Instructions on How to Use Google Keyword Tool

After you've created your website, landing page, sales page, and / or squeeze page, the next step is to attract traffic to your site. If you want to use SEO to generate traffic, you need to know what key word they've typed into Google search to arrive at your site. To find out about this, you need to research the keywords themselves (and when we say "keyword," we mean "key phrase" as well, which allows for multiple words in one search). This involves finding out which word or phrase is most profitable to you.

How can we find profitable keywords? First, you use a key word tool to discover how many people are searching for a particular keyword; second, you find out how much competition there is for the keywords.

The golden rule in this process is to 'discover High searches and Low competition.' For example, instead of using "dog training," which is regarded as a high competition keyword, try to find phrases like "Alpha dog behavior training," which is considered a better keyword to be targeted.

For the first step, the Google Keyword Tool is the most important tool to have; it is fast, efficient, and free. In order to truly compete in this business, you must obtain and master this tool.

What will I get from the Google Keyword Search Tool?

First, the tool will show you a lot of important data, such as the number of local and global searches that were generated for the keyword (s) you entered. It will also show you the relative keywords around that particular keyword. The goal, again, is to find high searches and low competition keywords.

How to use the Google Key word Search Tool?

· Type keyword tool in Google search. The first result will read, "Google Adwords: Keyword Tool." Click on it, and go to the Google keywords tool website. Enter your keyword (s) search to start.

· Brainstorm a key word or a phrase.

· Click on the "Get Keyword Ideas" button, enter the cache, and Google will show you results for the keyword idea you typed in as well as other relative keywords that Google suggested.

· Then, you will see the default results from the volumes, including competition, global monthly searches, and local monthly searches. Also, do not forget to change the match type to "Broad Search". Look for keyword is over 2,000 searches for the global monthly searches at least.

· You may choose the keywords you want and download them in a CSV file or text document. So narrow down your list, check the keywords you've selected, and scroll down the tag to click the method you want to download the keywords in.

Step two is to find competition. Check competition by typing the keyword (s) you chose with quotation marks in Google search box. If the number is more than 60,000 or 70,000, the competition is likely too high. You may want to change to another keyword to see if you can reduce the competition.

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SEO for Local Business: The Emerging Business Promotion Tool

SEO for local business is the new buzz among brands and business that target mainly local businesses. If you are a business and most of your revenue comes through local customers then optimizing website for local business is something that they should consider. There are many reasons why a business should consider optimizing their website for search engines and with rest of the article we are going to highlight some of those points. We will also highlights some points about how a brand should promote themselves online and what strategies marketers should follow while optimizing a website for local customers and clients.

Local SEO: Why is it Needed?

With Internet and social media it has become indispensable for brands and companies to make an effective online and digital presence for their brands. According to various reports from marketing gurus this has come to the light that almost 70 percent of American people use Internet to search for their products and services. When it comes to buying for some household commodity or goods customers are relying much on local businesses than somewhere else. Viewing the importance and significance of online marketing it is necessary for marketers to optimize their website for local customers.

SEO for Local business: How to do it effectively

There are various ways that marketer and businessperson can leverage to optimize their website. The first and the foremost step in the process of online branding is the “Search Engine Optimization” or commonly known as SEO. This is the process of making readily available to search engines for indexing and crawling. Optimizing a website for local customers involves placing your websites to Google-places, Yahoo local search, local yellow pages, foursquare and other local marketing platforms. Another important thing that marketer can do to optimize their website for local search is by placing their website son various local directories. It is a known fact that search engine like Google pulls a major chunk of their search from these local directories so if you are there on local directories you are likely to rank higher on the search engine result page.

Social Media to Complement your Local SEO Effort

Due to manipulation and abusive use of search engine algorithms, search engines are relying much on signals and metrics that are coming from social media spaces. The more active you are on the social media space higher are the chances of getting ranked earlier on the search engine ladder. The best ways to leverage this goldmine of marketing is by creating effective social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Quora and You-tube. However selection of social media platform depends on the nature and taste of the niche you are in. Businesses that are in the arena of B2B marketing want to target LinkedIn as their social media platform while those marketers who are in the service sector you should target Facebook. Quora is another important tool that marketers can leverage. It is the best social media networking platform to get acquainted with leaders in your niche.

