YouTube Marketing – The Secrets to Maximizing Profits Utilizing Viral Video Marketing

YouTube marketing, to say the least, is becoming a very effective way of marketing your businesses online. In my opinion, I think it's a better way to market online than majority of strategies of net marketing. That's because when someone markets their business online through a video site like YouTube or Google, then you are allowing your potential customer base to become very familiar with you. This gains you credibility, which opens the door to more sales, which is the main goal of any type of marketing. Also, viral video marketing gives people the chance to get information straight from the horse's mouth. Let me explain … When there is a hot new product or interesting news that a lot of people are interested in knowing about, the person that's behind the product or information has the chance to confirm this rumor or clear the air.

A great example of how effective YouTube marketing along with video marketing on other sites is, just look at our presidential campaign. Even our two presidential candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama, are making YouTube marketing an active part of their campaigning process. This right here shows you the importance of viral video marketing if nothing else. Even our two most popular figures are utilizing this method …. THAT SAYS SOMETHING!

Another perk of marketing on YouTube is that you get a chance to get direct feedback from your viewers. You can not do this with traditional sales copy. The only thing that tells you if you are doing a good job with your sales copy is when a sale is made and how many of those you are making. Unlike traditional sales copy, you do not have to be perfect in order to make money YouTube marketing. People can fall in love with your personality or just really appreciate the information that you are putting out that is helping people. This alone will get you a few sales and then the sales copy is just putting the cherry on top.

That's why video marketing is so effective. You get a chance to connect with your audience in way that would otherwise be impossible through traditional sales copy. So if you have an online business or are considering starting one, make sure that you add YouTube marketing to your promotional campaign. You will be surprised by the reception of your ideas by your audience and hey you never know you just may make a couple of sales from this!

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Importance of SEO Tools in the World of Viral Marketing

The impact of the internet in the present times cannot be ignored. As everything is getting SEO optimized over the web, the importance of achieving a better rank for the website for a higher placement gets intense. Undoubtedly, SEO tools become one of the best options for placing your web based site at the top by making use of the white hat techniques.

There are several affordable SEO tools that can be considered for the better performance of the site in the world of viral marketing.

Tools for SEO Analytics – There are several powerful and affordable SEO Analytics tools that can either be purchased or can be used free of cost. Google Analytics being one of the favorite tools for the same purpose and that too free of cost.

Keyword Density Checker – Content marketing is the latest marketing trend and focusing on keywords is important to help the search engines find your website. The keyword density checker tool contributes in determining the density of the existing keywords in the entire content and makes it easier for the writer to maintain the required percentage for the same.

Backlink Finder – This tool helps to determine the number of incoming links to a particular domain.

Website rank checking tools – Obviously, the need for a good website rank checker is evident in the world of the internet. Alexa Rank Checker is one of the popular website rank checkers that is free of cost and offers a valuable insight on the site’s performance.

Mega Tag Analyzer – This is helpful in the extraction of meta-tags of the website and helps in determining the appropriate keywords for better rank of the website.

Domain IP Address Checker – It contributes to locate the origin of the unwanted emails and virus attacks. This is one of the best tools to find out the owner of the IP address, domain or the website.

Google Page Rank Checker – It is a free SEO tool to determine the rank of the website allotted by Google.

Word Count Tool – Word count tool helps the writer to determine the number of words in the content.

Compete Ranking checker – This tool assists in finding out the unique visitors and returning visitors to the site. Keeping a track of such visitors helps to learn about the site’s performance over the internet.

There are several SEO tools that can be used to enhance the rank of the website over the search engines along with offering assistance in finding the appropriate keyword for the site. Taking help of these cheap tools is a sure shot strategy to generate higher traffic to the one’s website.

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