SEO 7 Key Steps to Make Money With SEO

Search Engine Optimization has been proven to be one of the best techniques any webmaster can use in order to drive quality organic traffic to his or her site and ultimately convert this traffic to instant money. Here are some key steps on how you can do exactly that:

1. Fill your content with relevant keywords. Make your site crawl by using appropriate keywords or keyphrases so search engine can easily find you. Sprinkle these keywords on your articles without sounding too unnatural. Remember you have to make your content both search engine and user-friendly.

2. Build links. To get optimum result, build links to websites which are already indexed by search engines. These websites typically have strict traffic and good search engine ranking that can drive quality traffic to your webpage.

3. Submit your webpage to SEO directories. This is the best way to create a quality one way link to your site.

4. Write and submit quality articles to ezine sites. Make your website crawl through internet marketing. Write quality articles and distribute them over the internet. Each submission grants you a one way link.

5. Do a keyword research regularly. The needs and wants of your readers dramatically change everyday. Identify the new keywords that they might use in searching for your products and service. Optimize your webpage by using these keywords naturally.

6. Update your webpage regularly. Keep your website active by posting new content, images, reviews or comments whenever appropriate to give you readers a reason to check out your site over and over again.

7. Utilize link popularity. This can easily be done by getting at least 2 quality inbound links to your site. This is the most powerful SEO technique there is in the World Wide Web today so learn its routes and take advantage of it.

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5 Steps to Improve PageRank For Your Site

PageRank is a Google concept that shows the value and relevancy of a page as determined by Googles search algorithms. Understanding the algorithm would be great – but Google keeps it a big secret.

However, through testing and research, here are steps you can take to improve your PageRank.

Step 1: Create High Quality Content AND Inter-Link Your Pages –

Ok, we have all heard about the 'high quality' content thing – but it is true. The better your content, the better your page will be seen by Google. The real gem in step # 1 is the linking to your own pages. See – each page has its own "link juice". You can share the juice with other pages by creating links to each other. So – if you have relevant content, link to it.

Step 2: Use rel = "nofollow" in any of your link tags that go to sites that do not need the pagerank boost or that you do not care to share with.

This can be used for links to mega-sites, like Yahoo, Skype, Wikipedia – honestly, they do not need the help. Save the juice for yourself.

Step 3: Create content worth linking to

I know, that sounds like 'high quality' content – but look closer. What do people link to? Solutions to problems, lists, reference guides, quick-tips, awesome photos, funny videos, etc. You get the idea. Create content worth linking to and talking about. The backlinks to your site will help.

Step 4: Get active in your online community

The great thing about the web is that you can do it all from home. That does not mean you can be anti-social. Join forums, look into twitter communities, Facebook groups, or any other online community within your area of ??interest. The more connections, the more likely your site will be considered in their own work.

Step 5: Take Action Every Day

Creating a site that is a success is a continuous work in progress. Write articles, write content, comment on blogs, visit forums, update your site – keep taking action and you will find success.

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SEO – 2 First Steps to SEO

Seo is of course search engine optimization, but it makes for a whole lot easier typing if I do not spell it out! But seriously, seo is pretty important.

Seo is one of the most important things you can do for traffic generation long term. You see, in the short term, seo is not really that important. When you are first getting started, you really need the direct traffic, and you need it fast. Seo can takes months to take effect, and sometimes it moves up and down. You are number one for weeks and then you fall out of place. It just happens – but when you have many pages and many sites it affects you less than when you first get started and you only have a few sites.

Seo is just really a long term strategy, but the changes take awhile to take place – so you have to work on it now, while you are small, and it will help you get big. That is the bottom line. You have to work on seo now.

So what are the first 2 steps to seo?

1) You have to have your keywords on your web pages. I like to have my keywords on my titles, in my content, in my heading tags, and in my description tag.

2) You have to get backlinks to your web site. I like to use article marketing and web directory submission to do this. Article marketing can create faster inbound links than web directory submission, but the web directory submitting can help you get longer lasting links.

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