Conclusion: So what marketers can do to get most out of their local search engine optimization campaign and the whole journey starts with searching and locating the best Search engine optimization service provider that have enough experience in offering seo services for local brands. They know every delicacy of this niche and can undertake campaigns that are result-oriented.

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How to Use Google AdWords Keyword Tool in a Way to Get You Hot Keywords

While the Google AdWords keyword tool isn’t technically free, it only costs $5, which you get as credit to spend on adwords. This will be the best investment you will make for keyword tools. Think about it. Google is the biggest company in the whole world created for giving data to people who are buying keywords. Google wants to give you the most effective real-time keywords so you will continue to use their services. Why would you want to neglect this resource?

Here’s how you get the most out of it. First, login to your AdWords account, click tools, and then select keyword tool. Search for a broad term in the niche you want to research, and then select “use synonyms” and perform your research.

The Google AdWords keyword tool will return a list of keywords that have been proven to be relevant by Google standards. Now, take these terms, and put them into the search engine. Take the top 10 websites those terms deliver, then go back to Google AdWords keyword tool, click on the site related keywords tab, and enter those 10 sites to get even more keywords.

Now, use synonyms for each of these searches and add those keywords to your list. Continue this process over and over again until you get as many keywords as you think are necessary. Now you have a list of keywords that you can use with any other keyword research tools such as Word tracker, keyword analyzer, SEO Elite, and so on to scrape for long tail keyword searches. If you still need more words, you can take the list you returned from the other keyword tools, and then bring them into the Google AdWords keyword research tool. You can also use the Google traffic estimator as a guide to see which terms have the highest searches.

In conclusion, if you’re not using the Google AdWords tool [] as I have described above, you’re missing out on some very important keywords.

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Keyword Research Tool Review – Market Samurai

What in the world qualifies me to give a keyword research tool review? Ummm, to be quite honest – it's not so much about shining expertise as it is a mix of pressing need and lots of trial and error. I've figured a lot of things out the hard way, and I'm all for sharing what I've learned with others. I am not a marketing savant or an SEO guru (yet).

But I AM a career-long researcher who knows the Web. I began my freelance writing career doing print materials for nonprofits – and in late 2009, I turned web content writer. Did I know anything about SEO? I am accused to say I did not know the difference between a backlink and a LinkedIn link. My goodness – I had to learn a LOT about SEO before I could turn out the kinds of keyword-optimized articles my new clients expected. (I admit it – I was really learning as I went … just bumbling along by the seat of my pants.

Oh. but I knew one thing I wanted. I saw that I would get just one chance to impress a local prospect enough to get ongoing article-writing, web-updating, and SEO-maintaining business. Would not it be lovely, I thought, to have a tool that was so whiz-bang that I would impress a prospect from that very first meeting? And keep 'em for the long haul.

What exactly would that take? A keyword research software tool that would allow me to do a quick, up-front keyword list – complete with competition overview and related applications. All from within a single, easy-to-read interface.

I set to work researching premium keyword research tool reviews. And here's my top-5 list of must-have's: full-featured interface, robust criteria-based filtering, free screenshot-based training, no recording subscription fees, and easy-to-read results.

1. Full-featured Interface

A big drawback of some of the free tools out there is that it is next to impossible to conduct all of the necessary research within a single, unified interface. Browser window after browser window must be opened to check on the Google competition, research domain ages and available names, and so on … and so on.

What to do? Is there a software product out there that handles all of the keyword research, competition analysis, domain research, and even content research? Yup, there is. And I stumbled across it through a forum of marketers.

In my attempt to marinate myself in all things SEO, I joined the Warrior Forum – a very active, driven group of Internet Marketers. I was, I'm ashamed to say, certainly a lurker of the lowest order. But what a rich education my lurking proved to be! I will never forget the wonderful post that asked forum members to tell what tools, out of ALL the tools they had ever invested in (and believe me, these folks try out EVERYTHING you can imagine), had yielded the greatest returns. Out of pages and pages of posts (23 or something) naming various useful tools and tutorials, one software product was mentioned in about 60% of the posts. That product was Market Samurai

I first assumed a bunch of IM'ers were providing affiliate links. Nope. Market Samurai did not even have an affiliate program at that time. The IM veterans in that forum simply thought it was an awesome product and wanted to say so. And what did they most love about it (away from price)? Its comprehensive, full-featured interface.

