filled with links. The addition of friends or contacts within the context of social media can allow for an even greater amount of links.

While most people have thought of social media as a means of personal connection and an ingenious way to spend your spare time the truth is social media can be a very personable friend to online business.

More and more businesses are registering a business account and pulling likeminded individuals together in a social network that includes all the elements of a blog with much more individualized information and a cross connection of contacts.

As with any online tool social media can be abused. In fact there are many online businesses with social media accounts that have only considered social media as a marketing tool while missing the point of human connections.

Social media is a velvet-gloved marketing tool. It can be used to draw people to your primary ecommerce site, but if you treat your role in a social media environment as simply a means of collecting customers you may find individuals removing you from their friends list. In such a scenario you become viewed as a spammer. The tolerance level for bold social media marketing is pretty small, so always work on developing friendship and trust first. In this environment those two qualities will go farther than flashy signatures and standard marketing tactics.

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