2. Great Video / Screenshot Training

Keyword research tools can make you feel like a read idiot. Keyword research tool reviews often neglect to mention that unfortunate fact. It's quite remarkable to see a list of related words populate table rows after you enter only one word or phrase – but then … gulp!

WHAT in heaven's name are all those numbers? Am I expected to dig out a PDF manual and look up OCI and SEOC while I am examining all of those tiny little figures on the screen? Danger, Will Robinson … newbie overload alert.

For goodness sake, do not try this stuff at home without the proper training.

So … I explored the Market Samurai training tools – appropriately called the "Dojo." Hold off on all that a ** – kicking, little white belt, until the Sensei has spoken. Sheesh, after all, no one tries to tackle building a website without learning HTML, right ?. Silly to tackle professional market research (which is exactly what keyword tools enable) without training.

The Dojo was excellent. So was the Aussie Sensei. And I've got a teaching background and a lot of training snobbiness in me. The guy in the training vids took me through the use of the tool (in bite-sized bits). I watched, made notes, and found that by the end of the series, I "got" how to do results filtering. And how to make research into a very streamlined workflow.

3. Easy-to-Interpret Results

Guess what? (I'm going to lay a deep bit of wisdom on you here. Ready?)

The only keyword results that are important are the ones that actually give you access to a niche. In this business, that means getting rid of all junk – as in, never having to view it at all!

One of the most useful features of the free market Samurai Dojo is its step-by-step video tutorial on effectively applying filters.

Oh, and guess what? You can get a taste of the Dojo videos without buying or downloading a thing.

4. One-time, Up-Front Cost

As a novice "info-preneur," I'm quite pleased to invest in excellent marketing tools – but I do avoid recurring monthly costs . My goal is to generate monthly income – not to see my money draining out in the form of automatic credit card charges.

So, I made myself a promise as I began my business that I would stick religiously to a "tool budget" and limit myself to purchases that required only a one-time investment. Ahem … sorry, Wordtracker. I love you, but you're too rich for my blood. Back to reading more keyword research tool reviews ….

What else did the Warrior Forum members extol about Market Samurai? Its very reasonable, one-time-purchase price model. I agree. Mmm-hmmm – very nice indeed.

But you can, of course, give it a spin without paying a nickel – OR giving your credit card.

I liked the terms of Market Samurai's free trial offer. 12 DAYS! No credit card required – just an email list opt-in. That's fair. They advertise their $ 97 discounted price to you if you purchase the software during the 12-day trial period. I wish they would just keep it $ 97 and not apply the pressure – but, well, I get it. And that is, of course, their right. And it's pretty sweet that all of the Dojo vids are available during that 12-day trial period.

5. Rapidly Generated, Easy-to-Read Results.

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Internet Marketing Tool

If you’re into Internet marketing, having the best Internet marketing tools is a must for you. If you’re smart, you know that you should be working smarter and not harder to market online. Having the right marketing tools can change you from an unsuccessful marketer to a successful one. Tools make all the difference: make sure you have the right ones.

The best way to be marketing online is by practising SEO, search engine marketing, and getting yourself a good internet marketing tool. Why SEO?

Search engine marketing is a great way to market your website simply because it’s free, and because you’ll get targeted traffic, which means that people are already looking for what you have to sell. Your sales will greatly increase and your website will be a success if you practise SEO properly.

Now, Internet marketing tools exist for SEO. This is important to consider since many of the tasks involved with SEO are repetitive tasks, and such tasks, with proper Internet marketing tools, may be done in minutes.

Does it make sense to work for 5 hours when it can be done automatically for you in just minutes?

That’s why working with an SEO internet marketing tool will get your SEO done quickly, resulting in high ranking and in quick integration into the search engines. You’ll be saving both time and money if you have the right Internet marketing tool.

Practising SEO is very profitable. Your website will generate a lot of income simply because it’s targeted to the visitors you receive. If you’re serious about Internet marketing, this is what you should be doing.

The best Internet marketing tool, in my opinion, is SEO Elite. This software is extremely powerful and it can automate many tasks. This marketing tool will get you visitors from the search engines in days and it’s truly the way to go if you want to cut out your competition.

Imagine – you’ll dominate your market in the search engines, and you’ll receive 10 000 free targeted visitors… daily!

If you’re business-minded, you’ll see the opportunity in this right away. SEO Elite is truly the best Internet marketing tool around.

To read an honest review on SEO Elite, simply go to my website now. If you don’t, you’ll be losing money and hundreds of potential customers.

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Using Video As a SEO Tool!

Did you know that you can use video for SEO? In fact, a video for traffic growth and generation strategy is becoming one of the most popular ways to increase your site's online presence. You will improve your standings in the Search Engine Results Pages and ultimately drive much more traffic to your site. You'll also be able to find new, targeted prospects and build referral traffic to your site through the videos directly.

There are many reasons why video for SEO is becoming so widely used. You have to think about video marketing as you would article marketing. The concept behind article marketing is that you create informative, useful and unique pieces of content focused on various topics related to your business or niche. With a resource box, you can add incoming links to your site building your search engine presence. The articles themselves will also build your credibility in the community and lead to more traffic as people follow the links to your site.

With a video for traffic strategy you are essentially doing the same thing but you are doing it with videos instead. This actually has many advantages over the tried and true article marketing strategy. For one thing, videos are far more engaging, appealing and attractive to web browsers. A page filled with nothing but text can become boring very quickly. But a video that's kept short and to the point will be easy to watch and can even be entertaining. So you'll be much more likely to connect with your targeted market and the always in a rush internet browser.

Another benefit of using video for SEO improvement is that anyone can produce a video. Articles can take a lot of time to create, and not everyone considers themselves to be good writers. However, all you need to make a video is a simple digital camcorder or even a digital camera with video capabilities. The costs are low, and you do not need any experience or technical skills to pull it off. Plus, since you need to keep your videos short anyway to make them appealing to people, they will be very quick and painless to create.

Videos make a great platform for demonstrating a product or a service. There are many things that simply do not transfer well to a written explanation. Lots of things need to be seen to be understood, and your product or service may fall into that category. Video marketing will soon become your favorite SEO tool in this instance, as it allows you to show firsthand what your product or service is capable of and how exactly it works.

One of the key reasons why video for SEO is so successful is because the large video sites show up prominently in the SERPs. For example, with YouTube's connection to Google, YouTube videos are commonly seen on the first page or even as the number 1 result for a given search or topic. If you tag, title and describe your video properly, you can easily and quickly jump to the top of even the most competitive niche markets. Take advantage of the high PageRank and the reputation of the established video sites to launch yourself to the top of the SERPs.

Additionally when you start posting videos on a site such as YouTube you'll also be able to create your own specific channel. This is a place where you can link back to your website, describe what you're all about and house all of your videos so people can find and access them easily. It's another tool that you can deploy to improve your SEO success.

If you can create entertaining or interesting videos then you will be able to see a significant boost to your traffic numbers. Using video for traffic generation works beyond classic search results. You'll be able to directly find many people that are interested in your business or your industry if you make the right kinds of videos and put them in the right places.

If you're really lucky, and you create great videos, your followers will also become like your very own marketing team. When people see a video that they enjoyed or found informative or useful, they pass it on to their friends, who pass it on their own trends. This form of viral marketing is hard to achieve, but if you consistently put out great content you'll find that it will quickly spread around the Internet without you having to do much work at all. The result is a huge boost to the amount of traffic you see and a whole lot of highly targeted and highly interested prospects landing on your webpage, thirsty for more information or to make a purchase.

Video for SEO is just another one of the many ways that you can attack the world of online marketing and use it to your advantage. There's nothing at risk when you decide you want to try video marketing for the first time. The costs are low and the ease and simplicity of creating a video and placing it up on the major video communities makes it very accessible and user friendly.

In the increasingly competitive internet marketplace, you want to do everything you can to stand out from your competitors and to make your mark felt. More people are turning to video for traffic generation and overall SEO improvement than ever before. You should hop on the bandwagon and give it a try yourself, the results will speak for themselves.

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Search Engine Saturation Tool – A Must Have SEO Tool

Search Engines have become the soul of the Internet. They provide a means of aggregating, correlating, indexing and categorizing the vast amounts of content in the wild world of Internet. They have gotten complex over the years with better algorithms to serve the folks who want to find something, really find something. They have become extremely adept at finding out duplicates and hidden texts, detecting and punishing the search engine spammers. Every webmaster should take utmost care on what gets to be listed in the search engine. Things that were employed earlier to spam the search engine to get high ranking will come back to haunt you if you don’t do the garbage disposal. In this article we will employ one tool that makes the SEO or webmaster’s task much simpler. this article provides you with some SEO tips on how to use the saturation tool.

Search engine saturation tools provide a snapshot of what is currently indexed or known to the popular search engines. They provide you a way to understand what areas of your website are indexed and what is not. Alternately it provides information on, did the thing you don’t want to be indexed, got indexed or safe from the eyes of the dragon. This tool shows exactly the weakest portions of your website. Here is the next step you need to understand it is saturation density. This is calculated as the percentage of your website pages that shows up in the saturation tool results. The percentage should exclude the pages that you wanted to be excluded. Additionally you should exclude the image files and object files. Once you take inventory of the file list you want to target and the number of files you got indexed, you can get your personal saturation indicator. This personal target should obviously be close to 100%.

The next factor you need to consider is the saturation density of your competitors. Just look at the saturation index of your competition. And compare against yours. This will give you a pretty good idea on the probability of some one finding your web pages over theirs. If your competition has 1000 pages indexed each for a unique keyword on top of the common keywords. They are going to get the Lion’s share of the traffic. Ultimately this means PageRank. There is a lot you can learn about your competitor than you would by visiting their website. For example your site might be very rich in content and the competitor may seem to be low in content but they still rank higher. But if you look closer they may have a flat file based vibrant forum that gets indexed in the search engines giving them higher relevancy than yours. This is just one example I can reveal. There is tons of other such goldmine data that can be collected by simply using the saturation tool.

There are many search engine optimization websites and companies who offer this tool for free over the web. The resource box contains one such website. The saturation tool is typically a taken for granted tool. The average webmaster just discounts what is indexed and what the competition is index on. Looking at just the top 10 results and analysis of the same won’t suffice. Dig down deeper, you will be amazed at what you can find out about the competition using these tools. Also remember what I said in the first paragraph. There is stuff that you don’t want your competition to know about like a simple customer list that gets stored somewhere because you used an unprotected flat file system. Everybody is learning your competitor is also reading this article and they would have started using the saturation tool to spy on you. This tool is great as it enables you to be a good responsible business. Happy optimization!

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Search Engine Optimization – A Tool To Succeed On The Web

In this era of recession, one of the most popular strategies adopted to be in touch with customers is Search Engine Optimization. It is the best way to advertise a product or service. In fact, internet marketing gets a boost with the use of SEO techniques. SEO or search engine optimization works on the basis of content, keyword and back links.

SEO developers assure their clients about the type and variety of content required for their website. Content is expected to be rich in information, quality and vocabulary and target the right audience. SEO techniques are also used for locating the keywords for the product or service. There are several keywords used for content writing on a specific topic, however; the best and most commonly used keywords which refer to the product or service are selected using SEO techniques.

Search Engine Optimization also works in creating effective resource box. From this place, the client actually gets connected to his customers. If the article or content is presented in prolific manner, the traffic is bound to visit the website quite often.

Promoting such a product or service is also possible with social media marketing. The technique has fast emerged as a source of viral marketing where information is passed among the people in network within seconds. Social media marketing came into existence when new applications to create a network of people came into existence. On a single networking platform, several applications are used and messages are shared. You can view messages quite easily and share them among people who are close to you in your life and profession.

Along with Search Engine Optimization, SEO developers do not forget to work thoroughly with graphic design. Designs attract and appeal. The graphic design developers have the potential to design the websites using the best web design software. They not only aim to enhance the appeal but provide a quick means in the form of website to keep the clients visiting quite often. Graphic design people are accommodating updates several times a year to suit client requirements.

It has become quite impossible to stay without Search Engine Optimization. New ideas and techniques are introduced every day on the net platform. Every website owner intends to receive maximum number of visits. Maximum visits should be fruitful. It is expected to be converted into generating revenues for the company. At the same time, it is significant to keep in mind the use of right and correct information. The information should not be misleading and difficult to understand. It must carry a purpose. The purpose to sell the product could be well-realized by using other internet marketing tools like affiliate marketing. Every time, someone clicks on an advertisement, the client is bound to pay the person who has agreed to display the advertisement. With pay per click and pay per sale options, it is quite easy to make customers, somewhat, permanent clients of the organization. Search Engine Optimization techniques are, therefore, considered the best web marketing tools to establish connection with prospective buyers.

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